Celebrating Xbox’s Place in the World of Entertainment at CCXP23 Brazil

It was incredible to join our fans in the celebrations at Comic Con Experience (CCXP23) in Brazil last week. Xbox became part of the largest pop culture event in Latin America for the first time ever, alongside big brands from movies, television series and animations, and helping to show fans how gaming is becoming a part of the entertainment industry as a whole. 

We sit in the middle of a show that is about TV and movies, and yet we see Halo (TV Show), we see Fallout (TV Show), we see things that come from video games now going into movies.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming

CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, welcomed the fans at FanFest – in a booth spanning over 1,000 square meters – helping to reveal games news and updates, offering a first glimpse at the Fallout TV show, and much more.  

“One of the things that is really special to me about CCXP this year is that this was the first time, anywhere, where our booth has our Xbox Games Studios games, our Bethesda games and our Activision Blizzard King games—all in one booth”, said Spencer on the main stage of CCXP. 

Missed some of these moments? Stick around as we recap everything about Xbox’s presence at CCXP23. 

CCXP23 Xbox FanFest 

We welcomed 300 of our passionate fans to CCXP, who were greeted by Phil Spencer, Melina Juergens, our Senua actress from the Hellblade series, and Pablo Schreiber, who gave life to the iconic Master Chief in the Halo TV show – and is coming back for season 2. 

News and Updates 


During his panel at CCXP23, Phil Spencer brought up the fact that Fallout 76 is about to receive its next major expansion – Atlantic City – with the first content, Boardwalk Paradise arriving on December 5. He provided players with a sneak peek of what to expect in this new explorable area with new expeditions and enemy groups, casinos and fresh dangers to overcome. 

Fallout fans were in for a surprise with the premiere of the teaser trailer for the Fallout live-action TV show, produced in partnership with Amazon Prime. Fans were thrilled to see the first glimpse of the post-apocalyptic Wasteland coming to life on the big screen. Fallout premiers on Amazon Prime on April 12, 2024. 

I was blown away (by the Fallout TV Show trailer). I think they have done an awesome job capturing both the brutality of the Fallout universe as well as the humor and kind of melancholy in a special way.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming


Starfield image

The epic new RPG from Bethesda Game Studios has been a special game for Xbox in 2023 – and for Phil Spencer. That’s why he was excited to reveal that Starfield now has over 12 million players, taking a place in the top 10 most-played games from Xbox’s studios. 

Our goal is for Starfield to be a massive hit and for people to continue playing even 12 years later, like Skyrim.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming


Halo Image

The community has been with us in this journey since launch, and it’s really great to see the state of the game where it is today.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming

Halo fans were thrilled to receive more updates on Halo Infinite, with Forge Lead Designer, Michael Schorr and Community Director Brian Jarrard sharing further details about the highly anticipated new mode, Firefight: King of the Hill, which arrives as part of a free update on December 5. 

Elsewhere at the show, Paramount+ revealed the teaser trailer for season 2 of Halo the Series. Watch it below:


Minecraft Image

Minecraft unveiled the upcoming Jurassic World Adventures DLC, based on the blockbuster movies, much to the delight of the fans present. Brazilian content creator Forever joined Phil Spencer onstage to introduce the Minecraft content and talk about the ever-evolving, community-centric game, saying:

“I love the Minecraft community that I’ve created and the fact that I can always do something different in the game. Whether I’m playing vanilla or checking out a new content drop, the game is always fresh, always new for me.” 

Forza Motorsport

Forza Image

Forza Motorsport unveiled a special commemorative livery for the fans. The livery can be applied for the Honda NSX car both in Forza Horizon 5 and Forza Motorsport

Under a Rock 

This beautiful open-world survival craft game is coming to Xbox, and we were able to learn more about its mechanics and the world through a wonderful trailer. 


Sopa Image

Inspired by works from Miyazaki, Coco,and The Little Prince, this emotional narrative adventure about the things we pass along warmed our hearts with a thrilling trailer. Made in Colombia, by StudioBando, it was announced during CCXP23 that the game will be released with Game Pass in 2024.  

Stumble Guys 

With millions of players enjoying Stumble Guys on PC, Xbox players can now join the fun multiplayer knockout battle royale. The beta is already live, and players can race, run, dash and jump through obstacle courses against up to 32 players online. 

It was incredible to celebrate with our fans at CCXP23, and to take a moment to look back at how they shaped Xbox’s 2023. And, with the new announcements we have made, we want to make sure our fans have something to celebrate well into the future.