505 Games Pub Sale

Save up to 50% During the 505 Games Publisher Sale

It’s time to grab your katana and service weapon, head to start line and dive into the 505 Games Publisher Sale, now live on the Xbox Store.

The 505 Games Publisher Sale offers some amazing deals on a wide range of our titles, including Ghostrunner (-50%) Control Ultimate Edition (-50%) Assetto Corsa Competizione (-50%) Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (-50%) Abzu (-50%) and much more. We’ve also discounted a bunch of DLCs, so there really is something for everyone!

Not sure what to pick up? Let us help you out. We recently asked some of our 505 Games family to recommend titles based on the ones featured in the Xbox Publisher Sale. Check out their responses here:

505 Games Recommends

“One of my favourite games is Control Ultimate Edition. Since getting my Xbox Series X, I’ve gone back to it at least once a week to experience the Oldest House again and again with raytracing! However, when I’m short on time, I love dipping into Book of Demons. It’s a hack-n-slash dungeon crawler with a super cool art style, reminiscent of pop-up books.” – Carly Drew, Senior Global Brand Manager

Control Ultimate Edition

“I have two recommendations! My first is Ghostrunner. It’s the first time it has been 50% off on Xbox, and the new Kill Run Mode released recently is a complete game changer. My second recommendation is Unturned as the community behind this game on Xbox are amazing and the game is so fun!” – Ben Godwin, Xbox Partnership Manager


“The game I have put the most time into as a player would be Portal Knights so this would be my top recommendation. The game grew massively alongside community feedback, whilst taking inspiration from some of the biggest sandbox, action, RPG games. I love the freedom the game offers, whether you’re interested in creating beautiful worlds, going on quests, defeating bosses, collecting rare loot, there’s so much to get involved with. All in all, it’s amazing value for money if you enjoy sandbox games!” – Thomas Simpson, Global Brand Manager

Portal Knights

“One of my favourite games of all time is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The game’s beautiful storyline will move you and stay with you forever: it is one of those rare games that revolves around deeply personal themes such as death and acceptance and gets it just right. In addition to its deeply moving storyline, I also love the fairy-tale like environments and music.

Another favourite of mine is Abzu. With everything going on in the world, I find myself really enjoying how this game lets me explore a vibrant environment beneath the ocean. This is the perfect game for when I need to travel to a stunning and different world to find some inner peace.” – Chiara Pasquini, Release Manager


As for my recommendation? I’m going with Assetto Corsa Competizione. As a hardcore motorsport fan, this title is very close to my heart. The team over at Kunos Simulazioni have created something very special with ACC. Each track has been reproduced using Laser Scan technology, so you’ll feel ever bump and kerb on track. What’s more, each car has been developed alongside renowned manufacturers, including the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren. Not only is the main game discounted but so is the Season Pass and discounts across the individual DLC packs. There’s honestly never been a better time to head trackside.


There you have it! A bunch of recommendations from those who know these games inside out. Don’t hold back because the 505 Games Publisher Sale ends on May 10.