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Get an Overview of Battlefield V, Available Now on Xbox One

Welcome to Battlefield V, Xbox One fans! The Standard Edition has now launched alongside the Deluxe Edition on Xbox One and with that brings the chaos and massive scale of Battlefield V’s multiplayer combat – which can be a little overwhelming to new players. To help you spend less time calling for a Medic and more time in the fight, we’ve put together a few key areas for you to dive in and learn how to effectively play Battlefield V on Xbox One.

Play War Stories

Sure, it’s tempting to head right into one of the brand-new maps, grab a weapon, and start laying down some fire. But we recommend that you head for the single-player War Stories first. This anthology of untold stories from World War II not only gives you a chance to see this global conflict from the perspective of the men and women caught up in it but to start to learn the controls, timing, and elements of the game that are fundamental to multiplayer.

War Stories take you from the frozen mountains of Norway to the searing deserts of North Africa and give you the chance to get an idea of the playstyle of each of the four Classes included in the game: Assault, Medic, Recon, and Support. Survive a daring rescue mission in Nordlys to hone your stealth and marksmanship skills, for example. It’s perfect preparation for playing the Recon Class.

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Once you sabotage that Axis airbase or help free your homeland, you’ll probably feel a lot more confident. You understand the strengths and weaknesses of each Class, and you start to get an idea of your preferred playstyle. Now it’s time to look at the multiplayer maps and modes.

Learn About the Maps and Modes

Battlefield V launches with eight maps – two each set in Norway, Holland, North Africa, and France. These aren’t the locations you’re familiar with from history books and World War II movies, but they are some of the unseen and unexpected locations crucial to the conflict. The maps vary in size, layout, and available units for combat. Looking for a vast, sprawling map that will let you prowl the landscape in a tank, or take to the air to strafe enemy positions in a fighter plane? Hamada would be an excellent choice for you. Want to get up close and personal with infantry in fast-paced, urban warfare? Maybe give Rotterdam a try.

There are also eight modes at launch, though some (like Airborne and Final Stand) are restricted to Grand Operations (our multi-map, multi-mode, all-out warfare extravaganza). Each mode presents its challenges and caters to its own set of playstyles. But beginners may want to dip their toes into Conquest first – for the quintessential Battlefield experience you can’t go wrong with this classic mode. What’s it like? Think 64 players fighting to control key locations (or Flags) on a single map. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore, try out new weapons and strategies, and most importantly, understand the basics of team and squad play.

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Complete Daily Orders and Assignments

What else can help you succeed on the battlefield? We recommend completing your Special Assignments and Daily Orders to earn Company Coin. This in-game currency will let you unlock weapon and vehicle progression options or cosmetics. The more you play, the more you’ll also earn new abilities and customization options for your Company, the collection of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles that follows you through your Battlefield V journey.

And finally, learn from Battlefield veterans. Take some time to watch them play on Mixer and be sure to check out our Battlefield V Boot Camp for videos and articles that will answer almost any question you might have.

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