New Accessibility Partnership With the Windows Insider Program

The Xbox Insider Program is joining forces with the Windows Insider Program to share upcoming accessibility improvements in Windows 11 and provide the opportunity for you all to give feedback!  Accessibility needs are as unique as you are, and we hope that as new Windows accessibility features come online you will have an easier time to game or do anything else on your PC for that matter. 

When new features are ready in the Windows Insider Program, we’ll announce them on the blog here and to our Xbox Accessibility Insider League (XAIL) audience. 

Just recently, the following features were made available to Windows Insider Program participants: 

  • Live captions – Empowers everyone, including people in noisy spaces and people who are hard of hearing, to consume audio content. Captions are automatically generated on-device from any content with audio.
  • More Natural Narrator Voices – Enabling Narrator users to enjoy scenarios like browsing the web, reading, and authoring mail, and more. Natural Narrator voices use modern, on-device text to speech and once downloaded are supported without an internet connection. 
  • Voice access – A new experience that enables everyone, including people with mobility disabilities, to control their PC and author text using their voice.  Voice access leverages modern, on-device speech recognition to accurately recognize speech and is supported without an internet connection. 

And as part of the Windows Insider Program, you’ll also have access to other great new experiences that our friends in Windows are working on. 

Please note the above features are available in English only at this time. 

Getting started 

  • Head to 
  • Click on “Register” 
  • Follow the instructions and join your PC to the Beta Channel 
  • To submit feedback, you will use the Windows Feedback Hub (WIN + F on your keyboard) 

If you have more questions about XAIL, visit our XAIL FAQ page

For more information about the Xbox Insider Program, visit our Xbox Insider FAQ page