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Next Week on Xbox: New Games for April 15 to 19

This is Next Week on Xbox! Every week, we show you all the games that are coming soon to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and Game Pass! You can find out more about these upcoming games by clicking on their profiles (release dates may vary). Let’s get started!

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Perish – April 15
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

A stylish four-player FPS with a cross to bear. Slay hordes of creatures on the scorched sands of Purgatory and sell their gold-stained corpses to craven priests. Kill magnificent bosses and use the proceeds to gain entrance to Elysium, a place of cosmic revelations.

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Harold Halibut

Slow Bros.

$34.99 $31.49
PC Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass

Harold Halibut – April 16
Game Pass / Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Available day one with Game Pass! A handmade narrative game about friendship and life on a city-sized spaceship submerged in an alien ocean. Join Harold as he explores a vibrant retro-future world in his quest to find the true meaning of home.

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Argonauts Agency 6: Missing Daughter

8floor ltd


Argonauts Agency 6: Missing Daughter – April 17

Join the Argonauts in a new time management game and unravel the story of the missing daughter! Construct buildings, remove obstacles, repair damaged bridges. Over 40 beautiful levels await you, along with a multitude of varied quests, increasing difficulty, an upbeat plot, an extraordinary magical world, and exciting gameplay for all ages.

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The Mildew Children

Valkyrie Initiative LLP


The Mildew Children – April 17
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery / Xbox Play Anywhere

Featuring a blend of 2D adventure and visual novel, The Mildew Children is a grim tale about a village inhabited only by children who follow savage pagan traditions. Combining the elements of fairy tale and horror, the story draws on pagan folklore and ancient beliefs.

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Lunar Axe

QUByte Interactive


Lunar Axe – April 18

A point-and-click adventure game with locations and story inspired by real places with incredible hand-drawing art. The story begins after a massive earthquake rocks the city, trapping you inside the ruins of a collapsed building. Now, you must find a way to escape this abandoned house, unravel the mystery behind the strange tremors, and meet the guardian spirit of a mystical artifact.

Xbox Live

Pummel Party

Rebuilt Games


Pummel Party – April 18

An online and local multiplayer party game. Pummel friends or AI using a wide array of absurd items in Board Mode and compete to destroy friendships in the entertaining collection of minigames.

Xbox Live

Sker Ritual

Wales Interactive


Sker Ritual – April 18

An intense, round-based, zombie horror shooter by Wales Interactive. Play solo or up-to 4-players online, facing relentless waves of Quiet Ones whilst solving mysterious missions, uncovering Easter Eggs, upgrading steampunk weapons and obtaining Miracles — a vast network of Celtic God powers.

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Richman 11

Eastasiasoft Limited


Richman 11 – April 19
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery / Xbox Play Anywhere

Board game mayhem comes to life with Richman’s biggest and zaniest multiplayer experience ever! From classic maps paying homage to the series’ 1989 origins to brawl boards with missiles and bombs, there are many ways to keep the multiplayer mayhem fresh and exciting no matter how many times you play.