Xbox Insider Program

The Xbox Insider community is moving–join us at r/xboxinsiders!

Hey Insiders, we’ve got some exciting news to share!

Over the last several years, many of you have been active in the Xbox Preview forums, sharing your ideas, asking questions, and helping Insiders from around the globe.  The Xbox Insider Teams wants to thank you for your years of participation and discussion. Soon, the Preview Forums will be changing, but that doesn’t mean we’re stopping the discussion.

Starting today, we’re moving the conversation over to Reddit.  Please join us at, where we will continue our Insiders-helping-Insiders approach to community-building and listening.  If you have questions, feedback or are curious about the Xbox Insider Program, this subreddit is the right place for you.

This new subreddit is a joint partnership among individuals across the Xbox community, the team at, and Xbox Insider Program staff.  Just like the Preview forums, this new space will be a place to discuss Insider features, updates, and game flights as well as another easy way to provide feedback and engage with fellow Xbox Insiders.

The Preview Forums will be locked in the next few weeks so that we can keep Insider discussions together on the new subreddit.  The rest of the Xbox Forums will still be open for questions.

So once again, thank you for all of your good ideas and healthy conversation.  We hope that you will will join us at r/xboxinsiders for even more!