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Festive Fun Returns to Madden Ultimate Team with Harvest: Turkey Bowl

It’s time to dive back into Madden Ultimate Team with a festive push delivered by Harvest: Turkey Bowl.

From November 16 to November 30, Harvest is back with more content to boost your Ultimate Team roster, ways to earn new players, and dominate the gridiron competition.

For those new to Ultimate Team, it’s the destination in Madden NFL 19 to assemble the best NFL squad imaginable. Featuring current NFL Pro Bowlers to legendary Hall-of-Famers, Ultimate Team provides a unique marriage between NFL knowledge and fandom. Want to see what it would be like to witness Steve Young play on the same team as Randy Moss? You can do that here.

Madden NFL 19 Turkey Bowl

Just like any other sports game, it all comes down to the players on your roster. That’s where Harvest comes in. This Ultimate Team push is filled with players and content to help take your team from beginner to competitive in just a short time.

Two of those players are not only Madden community favorites but are two of the best players the NFL has ever seen: Chicago Bears legendary running back Walter Payton and New York Giants defensive powerhouse Lawrence Taylor. With stats like theirs, it should go without saying how impactful these guys can be to your roster. And with Taylor, you can even get a preview in an Elites vs. Legends exhibition game in Madden NFL 19. Play as the Legends and watch L.T. annihilate the offensive line.

Madden NFL 19 Turkey Bowl

Through Harvest, you can earn Turkey Bowl MVP versions of these greats. They’ll start out as lower-rated versions, but if you play though Harvest by finishing Solo Challenges or even acquiring players through Packs, either of these greats can be upgraded to have a 95 OVR, making them an unstoppable force on the field.

There’s plenty of other players and events to play through during Harvest, earning your way to an improved Ultimate Team roster and Madden NFL 19 glory. Don’t forget to play from November 16 to November 30 and experience how much fun Madden Ultimate Team is during the Harvest: Turkey Bowl.