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Discover the Enchanting Adventure of Hamster on Rails on Xbox

Prepare for an epic and exhilarating journey as you dive into the enchanting world of Hamster on Rails. This game will capture your heart and challenge your mind.

Amidst games with deep stories and high-stakes moments, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a few hours with a cozy game. Of course, sometimes it’s important to take a break from those intense roguelites or monster-filled challenges that keep you on the edge of your seat.

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That’s where Hamster on Rails comes in – the perfect choice to help with that task. Enter the charming realm of the cutest and most charismatic hamsters, where you will build railways and embark on a mission to find precious minerals and save the beloved Hamster Village.

The story may seem simple and straightforward, but the ease stops there. Explore four captivating worlds, ranging from lush forests to scorching deserts and even a journey back to medieval times. The developers have decided to grace us with 64 levels that are sure to keep our brain burning as we work to solve them. Be prepared.

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Adorable and Addictive Brain Teaser

As a fan of a good cozy game, looking at Hamster on Rails and not falling in love is practically impossible. The soothing music embraces you, and the meticulously detailed scenes draw you into the game’s world.

The game boasts a 3D platform aesthetic like adventure games, where the story unfolds within a single scenic block. Here, you will need to use a variety of pieces – at times, 20 pieces and you think “it’s all fine, keep going”, at others, 100 pieces – to construct challenging railways and overcome intriguing obstacles that block your path.

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Manipulate strategic levers to guide the tracks and press buttons to unveil secrets and disarm traps. Puzzle-solving is the key to success in this emotionally charged journey.

Unique Charisma

First and foremost, it’s important to note that you won’t be alone on this travel. You’ll assist the Builder Hamster, and along the way, lend a hand to other hamsters. As a bonus, discover hidden treasures to customize your hero with adorable outfits, like a strawberry hamster, a striped one, or even one resembling a little cow.

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Conquer Challenges

Hamster on Rails offers several ways to interact with its world and overcome challenges. Explore the construction mode and try to create railways using as few pieces as possible while keeping the main goal in sight. Immerse yourself in the interaction mode for a unique deep experience. Use X-ray mode to tackle challenging puzzles and crank up the pace in turbo mode for some frenetic action.

A Hamdventure for All

With its irresistible aesthetic filled with cheerful hamsters and a welcoming soundtrack, Hamster on Rails is a title that appeals to players of all ages. This game strikes the perfect balance between comfort and challenge, ensuring that every player enjoys the excitement of building railways, acquiring treasures, and the joy of overcoming challenges, as they appear.

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I’ve been stuck on one level for nearly 30 minutes! Can you believe it? And on other levels, I was fast, but had leftover pieces, which made me think: there are other ways to win!

Hamster on Rails is intended as a tribute to all those who enjoy immersive and adorable gaming experiences. It offers a compelling soundtrack, charming and authentic cozy art style and unique mix of gameplay elements and genres.

Doing Good

The history behind the game and the amazing people we’ve met along the way got us thinking about how we could spread the warm and fuzzy feelings we were aiming for. We thought, why not make a positive impact beyond the screen as well? So, we teamed up with GRAAC (https://graacc.org.br/), the top Children’s Cancer Hospital in Latin America. We decided that we could donate part of the net sales to this great cause. It’s all about making our game touch people’s lives in a meaningful way. And voilà, a fantastic partnership was born, bringing even more life and purpose to our game.

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At DX Gameworks, we have always aimed to express our vision in grand ways, and this title not only encompasses our ambition as creators, artists and developers, but also our love for the cozy moments and all the elements you can find in the game.

As a small indie team from Brazil, it’s been a realization to bring this title to life, and we are thrilled to share it with you.

Do not miss the opportunity to embark on this extraordinary adventure. Try Hamster on Rails on Xbox, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and discover the magic that awaits you.

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Hamster on Rails

DX Gameworks

In "Hamster on Rails", you will join the best and bravest railroad builder on an incredible journey to search for precious minerals and save the beloved Hamster Village. Travel through four intriguing worlds, such as a forest, a desert, and even the medieval era, in a total of 64 challenging stages. Check out the key features of "Hamster on Rails": – Use different pieces to build railroads and overcome obstacles to solve fun challenges. Use levers to change the direction of the tracks and buttons to activate or deactivate different mechanisms, such as doors and traps. – Help your friends along the way, find hidden chests, and earn new looks. Dress your hamster up as a strawberry, striped, or even spotted like a cow. – With cute characters, "Hamster on Rails" is a fun and challenging problem-solving game that will put your skills to the test. Your Hamster will have several ways to interact such as the construction mode, interaction mode, x-ray, and turbo. Join this adventure and have fun building unusual railroads, helping other hamster friends, customizing your hero, and saving the Hamster village!