Monster Energy Supercross Track Editor Contest

Designing the Monster Energy Supercross Track Editor Contest

It’s no secret that the Track Editor has always been one of the most appreciated features in the Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame franchise. It empowers the players by letting them use their infinite creativity to build their tracks and showcase them to the world, telling them: “Hey players, look at this track I created for you! I’d love you to have some laps on it!”

As a fan of the discipline myself, one of the things that has amazed me from the day I started following this sport was the fact that the tracks the riders race on are different every new championship. The track designers from the Supercross federation must come up with new ideas, new challenges every year to keep the track interesting, challenging and fun to watch. So, when we designed the Track Editor feature, we asked ourselves, “Why don’t we give the players the same opportunities as those track designers?”

At the beginning, the idea of the contest was limited to giving a prize to the player with the most appreciated track created… but it wasn’t enough. The more we talked about the prize, the more we were thinking. “What if the prize is the creation of the track itself?”

Monster Energy Supercross Track Editor Contest

Therefore, after a lot of research and discussions, the idea became a project: “Let’s have the winner the satisfaction to have their creation become real!”

Every year, players submit thousands of tracks on each platform, creating amazing tracks from every point of view: it doesn’t matter if it’s from a layout or flow point of view. There are dedicated communities that compare their creations, ask for feedback, improve their tracks to find the perfect mix of elements to create the best track.

Some of these tracks receive so much positive feedback and are so fun to play that we thought that the Track Editor Contest could be even stepped up to the level that the winner’s track will be used as a track of the next official Supercross championship.

Monster Energy Supercross Track Editor Contest

This is incredible from so many points of view. We’re so used to the fact that videogames mimic and are inspired by reality we are not even surprised anymore. This is one of the few times where reality will be inspired by what is created inside a video game.

This Track Editor Contest empowers players to a level almost never seen in the videogame industry, giving them the chance to create something that will truly have a huge impact on reality, on a Championship where the strongest riders in the world will compete on.

As a designer, this is something that goes beyond anything I’ve always dreamt about and I’m more than happy to see one of the players of Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 4 seizing this opportunity and make a difference in the future Supercross Championship! Learn more about the Track Editor Contest here.

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