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Puzzle Game Trenga Unlimited Available Now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S


  • Trenga Unlimited brings the atmosphere of classic puzzle nostalgia, only with unique mechanics.
  • Colorful, fun, accessible gameplay from casual to hardcore players.
  • Ideal for the whole family that’s easy to learn, perfect to play with kids with local multiplayer support.

Hello! Today, I bring news for those who, like me, are fans of puzzle games: Trenga Unlimited is available now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

The idea for the game came from a very simple concept: What if Jenga, the classic board game, was played the other way around?

So we created a game that is opposite to the tension of the board game, a relaxing experience. Instead of removing blocks and watching the tower falling down in deep sadness, you calmly build the tower with blocks instead of removing them – and you can even make many mistakes! Enjoy that satisfying feeling and effect when you clear a line and a full tower, and all of that in a soothing undersea world.

Trenga Unlimited

Imagine that nostalgic classic block puzzle, but a little more ingenious and with more freedom. Strategize to choose one of three block pieces; spin, flip and rotate them to fit them into the tower; and clear the lines in the four sides of the tower as you progress towards the treasure.

Of course,  the challenge increases as you progress through the 50 levels of the story mode starring our brave protagonist Kate Nemo, but don’t worry! You’ll meet lovely undersea creatures that unlock awesome power-ups to help you in that journey!

And besides the nice story, Trenga Unlimited brings back the nostalgia of versus puzzle games, allowing up to four players to compete for high scores simultaneously, and an endless survival mode for those currently away from friends and isolated at home.

Nowadays, games are important bonding activities between parents and kids, where the two can learn and have fun together. That’s one of the coolest features about Trenga Unlimited is that it’s designed to please the whole family with simple, easy-to-learn mechanics.

Who doesn’t love a good, fun brain? Enjoy Trenga Unlimited today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! Share your thoughts with us on our Twitter @_FluxGames!

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Trenga Unlimited

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Choose the right pieces, place them into the tower and solve the puzzle! This is Trenga, a relaxing 3D puzzle game with a unique yet familiar mechanic. Help Kate Nemo and the cute sea creatures, challenging your friends and family or even your own brain, to solve tricky missions in the 3 beautiful worlds of this captivating underwater adventure.