Xbox Game Pass: Scary Games Hero Image

The Spookiest Games You Can Play Now on Xbox

Be afraid, be very afraid. The days are getting shorter, the nights darker and there’s a chill in the air that you just can’t shake. There’s no better time than now to face your fears and play that scary game you’ve been avoiding all year.

Because we know not everyone wants to dive into their fears head-on, we’ve put together a helpful game guide with our very own Spook-O-Meter, with five pumpkins being bone-chillingly scary to one pumpkin being a delightfully spooky and rambunctious time for even the littlest of monsters. Better yet, the games on this list are available to play with Xbox Game Pass on Xbox, PC or Android mobile devices with cloud gaming (beta). So, grab the candy bowl and get ready to enjoy some of the spookiest games that play best on Xbox. 

Don’t Play These Games Before Bed 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 

You run but you can’t escape the beast hunting you. Somewhere in the distance, you hear your friend’s blood curdling scream, and you know it’s coming. Heavy footsteps and the shrill sound of steel dragging on concrete linger behind you. You bolt up, your breath heavy, your sheets covered in sweat. Looking around your bedroom, you see there’s no one there… but you’re painfully aware of what could happen the next time you close your eyes. 

These Games Aren’t for the Faint of Heart🎃🎃🎃🎃 

You just can’t avoid the feeling you are being watched. The visions of grotesque monsters won’t leave your brain and you jump at the faintest of sounds. You check behind every door, look under the bed and peek behind the shower curtain—just to make sure no one is there. Is that a pair of eyes you see staring back? 

Games That Could Make You Afraid to Turn Out the Light 🎃🎃🎃 

Did you hear that noise? Maybe it was the wind. Maybe it was something—or someone—gently tapping on the wall outside your bedroom. Drip… drip…. drip…. Was that the bathroom sink leaking again or the sound of your heart beating in your head? Remember to pull the covers tight. Don’t want anything — or anyone — grabbing your feet as they dangle off the edge of the bed.  

Games That Might Make You Howl 🎃🎃 

Outside your window in the dark, twisting woods, you think you hear a noise. Your skin crawls when a faint howl sounds in the distance. What was that rustling in the brush? At least your friends are around—oh wait

These Games are a Little Bit Spooky and Perfect for Everyone🎃 

Cuddle up on the sofa or under the covers with a sweet treat and your Xbox controller. Just watch out for those pesky creepers and huge spiders behind every corner. And don’t worry about that smell of rotten eggs, it’s just a witch’s breath! 

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