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King Arthur: A Knight’s Tale Comes to Xbox February 22 – Play Now During the ID@Xbox Demo Fest

February 22, 2024 will mark a new chapter in the King Arthur mythology, when we here at NeocoreGames will be bringing our dark fantasy role-playing tactical game, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale to Xbox Series X|S. We look forward to fans being able to immerse themselves in the mystical realm of Avalon, when the game launches digitally for Xbox Series X|S early next year.

About King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

Described by critics as “the definitive King Arthur game,” King Arthur: Knight’s Tale brings the legendary Arthurian mythology into the modern day – Sprinkling in some dark fantasy tropes to provide an all-new approach to the traditional chivalric tales. 

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The game, which combines turn-based tactical combat with a traditional, character-centric RPG gameplay, originally launched on PC following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020 – And has earned a devoted and passionate following in the years that followed.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale has now been reimagined for Xbox Series X|S, offering players a choice between a 4K Quality Mode or a framerate-boosting Performance Mode, Local PVP as well as Xbox achievements.

We will continue to support the game long after its launch too, with plans for season content, optional skirmishes and more features coming at a later date.

Check out King Arthur – Knight’s Tale at ID@Xbox Demo Fest

From December 5 until December 31, fans will be able to get their hands on the console release of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, via a demo, exclusively available to Xbox Series X|S players!

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The demo features the first three maps of the game, as well as three skirmish maps from the “The Trials of Sir Tewelyn” skirmish pack.

To get your hands on King Arthur: Knight’s Tale during ID@Xbox Demo Fest, simply head here.

Preorder King Arthur – Knight’s Tale Today

Fans will be able to preorder King Arthur: Knight’s Tale for Xbox Series X|S right now! Simply click here to book your ticket to Avalon via the Camelot’s Fortune pack. 

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In order to assist in the battle against King Arthur’s forces, we’re happy to offer a host of goodies to players who pre-order from today, including:

  • Early Bird’s Ring – a console-exclusive Relic Item that grants a Hero the Slowing Hex skill.
  • 1,000 Gold and 300 Building Resources to help get your construction work off the ground
  • Satchel of Relic Dust – Use this in the Enchanted Tower to buy Relic items.
  • Topaz Case, Box of Sapphires and a Chest of Emeralds – Use these gems in the Forge to upgrade your items
  • Three Large Healing Potions
  • Three Refreshing Potions
  • Scroll of Fire Blast – A powerful, one-use AOE attack spell
  • Scroll of Taunt – Enemies will focus on a target that uses this scroll
  • Scroll of Recuperate – Target gains temporary HP for one turn
  • Sir Mordred cosmetic skin
  • Lady Dindraine cosmetic skin – Exclusive to console players!

We look forward to seeing you on the battlefields of Avalon on February 22, 2024!

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale

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Play as Sir Mordred, the former black knight of the grim tales. You killed King Arthur, but with his dying breath, he struck you down. You both died – and yet, you both live. The Lady of the Lake wants you to finish what you have begun… in the twisted, dark realm of Avalon! A ROLE-PLAYING TACTICAL GAME Experience a unique hybrid between tactical games and character-centric RPGs! This dark fantasy version of the Arthurian myth invites you to manage a team of heroes on the dangerous battlefield, while also engaging in moral choices, hero management, and the rebuilding of Camelot. A NEW MONARCH You are Mordred, brought back to life to find the undying mad king Arthur, and ultimately, kill him to end this accursed condition. Your personality shaped by your actions and moral choices, and the Morality Chart represents your status between Christianity and Old Faith, Tyranny and Righteousness. THE ROUND TABLE Gather your knights and send them on quests involving deep, tactical battles! Assemble a team of heroes from six diverse classes, level up, gain unique skills, equip the best items. Heroes can die, the treatment of their injuries and afflictions takes time. Make sure that Camelot has the right facilities for recovery, prepare different heroes for various quests! LOYALTY Heroes have their own goals, rivalries, unique traits, skills and bond benefits. Settle disputes, grant favours, select heroes who can work together, send them on missions they’re fit for. Careful, their loyalty depends on many factors – they can even turn against you! DECISIONS Decisions matter, whether selecting actions in the turn-based combat or making choices that affect the story. Each playthrough can unfold differently, branching in unexpected ways. ENDGAME After the campaign the endgame unlocks, reserved only for the bravest. Tough new challenges appear on the map with mythic bossfights, random quests, more loot and character progression. Banish Balor, the monstrous god-king of the Fomorians!