Community Update February 2024 – 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Hi there, Xbox Insiders!


This month’s Community Update will be short and sweet like those little candy hearts you got in elementary school. (Yes, we can hold hands. Thank you for asking.) We have TON of content still to come this month, but we wanted to highlight a few things here for everyone’s benefit.

As History Would Have It

This month marks the official 10th Anniversary of the Xbox Insider Program. You can actually still read the announcement article from February 20th, 2014 right here (Program Announcement). Then called the Xbox Preview Program, we’ve since evolved from an invite-only, platform-focused enterprise, into an open way for users across the world to deliver their feedback for console, features, PC, mobile, and games alike. The Xbox Insider Program, which we christened on the Wire back in 2016 (Program Rebrand), has flourished this past decade and that’s in an incredibly large part due to the millions of Xbox fans from our community (that’s y’all!). So, from everyone here at Xbox Insider, we want to give an enormous thank you for everyone who has contributed over the years.

We also want to recognize and uplift all the people behind the scenes who work to make this Program a success. That’s why we’re doing a set of interview style articles for everyone currently working on the team, as well as a longer, more in-depth look at the entire history of Xbox Insider later in the month. We launched our first interview last Thursday, which you can check out here (Meet Joshua!), and our next interview will be out tomorrow!


We’ve teased this a few times, but we’re making it official today. Over the next several weeks, you’ll see that Xbox Insider Release Notes will have a new home on the Xbox Support website! We’ve been working behind the scenes on this migration for a while, and we’re super excited to share our new home with other Xbox support content. This move is happening for a few reasons. We wanted to have a more static location where Xbox Insiders can find the newest updates (each Ring will have its own page now!), and we also wanted to free up our blogspace on the Wire to be able to deliver new—and improved—content. We’ve been working to realize some really cool content for the Wire, so look out for more in the future!

As We Look On

We hope everyone has enjoyed the brief look into the start of our content slate for February. There’s still plenty more to come, and we anticipate quite a few “firsts” to be headlining this blog in the coming weeks/months.

As always, I hope everyone enjoyed this installment of the Xbox Insider Program Community Update. If you want to chat about this—and everything else XIP—hop on over to the r/XboxInsiders subreddit or throw us a follow @xboxinsider.