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Young Souls is Now Available on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass


  • Thrilling beat’em up with RPG mechanics
  • Help Jenn and Tristan save their foster father through the goblin underworld
  • Solo or co-op.

Hello, dear Xbox Community! Today I’m very happy to talk to you about Young Souls. This is our studio’s first game and we’re delighted to have it available day one on Xbox Game Pass.

In Young Souls, you’ll play as Jenn and Tristan, two orphans on a quest to find their foster father who’s gone missing. Their journey will lead them to discover a parallel world of heavily armed goblins, where a tenacious despot kidnapped their surrogate father. During your adventure, you’ll meet charming characters and terrifying enemies.Young Souls is a mix of beat’em up and RPG that can be played solo or in co-op, which is exactly what we like about video games at 1P2P. Let me unravel this for you.

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A Demanding but Accessible Beat’em up

In Young Souls, we’ve developed a sharp and demanding combat system, both inspired by the classic 2D beat’em up and the more modern in 3D. Our characters have a great movement capacity and can roll, block and parry. Like all 2D beat’em ups, they can move towards and away from the screen. However, we’ve worked a lot on character’s alignment to the enemies so this does not interfere with the gameplay. Our approach with Young Souls is more flexible than some of the classics.

A large number of weapons and accessories will be available to you, with each weapon offering a different gameplay style. Each accessory can change your combat approach and your gear will impact heavily your playstyle.

And sure, we want to offer a demanding experience for the fearless among you, but we cannot forget players who want to have a chill playthrough. You’ll find multiple difficulty modes in Young Souls, as well as accessibility features to customize your experience however it fits you.

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With a Little Bit of RPG (Because We Love It)

During your adventure, you’ll discover all of the roleplaying aspects Young Souls has to offer. We wanted to feature an engaging story with memorable dialogues and offer temperamental characters you’ll love instantly. It was important for us to have main characters that do not feel like avatars. They react, interact and are moved during the game. Their antagonists are also complex, each with their own strong personalities and we hope that you’ll enjoy following this adventure as much as we enjoyed writing it.

You’ll live this adventure in two distinct worlds: the Goblin world and the Human world. In the Goblin world, you’ll face multiple challenges while the Human world will be your safespace. Each world will unveil its mysteries through your adventure.

You can’t have an RPG game without elaborate gameplay mechanics, right? Here, we wanted to illustrate the evolution of our heroes and they’ll become stronger and stronger while leveling up. You’ll also get to level up your gear and feel that the twins are getting as powerful as you want them to be.


Playable Alone Or in Co-op!

Whether you’re playing solo or in cooperation, you’ll always have two inseparable heroes in Jenn and Tristan. In co-op, each player will play one of the twins. In solo, you’ll play with a “tag” system that lets you switch between each character. Use this feature to your advantage and create insane combo attacks. We’re really proud of this aspect of the game and to have been able to include these two characters whether you’re playing with someone else or not.

We’re looking forward to seeing you jump into this adventure that we’ve been working on for the past five years. We hope that you’ll fall in love with Jenn and Tristan and that Young Souls offers you lots of fun, alone or in co-op. Thanks for reading this article and enjoy the game!

Young Souls is available today on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass.

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As orphans, Jenn and Tristan's life path brought them to a mysterious scientist, who took them in and cared for them as his own children. But one day, he disappeared under very odd circumstances. While searching desperately for him, the duo found a hidden cellar and the Moon Gate portal, transporting them to a dangerous parallel world where goblins thrive. Your adventure begins as you fight to bridge these two very different worlds.