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Available Now: The ‘Homecoming’ Update for State of Decay 2

The Homecoming update for State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition launched today, adding the fifth open-world map to the game, along with new content and gameplay improvements. Players may start new communities or move their existing communities to this iconic map, where they will discover loot, easter eggs, and story missions exclusive to Trumbull Valley that can’t be found anywhere else.

Trumbull Valley is at the heart of State of Decay lore and players can expect unique narrative content weaving through landmarks and returning characters. Although the setting may be familiar to returning players, the map is set after the events of State of Decay 2: Heartland, creating an entirely new experience.

In addition to the new open world map content, the Homecoming update features the Trifecta Pack, the game’s twelfth bounty pack, with three collectible sets available from the Bounty Broker. Two new achievements have been added to the Trumbull Valley experience and completing either one will earn players Microsoft Rewards points.

The Homecoming update is feature-packed and automatically included for all existing owners of State of Decay 2 and is included with Xbox Game Pass.

For those who are new to our survivor community, State of Decay 2 is available now with Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One (playable on Xbox Series X|S via Backward Compatibility), Windows 10 PC, Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Together, we survive.