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Don’t Be Afraid Is Now Available on Xbox One


  • Unique main character
  • Three different endings
  • Vast house with numerous, hidden secrets
  • Additional items that unlock extra features
  • Dangerous enemies with unique skills
  • Bleak and dark atmosphere

Living inside a torture house is scary…but escaping it is even scarier. You’re all by yourself – except the serial killer and some other monsters that are after you. Are you going to make it?


Don’t Be Afraid – It’s Not Going to Change Anything

You’ve been kidnapped and now you have to find out why. It’s time to escape the house of torture you’ve been kept in for so long. But it ain’t easy – you’re by yourself and the odds aren’t in your favor. It’s you and the serial killer breathing down your neck. How fast can you run?

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Your Fate Is Sealed

Don’t Be Afraid is a horror game for those who love to feel terrified. Because that’s exactly what you are about to feel. Everything is dark, hostile, and scary. Those shadows that you see – are they following you? Dim candlelight can’t fight the cold that you feel in every cell of your body. Where are you? What happened? Who did this to you? You’re overwhelmed, helpless and alone. There is no one to turn to – there’s nowhere to go. Just run…run for your life.


Do you see all these monsters? They’re hungry, they’re scary and they’re after you. But are they the ones who you should be afraid of? Because somewhere, hidden in all the darkness, someone is watching you. All the time. And it seems that he finds it very entertaining. In his mind, your fate is sealed. You can’t fight him, you’re too weak, too small, too scared. But you can run and escape this torture house – just remember, they won’t let you go easily.

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Don’t Be Afraid is a story that gets in your head on so many different levels. The storyline is scary, complicated, and disturbing. The house where the game takes place is gigantic, dark, and full of danger. Unlike any other horror game – you’re not here to fight, and you’re not here to save anyone but yourself. There is no easy way out, and there are no weapons or anything else you can use to protect yourself enough. There’s only one challenge that you have to face: run and survive. See if you’re up to the challenge: Don’t Be Afraid is available today on Xbox One!

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Don't Be Afraid

Hydra Games S.A.

Don't Be Afraid” is an adventure horror game that allows you to personate a boy, kidnapped by a psychopath. You have to survive, escape and find out how you were kidnapped. Exploring the gigantic, mysterious house of your torturer, you will soon reveal many secrets, hidden inside its walls… Story: You’ve been kidnapped by a child killer and placed in a house filled with puzzles. Try to break the system, escape and end the nightmare. Your name is David, you are 11 years old… and this is the end of your innocent childhood. You have woken up in a dark, cold room. Despite the darkness, you are trying to recognize the surroundings, but in vain. You don't know where you are. Frightening sounds can be heard all around you, the feeling of helplessness fills in your soul. You are too afraid to walk alone in this terrifying space… but you have to. Your memories are slowly coming back. You remember a strange man… in a mask. Did he kidnap you? Where is your torturer? The fear of the unknown drives you to actions. You are desperately trying to find the way out of this nightmare. The worst part of this story is the fact that someone always keeps an eye on you. And this person finds watching you very entertaining. Remember, the fate of a victim is sealed once it is in the hands of a sadistic psychopath. If you want to survive, grow up. Quickly.