Lost Judgment - The Kaito Files

Introducing Two New Fighting Styles in The Kaito Files, the DLC Expansion to Lost Judgment Available Today

The Kaito Files tells the story of Masaharu Kaito, the muscle of the Yagami Detective agency, as he takes on a lucrative case in the highly anticipated DLC expansion to Lost Judgment.

Kaito’s riveting four-chapter story and new sensory-based investigation modes provide an entirely new lens through which to experience Kamurocho and delve into the ex-yakuza’s past. But perhaps the most distinctive part of Kaito’s kit is his new battle styles. In this guide, we’ll share some inside tips on getting the most out of Kaito’s two battle styles: Bruiser and Tank.

Lost Judgment - The Kaito Files

Bruiser Style

The Bruiser style is Kaito’s bread and butter, available to players right out the gate. The more offense driven of Kaito’s two fighting styles, Bruiser is all about piling on the punches between fast evasion techniques that are great at keeping momentum.

You’ll very quickly gain access to a special skill called Repel, a parry that, timed well, allows you to execute a counterattack of your own. You can further upgrade the effectiveness of Repel by unlocking the Bruiser’s Hidden Arts, which gives a sharp boost to your attack speed after successfully repelling an enemy’s attack!

Lost Judgment - The Kaito Files

But the Bruiser Style is not just about offense: it also gives Kaito access to quick evasive techniques. Dodge Roll, for example, lets you quickly escape from tricky situations after performing a Double Quickstep, perfect for when you’re surrounded by enemies.

Bruiser Style Advanced Technique

To maximize Bruiser’s damage, we recommend the Gripping Piledriver, which allows you to extend Kaito’s Triple Rush combo after the finishing blow with an extra follow-up attack! If you’re looking to squeeze in every last bit of damage you can, this is the attack to go for.

Lost Judgment - The Kaito Files

Tank Style Overview

Kaito was once a fearsome bodyguard for his previous patriarch and always come to his defense like a fully armored tank. Kaito’s Tank style combines a fierce weapon-based offense with impenetrable defense.

Grab n’ Smash lets Kaito automatically pick up and strike with nearby weapons — including bikes and traffic cones! He can also weather attacks from any direction using the Iron Guard technique, although it won’t save him from deadly attacks such as gun shots. By unlocking the Tank’s Hidden Arts skill, you’ll also gain increased defense after performing a Perfect Iron Guard.

Lost Judgment - The Kaito Files

Tank style is also excellent for grabs. The Wrestler’s Throw skill lets you counter an enemy grab with a grapple of your own! Or, if you manage to get some space between you and your enemy, charge up a Prime Tackle for a heavy hitter that can even take out multiple foes!

Tank Style Advanced Technique

Unlock Iron Break to learn how to perform the Perfect Iron Guard skill during a rush combo, great for when you need to quickly defend against a group of enemies from any angle. We also recommend the ultimate upgrade to the Perfect Iron Guard with the EX Unyielding Counter, which allows you to convert a well-timed guard into a strong counter throw!

The Kaito Files is available now as part of the Lost Judgment Ultimate Edition and Season Pass. It is also available separately on the Xbox Store (base game required to play).

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SEIZE THE TRUTH When a convicted police officer reveals the location of a murder victim, Private Detective Yagami is called to revisit an impossible case of two crimes committed at once. But as more victims pile up and Yagami unravels the truth, will the scales of justice tip in favor of defending the law or enacting vengeance? From the studio that brought you the Yakuza series, Lost Judgment weaves elements of investigative sleuthing, noir narrative and action combat into one mystery thriller. Take your detective expertise to the streets of Japan and defend those that the law fails to protect. INVESTIGATIVE ACTION Tap into Yagami’s arsenal of private eye tricks to gather clues. From hi-tech gadgets including drones and social media listening devices to hardboiled gumshoe methods like scaling buildings and tracking suspects in the city. No stronger evidence than catching a suspect in the act. FREEFORM COMBAT Master Yagami’s three unique, combo-heavy martial arts styles to overcome any situation from group ambushes to single-target takedowns. Further weaponize street fights with traffic cones, street signs, bicycles and beyond, plus customize each style with skill trees. DEEP UNDERCOVER Go undercover at a local high school as a club advisor to get to the root of a mysterious rise in delinquency as it relates to the case. Join the Dance Club, where you’ll be grooving to the rhythm; the Robotics Club, tasking your ingenuity to build the ultimate Yagami-bot; a boxing gym, to stick and move against fierce opponents; and a bike gang, where underground racing is the only way to earn respect. HIT THE STREETS As you comb the open cities of Kamurocho and Ijincho in pursuit of the case, take a break and get to know the unique culture of each through bars and other nightlife hotspots. It may be worth taking on a Side Case to lend your detective skills to residents in need – you never know who holds what cards.