GDC 2020 - Gaming for Everyone

GDC 2020: Gaming For Everyone Community Events

Editor’s Note: GDC has long been a moment for us to come together and celebrate Gaming for Everyone with our many vibrant communities in the gaming industry. While we won’t be able to attend GDC this year and connect community members in person or bring our G4E events online, we remain committed to celebrating and amplifying our diverse communities in gaming throughout the year. Thank you for your passion, energy and ongoing involvement, and we look forward seeing you at future events.

Xbox is excited to return to bring back their Gaming for Everyone community focused events during Game Developers Conference 2020. This is a big year for our communities with milestones worth celebrating.

We have a new event this year, Asians in Gaming, brought to you by our Asians @ Xbox community. This new event focuses on bringing together industry professionals from all cultures and regions of Asia, including South Asia, Southeast Asia and anywhere in the world they may currently be working on gaming, to join the voices of Asian developers that have already been hugely influential on video games through the years.

The Women in Gaming Luncheon is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and we are excited to be hosting this event along with an unprecedented number of other companies across the industry including Activision Blizzard, EA, Facebook Gaming, Ubisoft, Unity, Women in Gaming International and YouTube/Google. Don’t miss this historic event as we invite women from across the decades since the beginning of our industry to share their stories.

The Community Nexus returns for its second year in 2020. Xbox, in partnership with Unity, is excited to host this professional development event to help our Gaming for Everyone communities find resources for building games, getting published, landing jobs, advancing your career, and how to succeed in the gaming industry.  

Tuesday, March 17 at BeSpoke

Wednesday, March 18 at 111 Minna Gallery 

Thursday, March 19 at 111 Minna Gallery 

Please join us in celebrating gaming at GDC 2020! All events are free to attend with registration and tickets are available now.