A Little to the Left: Learn About the Beloved Puzzler Coming to Game Pass in February

A Little to the Left Hero Image


  • A Little to the Left comes to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and via Game Pass on February 15.
  • Play on mobile devices for the first time via Xbox Cloud Gaming.
  • Learn more about this peaceful puzzle game with our five reasons to check it out.

Hey there, I’m Annie, co-founder of Max Inferno, a studio I started with my partner Lukas Steinman. Lukas and I have always loved making things together – Halloween costumes, scavenger hunts, dance moves, pun-induced groans, and poorly rhyming cooking songs. When the opportunity arose to make our first game, A Little to the Left, we never imagined it would sell over a million copies in its first year, and win the hearts of such a wide audience.

This experience has allowed us to continue to do what we love, and our game’s journey is about to take another big leap, as it’s coming to Xbox on February 15 with Xbox Game Pass. Here’s why we think you’ll love our tidy little puzzler.

Peaceful Puzzling

A Little to the Left is all about tidying messes into pleasing arrangements, without worrying about timers or fail-states. It’s peaceful and accessible, with simple controls that anyone can quickly understand. We took a lot of inspiration from our own lives to make this game, which is why many of the objects you’ll be sorting are based on things in our home… like the clock my dad gave me that I mustn’t forget to wind every Wednesday, or a funny bird lamp from Lukas’s grandmother. Please be careful when handling the glassware, that was a gift as well…

Cleanliness is in the Eye of the Beholder

Some puzzles in A Little to the Left have multiple solutions, which offer players different ways of seeing. It’s fun to have to switch one’s method of observation, as everyone seems to have a different take at first glance. If you need any help, we implemented a fun hint system that lets you erase just as much of the hint that you want to see. You can also use the option to “Let It Be” and skip a puzzle entirely. Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything by choosing to move on from a level – you can skip every single puzzle in the game if you just want to see what comes next.

Cat’s on the Table

We know cats play by their own rules, and it’s precisely this irreverence to our imposed will that makes us love them even more. Throughout A Little to the Left, you’ll sometimes see your carefully cleaned puzzles ruined by a playful cat, who swipes away your hard work just when you think you’re finished. The cat is based on our own cat, Rookie – who continues to surprise us daily with new tactics, and who reminds us to not take ourselves too seriously.

From the Sofa to Space

The start of the game presents rather mundane items to sort. These are relatable situations, like that junk drawer a lot of people have, or the act of fixing a slightly crooked picture frame. As the game progresses, there is a sense of absurdity that grows, as to what things are to be tidied, and how. Later, you’re asked to fix the reflections in a mirror or fast-forward time to perfectly line up a shadow. These later levels may make you wonder about the nature of control… They’re also some of our favorite puzzles in the game – we hope you like them too!

Touch to Tidy

We’re very excited to be a part of Xbox Game Pass and to share our game with the massive audience of gaming fans on Xbox. Being part of Xbox Game Pass also allows us to bring A Little to the Left to mobile devices for the first time, thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming’s Native Touch controls. You can grab and move objects with your hands, or use a compatible controller on the go if you prefer. From the beginning, we wanted every control scheme to feel great to use, so we hope you try them both out and see which you prefer.

A Little to the Left comes to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with Xbox Game Pass on February 15. The main game will also launch alongside our DLC, Cupboards & Drawers (available separately for $5.99), which includes over 25 new levels and adds extra layers of complexity with tons of objects to tidy into tight spaces and secret compartments. We hope you have a great time discovering our game and experiencing the funny little moments throughout it – we had a lot of fun making it together and are so grateful to have had the opportunity.