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The Two Modes of Aeterna Noctis: What is the Difference?

If you love Metroidvania games, in Aeterna Noctis there is a perfect game mode for you, the Aeterna mode. However, if extreme challenges and platforming are what you want, you are a Noctis mode player. Let’s jump in and explore the differences between these game modes.

Aeterna Mode: A Pure Metroidvania Experience

In essence, the game has been completely redesigned to offer you as a player a 100% metroidvania experience where action and exploration are the protagonists. If it’s one of your favourite genres, don’t miss the opportunity to get lost in a huge open world with 16 unique areas and hundreds of enemies with unique mechanics. The challenge lies in recovering your power and facing fearsome final bosses that will demand the most of you.

Noctis Mode – Platforms and Extreme Challenges

We could say that for the first time two genres such as metroidvania and platform games have been mixed. Playing in this mode, you will not only have to explore and recover your powers, but you will also face constant puzzles, platform sections and challenges only recommended for the most demanding players. If you think this is not for you, we do not recommend playing on Noctis mode since frustration can ruin the experience. This mode includes all the achievements, so it is also ideal for completionist players or for those who, after beating Aeterna mode, want to enjoy the title again with more difficulty.

Some Examples of Aeterna Mode vs Noctis Mode


In Aeterna mode, the spikes have been removed from the platforms to make it easier to fight the enemy. This way you can slide and lean on the platforms without worrying about environmental hazards. In Aeterna mode, the chainsaw puzzle is replaced by an enemy encounter. This way the gaming experience is more focused on exploration and action, moving away from more challenging puzzles.


Can You Switch between Modes?

The player can switch between one mode or the other at any time without losing progress and reloading the game at the last save point, allowing the Aeterna Noctis experience to be shaped at your will. That gives you more ways to have a great experience playing Aeterna Noctis, so give it a try today and enjoy the adventure!

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Aeterna Noctis is an epic non-linear action platforming adventure. Its 16 areas full of challenges and quests will allow you to explore the vast universe of Aeterna taking the role of the King of Darkness in his mission to regain his lost abilities. In this adventure, everything isn’t as it seems, the story is hiding something more profound and unexpected that you as the player will find out. Chaos, the supreme God has cursed his creation, forcing their leaders to fight for the throne of Aeterna in an eternal struggle, an infinite cycle of light and darkness that maintains balance in the universe. Discover: • A huge non-linear story full of sidequests. • The world and animations have been brought to life with hand-drawn traditional frame by frame animation. • An emotion inducing soundtrack. • Gameplay and mechanics that force the best out of the player. • Voice acted cutscenes in 8 different languages. • Hours upon hours of challenges, with an emotional story full of twists and turns. Customize the King’s abilities to fit your adventure, discover your own paths and face your destiny in a unique and special way.