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Play Battlefield V Starting Today with EA Access

Get ready to enter mankind’s greatest conflict in Battlefield V with a World War II experience unlike any other, taking you to unexpected and previously unseen fronts.

If you’re already a series fan you probably know that Battlefield V Deluxe Edition launches on November 15, and the Standard Edition on November 20. But did you know that EA Access subscribers can start playing today on Friday, November 9? Here’s how to start your 10-hour Battlefield V trial before the full game launches later this month.

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Get EA Access Today

An EA Access subscription lets you play EA’s best Xbox games as much as you want, exclusively on Xbox One. Subscribers get automatic access to a collection of over 50 games including hits like Battlefield 1, EA Sports FIFA 18, Burnout Paradise Remastered, and many more.

Subscribers also save an additional 10% on EA digital purchases on the Microsoft Store, including full games, season passes, DLC, and Ultimate Team content. But arguably the best perk is access to exclusive early trials of EA games. These Play First Trials give you 10 hours of game time before launch at no extra cost — download the trial, start playing, and see how much progress you can make before time runs out. And if you decide to buy the game your progress carries over. Pretty sweet, right?

Battlefield V

Play the Battlefield V Trial Today, November 9

Play as much multiplayer action as you can handle across eight incredible maps that will take you from the frozen Arctic circle to the blazing deserts of North Africa. Join the fight in both new and classic modes then prepare yourself for the ultimate multiplayer experience – Grand Operations. You’ll fight your way through vast historically inspired battles on a variety of maps and modes over fictional in-operation days. The days are represented by rounds played, and the actions you take on each will affect your circumstances and access to resources on the next. Your only limit is how many multiplayer battles you can squeeze into 10 hours.

Experience New Single-Player War Stories

We’ve got an amazing anthology of single-player experiences for you as well. In each of our War Stories you’ll visit a new, unseen front in the global conflict and witness these human dramas through the eyes of the men and women who helped change the world forever.

Battlefield V

During your Play First Trial, you’ll be able to play through the Prologue and Under No Flag stories. The Prologue will give you a chance to step into the boots of a variety of soldiers on the front lines, fighting for the greater good or desperately trying to stay alive. In Under No Flag you’ll join a band of scoundrels including Billy Bridger, who’ve been given a nearly impossible task far behind enemy lines.

Learn More About the Under No Flag War Story

Let’s take a closer look at this War Story and the challenges you’ll face. It begins in a London jail, where ne’er-do-well Billy Bridger is sitting out the war. That is until he’s hand selected to join the British Special Boat Section or SBS – they have a plan for young Billy, and it involves blowing up a Luftwaffe base in a sweltering desert far from home. Suffice it to say, Billy’s not too keen on this “opportunity” to serve king and country.

Battlefield V

You’ll guide Billy on his path to redemption by sabotaging the enemy operations in any way you can — but remember you’re in enemy territory and act accordingly. Keep a low profile, take out soldiers, and plant your explosives without raising a fuss if you don’t want a whole lot of enemy reinforcements to ruin your day.

Suicide mission or new beginning? Only you can decide when you play through Under No Flag.

Don’t Miss Out – Sign Up Today for EA Access

You still have time to get in on all the combat and adventure before anybody else. Join EA Access today, download the Battlefield V Play First Trial, and get ready to deploy for 10 full hours of the most immersive Battlefield yet.

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