Black Desert: Sage

Black Desert: New Sage Class Update

Today, Black Desert is unleashing the scholarly Sage. Before you jump back in, I want to ask you some questions.

First, is knowledge power? Do the secrets of the Ancients hold the keys to tomorrow? Can one hero’s research save a world?

To set the tone, I want you to picture a sanctum. Beakers, test tubes, and cauldrons boil and bubble. The rustling of pages fill the room, broken only by a contented sigh and the small dribbles of tea poured slowly and carefully into immaculate china.

Black Desert: Sage

Now imagine a lone scholar reaching for a crumbling tome, marked by time. He nestles into a well-worn chair. A new book cracks open, its pages frayed from numerous readings. Margins filled to the brim with scribbled notes. There is only the work. The endless research of an all-consuming quest for knowledge.

Because Sage knows the truth of the world: Knowledge is power.

For 49 years, this has been the solitary existence of Sage: poring through ancient texts and scrolls one by one, reading and re-reading. Searching furiously for any scrap of knowledge that may have eluded his fastidious study. All this, in preparation for today.


Sage is a caster, a master of space and time. And one who can manipulate each to bring scholarly nuance to the destruction to his foes. Wielding the cube-shaped ancient weapon Kyve, Sage rips holes in space and time, summoning powerful magic… and unleashing their deadly force as he alone sees fit.


From his past of researching astrology and ancient weapons Sage possesses unprecedented skills and abilities:

  • Spatial Collapse: Grants Sage the ability to reduce specific skills’ cooldowns, giving him and his companions a strategic advantage.
  • Rift Chain: Can instantly move short distances, even past obstacles that stand in his way.
  • Sage is the only class in Black Desert who can access Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple dungeons without entry items, giving adventurers a head start on some of the game’s most rewarding encounters

Black Desert Xbox Events

Huge rewards are waiting for Adventurers who play Sage on Xbox. By completing Sage’s quests, adventurers will get great rewards, such as the 7 days value package, Eye of Wise, Atoraxxion Chandelier, and Trainer’s Flute.

Pearl Abyss has also dropped the ancient Kyve into hunting grounds. Adventurers lucky enough to track him down will receive an enormous buff of 300% more skill EXP and 100% combat EXP when they encounter Ancient Kyve, who will be appearing randomly in the hunting ground.

There are special rewards for Adventurers who manage to grow Sage to level 62 before April 28, like highly sought after items for crafting and character enhancement such as Cron Stones, Advice of Balks, Gold Bars, Artisan Memory, Laila’s Petal, and Shakatu’s Rare Chest.

Please don’t forget you can play Black Desert with the awesome new class Sage on Xbox Game Pass. See you in Ruins and Temples, Adventurer.

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