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March Updates for the Xbox App on PC: Better Game Discovery, Jump Back In, and More

We’ve got a new update for the Xbox app on PC aimed at making your PC gaming experience even better. Let’s dive straight into it.

Easier to Discover Great Games

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Last year, we shared ways we’ve made it is easier to discover the games you’ll love with features like the game performance fit indicator and our partnership with HowLongToBeat. Today, we’re adding a new game collection called Trending that shows the top 10 games in your region that members are playing. This collection will be updated frequently so you can always see which games are currently popular and join in on the fun.

In this release we are also adding a new way to find your next favorite game by telling us what you like. This new “Tell us what you like” guided way to find a game will let you choose options ranging from a genre to a vibe, and then we will show you a small set of game collections based on your choice. You can do this as often as you’d like to get new recommendations.

Quickly Jump Back In

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In our January update, we added extra details such as pending invites and achievement completion percentage to your installed games list in the sidebar. With this release, we are simplifying the sidebar and focusing it on getting you back into games you’ve recently installed or played. Your installed game list has moved to My Library.

Improved Filters Experience

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Speaking of My Library, we’ve made changes that will make it easier to sort through your games with an improved filter experience that includes various criteria such as number of players, rating, and genre.

All of these new features are now available for Insiders, sign up today to get access to the latest. The whole team thanks you for all your feedback as you play and find games in the Xbox App on PC. We love hearing from you, so please keep dropping your comments in the Feedback Hub, to us on Twitter @XboxGamePassPC, or the Xbox Insiders Reddit — we are listening, and will be back next time with more updates!