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Turbo Golf Racing: From 1 Million Game Preview Players to Release

After attracting over 1 million players during Game Preview, Hugecalf Studios are proud to announce Turbo Golf Racing will be launching into 1.0 on April 4! Before then, you can download Turbo Golf Racing’s Game Preview on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One, or PC Game Pass for Windows Store.

If Turbo Golf Racing is new to you, let me explain: picture yourself playing golf, but instead of the conventional club, you’re using a turbo-charged car to putt the ball. Throw in 7 other players vying to achieve the quickest time (in race mode) or the fewest shots (in golf mode) – not to mention a variety of Power Cores that change your car’s abilities – and you have a recipe for a very different game of golf.

Since launching into Game Preview, we’ve added new Power Cores to the beloved race mode, including Sticky, a core that allows you to attach your ball to your car, and Grapple Hook, a core that tows your car towards your ball, totaling 18 unique Power Cores to date. This has resulted in over 130 possible unique core combinations, including my personal favorite, Magnet and Hyper Glider, which increases my speed while gliding and enables me to pull the ball towards my car with the press of a button.

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Frost Beam, Air Strike and Boost Canister have also been added since Game Preview launch. The 3 new pick-ups in race mode have allowed for more ways to sabotage or take the lead on opponents.

Three seasons of content have flown by, including the Aztec and Space seasons, which featured themed cosmetics, fresh biomes, and innovative mechanics. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed utilizing water features to propel my ball closer to the hole, and there’s something truly thrilling about a shot that is rescued from going out of bounds by a shift in gravity on the course.

For those players seeking a more traditional golf experience, 1v1 golf mode was introduced. This new mode allowed players to unwind and focus on accuracy over speed, because victory is awarded to the player who putted in the fewest shots. Though this mode was previously limited to 2 players – more on that later…

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Being part of Game Preview meant that many community-requested features were added, including missions, timed events, leaderboards, ranked mode, bots, custom games, tutorial improvements, core balances and many more. All in all, Turbo Golf Racing now features 5 Game Modes, 18 Power Cores, 5 Pick-Ups, 75 Levels, 5 Biomes and over 400 cosmetics. So what can players expect for 1.0?

April 4 will mark the start of Season 4, a Launch Party themed season with 40 new rewards! Pump up the jam or act a clown with the new Bassline and Jester car bodies. Other goodies include party shades, musical boosters, pork pie wheels, and my go-to party hat wheels.

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I mentioned earlier golf mode was limited to 2 players, well not anymore! With the launch of 1.0, Turbo Golf Racing will include a new 8-player golf mode. Players will be able to enjoy their favorite mode with more of their friends. Instead of the consecutive turn-taking that occurs in 1v1 golf, players will take their shots simultaneously, competing to sink their ball in the fewest shots.

What’s more, 10 new levels will be added to the roster, and Urban, Wild and Industrial biomes have been revamped with thrilling new themes! Players will also notice new night levels, garage loadouts, a new core, shop items and so much more.

I’m excited to see you all on the starting line, mark April 4 in your calendar, let’s get this party started! Turbo Golf Racing is available in Game Preview on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, and with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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8 Player Online Race Take on up to seven other competitors in a Grand-Prix style competition. Boost, dash and glide to be the first to get your ball into the hole. Hit the boost pads to charge past your rivals, take shortcuts to outwit them and utilise pick ups to stop them in their tracks. Golf Mode Step into the ultimate showdown, where precision triumphs over speed, and victory is achieved by fewest shots. Scope out the course with the exclusive aerial camera, and hit your ball further than before with the combined power dash mechanic. Put your golfing skills to the test in casual or custom games! Time Trials Race against the clock to earn stars and unlock new courses! Compare your best time on each course against those of your friends, or secure your place on the global leaderboards! Power Cores and Pick Ups Control the way you play by equipping unique Power Cores to suit your playstyle. Hit your ball with more power, spin, or bounciness, whilst using powerful abilities to grapple onto, freeze or stick to your ball. Customisation Stand out from the crowd in your personalised vehicle. Enjoy over 1 trillion different combinations with customisable car bodies, balls, wheels, spoilers, shields, paints and boosters! Traverse The Courses Use your wings, wheels and wit to navigate the terrain, taking advantage of boost pads and boost rings, while avoiding rough, bunkers and trees! Journey through unique biomes, including ancient Aztec temples, gravity defying space courses and industrial wastelands!