Xbox Accessibility Insider League

Introducing the Xbox Accessibility Insider League

Accessibility continues to be a top priority for gaming at Microsoft. Xbox Accessibility Insider League (XAIL) is a new experience brought to you by the Xbox Insider Program. It’s designed to help both players and content developers who are passionate about and want to improve accessibility for everyone by providing a platform to share their feedback

Thanks to a refreshed Xbox Insider Hub that has been redesigned with accessibility, players now have a central tool for finding experiences to try out and to provide critical feedback that developers need to make gaming more accessible for everyone. For players, XAIL membership gives a simple, streamlined way to provide accessibility feedback directly to Xbox engineering or game development teams.

Your feedback can be submitted via surveys or by using our Report a problem app. And anyone who self-identifies as a person with disability or who wants to provide accessibility feedback can join! For more information on how to provide feedback, visit our Report a problem page.

For developers, it’s super easy to publish your content for XAIL and get the specific accessibility feedback you need thanks to the tried-and-true power of the Xbox Insider Program. We’re eager to get as much content as possible for this program and encourage you to reach out whether you are in pre-production or already released your title wanting to get more insight! To get started, contact your Microsoft account representative for more details.

If you have more questions about XAIL, visit our XAIL FAQ page.

For more information about the Xbox Insider Program, visit our Xbox Insider FAQ page.