ExoMecha Comes to Xbox in 2021

ExoMecha had its world premiere in Xbox Games Showcase and I am very happy and excited to share some details, but in case you missed our trailer, you can watch it by clicking here.

The Experience in ExoMecha

ExoMecha is a free-to-play online competitive first-person shooter that takes place on a planet called Omecha. Our game provides players an immersive experience with its high-quality visuals, flexible gameplay, giant mechs, unique gadgets and abilities, and boss battles. Our unique gameplay brings limitless possibilities on how you engage in the combat.


Story and Progression

A new habitable planet named Omecha becomes discovered by multiple smart species in the galaxy. To take control of the planet’s resources those species fight against each other. At first, the ExoMecha journey will start with all-natural environments. As more civilizations come to the planet, our maps will evolve, and each civilization will reflect its theme to maps. 

Mechs and the Dragon

The planet Omecha is simply the land of giant bosses and mechs. In our game, you will be able to control your personalized mechs. They will be equipped with both long-range firearms and giant melee weapons. The reason we put melee weapons for our mechs is that we want to add a unique flavor to the battle. Primary weapons of our mechs are their swords and shields and they have the highest damage compared to any other weapon in the game. Therefore, they are primarily designed to be used against enemy mechs. However, because of their short-range, they are hard to use against other types of vehicles. 


The other distinguished element in ExoMecha is an independent, AI-controlled dragon; it is basically everyone’s enemy. In the middle of every match, our dragon will come to a random area and will start throwing its flames. Its presence will represent a danger zone, but there will be a high reward if you decide to go near him and engage.

Game Modes, Gadgets, and Abilities

We will reveal our game mode details in the future. But for now, all I can say is that there will be 3 unique game modes. The first one will focus on large scale team-based battles. The second one will be our specialized battle royale mode and the final one will be small scale objective-based game mode. 


To survive in Omecha you will need to use your customized character with your gadgets and abilities. As you can see in our trailer, our grappling hook interactions are unique to our game and our future abilities will reflect our game characteristics as well. In our game, abilities will give players a strategic advantage in combat rather than directly damaging them. Therefore, we will only have defensive and movement abilities. You can think of both Grappling Hook and Dash in our trailer as an ability. All our abilities will have different cooldowns, but you will be able to use them indefinitely. You will learn more about our abilities in our future gameplay trailers.

Types of Vehicles

Besides mechs, you will be able to use our regular vehicles. However, all vehicles have pros and cons as well. For instance, our spider tank moves easier on rough surfaces and has a faster fire rate compared to our main tank but our main tank has higher max speed and its cannon is slow but devastating. 


Xbox Series X 

For Xbox Series X, we will have a 4K high fidelity mode & a 120 fps mode. Our 120 fps mode will also be 4K but it will be a dynamic resolution. Our game will be cross-generation and you will be able to play with your friends from both Xbox One and PC.

Release Date

ExoMecha will release in Q3/Q4 2021. I wish I could reveal you more about ExoMecha but that’s all for now. Stay in touch with us for further info. I hope after our release you will enjoy our game more than we enjoy building it.