Since 2015, the backward compatibility program for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S has made it possible for gamers around the globe to discover and replay thousands of games spanning our 20-year history.

For a better understanding of how the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program works and how titles are released, listen to this podcast for additional details.

In order to address a number of the questions and concerns I receive about Xbox One Backward Compatibility, I wanted to update my previous post on the topic with an overview of the capability, address some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and mention the most important element of Backward Compatibility – the current list of Xbox One Backward Compatibly titles (Download the list as a .pdf file).

For more details about the graphics setting that enables switching between enhanced or original graphics on Xbox 360 titles enhanced for Xbox One X, click here.

UPDATE (November 15, 2021): Today, we’re excited to add 70+ Xbox 360 and original Xbox games to our backward compatibility catalog in celebration of our 20th anniversary. This includes many of your top requested favorites including: 

  • The entire Max Payne series and the F.E.A.R. franchise are now playable on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles for the very first time.
  • The entire Skate franchise is now complete with the addition of Skate 2 and playable on both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles.  
  • We also heard the desire for more original Xbox titles to be added to the catalog. We are pleased to announce we were able to bring more than 20+ original Xbox titles to an entire new generation of gamers, including Dead or Alive Ultimate, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II, Star Wars: Starfighter, and Otogi franchises.  

 You can play these games today if you own them on disc or digitally, and the vast majority can be purchased digitally by new players in the Microsoft Store starting later today.

Read more about Xbox One Backward Compatibility at Xbox Wire.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility List

(Last Update: November 15, 2021)

Content TitlePublisherContent TypeRelease Date
(SEGA Vintage Collection) SVC: ToeJam & EarlSEGAXbox 36008/03/17
0 day Attack on EarthSquare EnixXbox 36010/26/17
3D Ultra Minigolf AdventuresActivisionXbox 36004/20/17
50 Cent: BotS (Blood On The Sand)*THQXbox 36011/15/21
A Kingdom for KeflingsMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
A World of KeflingsMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation*Bandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36001/15/19
Aces of the GalaxyActivisionXbox 36011/15/21
Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless KingdomLittle OrbitXbox 36011/15/21
Aegis WingXbox Live ArcadeXbox 360 (Free)01/21/16
Age of BootyCAPCOMXbox 36001/21/16
AirMech Arena*UbisoftXbox 36003/21/19
Alan WakeMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36003/17/16
Alan Wake’s American NightmareMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)02/11/16
Alaskan Adventures*ActivisionXbox 36004/27/17
Alice: Madness ReturnsElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)01/24/17
Alien Hominid HDMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Aliens vs PredatorSEGAXbox 36011/29/18
Altered BeastSEGAXbox 36004/26/16
Anomaly Warzone EarthMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36006/07/16
AquaXbox Live ArcadeXbox 36006/07/16
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Full Version*THQXbox 36011/15/21
Arkanoid Live!TAITO CorporationXbox 36009/08/16
Army of TwoElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)03/28/17
Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD*UbisoftXbox 36007/03/18
Assassin’s Creed IV Black FlagUbisoftXbox 36004/03/18
Assassin’s CreedUbisoftXbox 36003/21/16
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood*UbisoftXbox 36006/27/17
Assassin’s Creed IIUbisoftXbox 36011/12/15
Assassin’s Creed III*UbisoftXbox 36005/23/17
Assassin’s Creed RevelationsUbisoftXbox 36003/23/17
Assassin’s Creed RogueUbisoftXbox 36002/23/17
Assault Heroes 2ActivisionXbox 36004/25/17
Asteroids & DeluxeAtariXbox 36011/12/15
AstropopElectronic ArtsXbox 36011/29/16
Asura’s WrathCAPCOMXbox 36006/10/19
Avatar: TLA: TBE (The Last Air Bender: The Burning Earth)THQXbox 36011/15/21
Axel & Pixel*2K GamesXbox 36003/13/18
Babel Rising*UbisoftXbox 36006/16/16
Band of BugsMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36005/04/17
Banjo Kazooie: N n BMicrosoft Game StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Banjo-KazooieMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Banjo-TooieMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Bankshot Billiards 2Microsoft StudiosXbox 36011/15/21
Batman: Arkham Origins*Warner Bros. InteractiveXbox 36008/08/17
BattleBlock TheaterMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Battlefield 1943Electronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)05/24/18
Battlefield 2: MC (Modern Combat)*Electronic ArtsXbox 36006/10/19
Battlefield 3Electronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)01/10/17
Battlefield: Bad CompanyElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)08/17/17
Battlefield: Bad Company 2Electronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)01/10/17
Battlestations PacificSquare EnixXbox 36001/10/19
Battlestations: MidwaySquare EnixXbox 36010/11/16
BayonettaSEGAXbox 36009/08/16
BC – Rearmed 2 (Bionic Commando)CAPCOMXbox 36007/21/16
BCFx-Doug Williams Ed.Engaged MediaXbox 36011/15/21
Beat’n GroovyKonamiXbox 36001/12/17
Beautiful KatamariNAMCOXbox 36011/15/21
Bejeweled 2Microsoft StudiosXbox 360 (EA Play)11/12/15
Bejeweled 3PopCapXbox 360 (EA Play)09/06/16
Bellator: MMA Onslaught345 GamesXbox 36011/12/15
Beyond Good & Evil HDUbisoftXbox 36011/12/15
Binary DomainSEGAXbox 36011/15/21
BioShock2K GamesXbox 36012/13/16
BioShock 22K GamesXbox 36012/13/16
BioShock Infinite2K GamesXbox 36012/13/16
Blazing Angels*UbisoftXbox 36006/27/17
Blood KnightsKalypso MediaXbox 36006/23/16
Blood of the Werewolf*Midnight CityXbox 36011/12/15
BloodforgeMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36006/30/16
BloodRayne: Betrayal*Majesco EntertainmentXbox 36011/12/15
Blue DragonMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/01/16
Bomberman BattlefestHudson EntertainmentXbox 36008/18/16
Boom Boom RocketElectronic ArtsXbox 36007/26/16
Borderlands2K GamesXbox 36011/12/15
Borderlands 22K GamesXbox 36002/23/17
Bound by FlameFocus Home InteractiveXbox 36009/15/16
BraidMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36012/17/15
Brain ChallengeMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36006/16/16
Brave: The Video GameDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36002/20/18
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s HighwayUbisoftXbox 36003/21/19
Brütal LegendDouble Fine ProductionsXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)09/18/18
Bullet Soul5pb.Xbox 36005/04/17
Bullet Soul -Infinite Burst-5pb.Xbox 36010/27/16
Bully: Scholarship EditionRockstar GamesXbox 36012/15/16
Burnout Paradise*Electronic ArtsXbox 36011/22/16
Burnout RevengeElectronic ArtsXbox 36005/08/18
C&C3: Kane’s Wrath (Command & Conquer 3)Electronic ArtsXbox 36001/24/19
Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013*ActivisionXbox 36004/27/17
Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions*ActivisionXbox 36004/27/17
Cabela’s Survival: SoK (Shadows Of Katmai)*ActivisionXbox 36004/27/17
Call of Duty 2ActivisionXbox 36008/23/16
Call of Duty 3ActivisionXbox 36009/22/16
Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareActivisionXbox 36003/29/18
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare*ActivisionXbox 36009/28/17
Call of Duty: Black OpsActivisionXbox 36005/17/16
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIActivisionXbox 36004/11/17
Call of Duty: Ghosts*ActivisionXbox 36006/29/17
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2ActivisionXbox 36008/28/18
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3ActivisionXbox 36006/19/18
Call of Duty: World at WarActivisionXbox 36009/27/16
Call of Juarez GunslingerTechlandXbox 36011/12/15
Call of Juarez: Bound in BloodTechlandXbox 36009/25/18
Call of Juarez: The CartelTechlandXbox 36009/25/18
CAPCOM Arcade CabinetCAPCOMXbox 36007/21/16
CarcassonneMicrosoft STudiosXbox 36002/26/16
Cars 2: The Video GameDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36003/02/17
Cars: Mater-NationalDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36011/14/17
Castle Crashers*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey MouseSEGAXbox 36008/30/16
CastleStormMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Castlevania: Harmony of DespairKonamiXbox 36003/14/19
Castlevania: Lords of ShadowKonamiXbox 36010/30/18
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HDKonamiXbox 36010/30/18
Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2KonamiXbox 36010/30/18
Castlevania: SOTN (Symphony Of The Night)KonamiXbox 36003/17/16
CatherineAtlus USAXbox 36012/15/16
Centipede & MillipedeAtariXbox 36011/12/15
Child of EdenUbisoftXbox 36010/12/17
CLANNAD*PrototypeXbox 36006/12/19
Cloning ClydeMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/15/21
Comic JumperMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36006/23/16
Comix ZoneSEGAXbox 36004/26/16
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium WarsElectronic ArtsXbox 36001/24/19
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3Electronic ArtsXbox 36001/24/19
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Commander’s ChallengeElectronic ArtsXbox 36001/24/19
Commanders: AttackActivisionXbox 36004/25/17
ConanTHQXbox 36011/15/21
CondemnedSEGAXbox 36011/12/15
ContraKonamiXbox 36004/20/17
Costume QuestTHQXbox 36005/07/19
Costume Quest 2Midnight CityXbox 36007/18/17
Counter-Strike: GO*ValveXbox 36001/21/16
CrackdownMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Free)02/27/18
Crackdown 2Microsoft Game StudiosXbox 360 (Free)03/09/19
Crazy TaxiSEGAXbox 36011/12/15
CrysisElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)10/16/18
Crysis 2Electronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)10/16/18
Crysis 3Electronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)10/16/18
Crystal DefendersSquare EnixXbox 36007/21/16
Crystal QuestMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36006/23/16
Dante’s InfernoElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)07/17/18
Dark Souls*NAMCO BandaiXbox 36003/24/16
Dark VoidCAPCOMXbox 36003/21/16
DarksidersTHQXbox 36003/23/17
Darksiders II*THQXbox 36003/23/17
Darwinia+Microsoft StudiosXbox 36011/15/21
Daytona USA*SEGAXbox 36003/21/17
de Blob 2THQXbox 36009/08/16
Dead or Alive 4TECMOXbox 36011/15/21
Dead Rising 2: Case WestCAPCOMXbox 36003/02/17
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero*CAPCOMXbox 36006/12/19
Dead SpaceElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)03/30/16
Dead Space 2Electronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)04/27/17
Dead Space 3Electronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)04/27/17
Dead Space IgnitionElectronic ArtsXbox 36011/15/16
Deadfall AdventuresNordic GamesXbox 36010/26/17
Deadliest WarriorSpikeXbox 36008/08/17
Deadliest Warrior: Legends345 Games / Spike GamesXbox 36011/12/15
Deadly PremonitionXSEED GamesXbox 36011/02/17
Death By CubeSquare EnixXbox 36011/15/21
DeathSpank: T.O.V.Electronic ArtsXbox 36009/06/16
Defense Grid*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
DEUS EX: Human RevolutionSquare EnixXbox 36012/17/15
Dig DugBandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36005/05/16
DiRT 3*CodemastersXbox 36011/12/15
DiRT Showdown*CodemastersXbox 36011/12/15
Discs of TronDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Disney BoltDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36008/08/17
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36008/03/17
Disney UniverseDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36011/15/21
Divinity II – DKSFocus Home InteractiveXbox 36004/03/18
Domino MasterMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36005/24/16
DOOM 3 BFG Edition*Bethesda SoftworksXbox 36004/14/16
DOOM II*Bethesda SoftworksXbox 36011/12/15
DOOM*Bethesda SoftworksXbox 36011/12/15
Doritos Crash CourseMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Free)12/17/15
Double Dragon NeonMajesco EntertainmentXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)04/26/16
Dragon Age 2Electronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)05/03/18
Dragon Age: OriginsElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)01/10/17
Dragon’s LairMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36010/11/16
Driver San Francisco*UbisoftXbox 36001/16/18
DuckTales: RemasteredCAPCOMXbox 36005/24/16
Duke Nukem – ManhattanGearbox SoftwareXbox 36004/12/16
Duke Nukem Forever2K GamesXbox 36012/04/18
Dungeon Siege IIISquare EnixXbox 36011/12/15
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of MystaraCAPCOMXbox 36006/23/16
E4Microsoft StudiosXbox 36009/27/16
Earth Defense Force 2017D3 PublisherXbox 36011/30/17
Earth Defense Force 2025D3 PublisherXbox 36008/07/18
Earth Defense Force: IAD3 PublisherXbox 36007/11/17
Earthworm Jim HD*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Eat LeadD3 PublisherXbox 36010/13/16
Elements of DestructionTHQXbox 36011/15/21
Enchanted ArmsUbisoftXbox 36006/10/19
Encleverment ExperimentMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36009/27/16
EnslavedBandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36006/10/19
Escape Dead islandDeep SilverXbox 36011/15/16
F.E.A.R. 2Warner Bros. InteractiveXbox 36011/15/21
F.E.A.R. 3*Warner Bros. InteractiveXbox 36011/15/21
F.E.A.R. Files*Vivendi Universal GamesXbox 36011/15/21
F.E.A.R.*Vivendi Universal GamesXbox 36011/15/21
F1 2014CodemastersXbox 36007/11/17
Fable AnniversaryXbox Game StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)10/05/17
Fable HeroesMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36006/26/18
Fable IIXbox Game StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Fable II Pub GamesMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36010/05/17
Fable IIIXbox Game StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)12/17/15
Faery: Legends of AvalonFocus Home InteractiveXbox 36005/10/16
Fallout 3Bethesda SoftworksXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Fallout: New VegasBethesda SoftworksXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)06/23/16
Far Cry 2UbisoftXbox 36001/16/18
Far Cry 3UbisoftXbox 36003/30/17
Far Cry 3 Blood DragonUbisoftXbox 36008/09/16
Far Cry ClassicUbisoftXbox 36006/10/19
Far Cry Instincts PredatorUbisoftXbox 36006/10/19
Feeding FrenzyElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)11/12/15
Feeding Frenzy 2PopCapXbox 360 (EA Play)11/12/15
Fight Night ChampionElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)05/15/18
Fighting VipersSEGAXbox 36008/08/17
Final Fantasy XIIISquare EnixXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/13/18
Final Fantasy XIII-2Square EnixXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/13/18
Final Fight: DblImpact*CAPCOMXbox 36005/10/16
FlashbackUbisoftXbox 36006/16/16
Flock!CAPCOMXbox 36007/14/16
Forza Horizon*Turn 10 Studios / Microsoft StudiosXbox 36008/30/16
Foul PlaySold Out Sales & MarketingXbox 36006/09/16
Fret NiceTECMOXbox 36007/21/16
FroggerKonamiXbox 36004/28/16
Frogger 2KonamiXbox 36005/10/16
From DustUbisoftXbox 36005/07/19
Frontlines:Fuel of WarTHQXbox 36007/18/17
FUEL*CodemastersXbox 36001/10/19
Funtown MahjongMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36009/27/16
GalagaNAMCO BandaiXbox 36002/15/16
Galaga LegionsBandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36010/20/16
Galaga Legions DXBandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36004/28/16
GAROU MOWSNK PlaymoreXbox 36004/12/16
Gatling GearsIntergrowXbox 36009/06/16
Gears of WarMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Gears of War 2Microsoft Game StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Gears of War 3Microsoft StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Gears of War: JudgmentMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions EvolvedSierraXbox 36005/02/17
Geometry Wars EvolvedMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36002/25/16
Geometry Wars Evolved²ActivisionXbox 36005/02/17
GhostbustersAtariXbox 36001/10/17
Ghostbusters: Sanctum of SlimeAtariXbox 36004/26/16
Gin RummyActivisionXbox 36004/20/17
Girl FightMajesco EntertainmentXbox 36010/26/17
Go! Go! Break SteadyMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36006/30/16
Goat SimulatorDouble Eleven LimitedXbox 36010/12/17
Golden Axe*SEGAXbox 36011/12/15
Golf: Tee it Up!ActivisionXbox 36004/20/17
Grand Theft Auto IVRockstar GamesXbox 36002/09/17
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas*Rockstar GamesXbox 36006/07/18
Greg Hastings Paintball 2*Majesco EntertainmentXbox 36009/18/18
GRID 2*CodemastersXbox 36003/21/16
GRID AutosportCodemastersXbox 36006/26/18
GripshiftMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36006/30/16
Guardian HeroesSEGAXbox 36011/08/16
Gunstar HeroesSEGAXbox 36004/06/16
GuwangeCAVEXbox 36009/29/16
GyromancerSquare EnixXbox 36002/23/17
GyrussKonamiXbox 36007/25/17
Half-Minute Hero -Super Mega Neo Climax-Microsoft StudiosXbox 36007/19/16
Halo 3*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36009/21/17
Halo 3: ODST Campaign Edition*Microsoft Game StudiosXbox 36009/21/17
Halo 4*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36009/21/17
Halo Wars*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36003/28/16
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36009/21/17
Halo: ReachMicrosoft Game StudiosXbox 36012/17/15
Halo: Spartan Assault*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Hard Corps: UprisingKonamiXbox 36005/04/17
Hardwood BackgammonMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Hardwood HeartsMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Hardwood SpadesMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Harms WayMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Free)05/04/17
Haunted HouseAtariXbox 36012/01/16
Heavy WeaponElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)11/12/15
Hexic 2Microsoft StudiosXbox 36005/24/16
Hexic HDMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Free)11/12/15
Hitman HD PackIO InteractiveXbox 36005/09/19
Hitman: AbsolutionSquare EnixXbox 36002/14/17
Hitman: Blood MoneyIO InteractiveXbox 36003/06/18
Hydro ThunderMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36012/17/15
HydrophobiaMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36002/26/19
I Am AliveUbisoftXbox 36006/23/16
IkarugaMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
ilomiloXbox LIVE ArcadeXbox 36005/23/17
Infinite UndiscoverySquare EnixXbox 36006/10/19
Injustice: Gods Among UsWarner Bros. InteractiveXbox 36012/01/16
Insanely Twisted Shadow PlanetMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36004/04/17
InterpolMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36007/14/16
Iron Brigade*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36012/17/15
Islands of WakfuMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/15/21
Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad*D3 PublisherXbox 36001/21/16
Jet Set Radio*SEGAXbox 36005/03/16
Jetpac RefuelledMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Jewel QuestMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/14/17
Joe Danger 2: The MovieMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36010/20/16
Joe Danger Special EditionMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36006/23/16
JoustXbox Live ArcadeXbox 36008/25/16
Joy Ride TurboMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
JUJUNordic GamesXbox 36001/31/17
Jurassic Park: The Game*Telltale GamesXbox 36010/11/16
Just CauseEidosXbox 36010/30/18
Just Cause 2Square EnixXbox 36011/12/15
KameoMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Kane & Lynch 2Square EnixXbox 36012/17/15
Killer Is DeadXSEED GamesXbox 36010/27/16
King Kong*UbisoftXbox 36006/10/19
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning*Electronic ArtsXbox 36011/29/18
KOF SKY STAGESNK PlaymoreXbox 36010/12/17
KOF2002UMSNK PlaymoreXbox 36002/23/17
KOF98UMSNK PlaymoreXbox 36003/28/16
Lara Croft and the Guardian of LightSquare EnixXbox 36002/20/18
Lazy RaidersMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36006/07/16
Left 4 Dead 2*ValveXbox 36003/29/16
Left 4 Dead*ValveXbox 36006/16/16
LEGO BatmanWarner Bros. InteractiveXbox 36002/11/16
LEGO Batman 2Warner Bros. InteractiveXbox 36001/31/19
LEGO Indiana Jones 2Disney Interactive StudiosXbox 36001/25/18
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original AdventuresDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36002/07/17
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video GameDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
LEGO Star Wars IIDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36010/20/18
LEGO Star Wars IIIDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36003/06/18
LEGO Star Wars: TCS (The Complete Saga)Disney Interactive StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
LEGO The Lord of the Rings*Warner Bros. InteractiveXbox 36011/15/21
Lightning Returns FFXIIISquare EnixXbox 36011/13/18
Limbo*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36011/03/16
Lode RunnerMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Lost OdysseyMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36009/29/16
Lost Planet 2CAPCOMXbox 36002/21/19
Lost Planet 3CAPCOMXbox 36002/21/19
Lost Planet Extreme Condition*CAPCOMXbox 36002/21/19
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies EditionCAPCOMXbox 36002/21/19
Lumines Live! Standard EditionMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Luxor 2Microsoft StudiosXbox 36003/16/17
Mad Tracks*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36001/31/17
Madballs Babo:InvasionMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36003/16/17
Mafia II2K GamesXbox 36002/13/18
Magic 2012Microsoft StudiosXbox 36005/24/16
Magic 2013*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36001/18/18
Magic 2014 — Duels of the Planeswalkers*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36001/18/18
Magic: The Gathering*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36001/18/18
Marathon: DurandalMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36002/26/19
Marlow Briggs and the Mask of the Death505 GamesXbox 36011/28/17
Mars: War LogsFocus Home InteractiveXbox 36006/30/16
Mass EffectMicrosoft Game StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Mass Effect 2Electronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)11/07/16
Mass Effect 3Electronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)11/07/16
Matt Hazard: BBBD3 PublisherXbox 36005/23/17
Max Payne 3Rockstar GamesXbox 36011/15/21
Medal of Honor AirborneElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)11/29/16
Meet the RobinsonsDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36003/02/17
Mega Man 10CAPCOMXbox 36001/12/17
Mega Man 9CAPCOMXbox 36001/12/17
Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceKonamiXbox 36008/15/17
Metal Gear Solid HD Edition: 2 & 3*KonamiXbox 36010/09/18
Metal Slug 3SNK PlaymoreXbox 36011/12/15
Metal Slug XXSNK PlaymoreXbox 36011/12/15
MGS PW HD (Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD Edition)KonamiXbox 36003/13/18
Midnight Club: Los Angeles CompleteRockstar GamesXbox 36006/07/18
Midway Arcade OriginsWarner Bros. InteractiveXbox 36001/19/17
Might & Magic Clash of HeroesUbisoftXbox 36011/12/15
Military MadnessHudson EntertainmentXbox 36011/17/16
Mini NinjasSquare EnixXbox 36011/15/21
Mirror’s EdgeElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)11/12/15
Missile CommandAtariXbox 36011/12/15
Monaco: What’s Yours is MineMajesco EntertainmentXbox 36004/14/16
Monday Night CombatMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Monkey Island 2: SEDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Monkey Island: SEDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Monopoly Deal*UbisoftXbox 36009/14/17
Monopoly PlusUbisoftXbox 36006/09/16
Moon DiverSquare EnixXbox 36002/23/17
Mortal Kombat (2011)*Warner Bros. InteractiveXbox 36011/15/21
Mortal Kombat vs. DCU*Midway Home EntertainmentXbox 36011/15/21
Motocross Madness*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36012/17/15
Mr. Driller OnlineNAMCOXbox 36008/02/16
Ms. PAC-MAN*Bandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36012/17/15
Ms. Splosion ManXbox Live ArcadeXbox 36011/12/15
Mutant Blobs Attack*Midnight CityXbox 36011/12/15
Mutant Storm EmpireMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36001/19/17
Mutant Storm ReloadedMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36010/26/17
MX vs. ATV AliveTHQXbox 36011/15/21
MX vs. ATV ReflexTHQXbox 36005/03/16
MX vs. ATV UntamedTHQXbox 36011/15/21
N+*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
NBA Jam: On Fire EditionElectronic ArtsXbox 36011/12/15
NEOGEO Battle ColiseumSNK PlaymoreXbox 36007/21/16
New Rally-XBandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36008/02/16
NierSquare EnixXbox 36011/15/21
NiGHTS into dreams…SEGAXbox 36011/12/15
NIN2-JUMPCAVEXbox 36008/02/16
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s EdgeTECMO Koei AmericaXbox 36006/09/21
Ninja Gaiden IITECMOXbox 36004/16/19
NovadromeMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/15/21
OblivionBethesda SoftworksXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/29/16
Of Orcs and Men*Focus Home InteractiveXbox 36009/08/16
OF: Dragon Rising (Operation Flashpoint)CodemastersXbox 36011/12/15
Omega Five*Hudson EntertainmentXbox 36011/17/16
OnechanbaraD3 PublisherXbox 36011/15/21
Operation Flashpoint: Red River*CodemastersXbox 36011/08/16
Orcs Must Die!Microsoft StudiosXbox 36002/12/19
OutlandUbisoftXbox 36004/06/16
Outpost Kaloki XMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/15/21
Overlord IICodemastersXbox 36007/10/18
Overlord*CodemastersXbox 36007/10/18
P4A (Persona 4 Arena)Atlus USAXbox 36011/14/17
Pac-ManBandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36003/17/16
Pac-Man C.E.Bandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36011/12/15
PAC-MAN CE DX+Bandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36011/12/15
PAC-MAN Museum*Bandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36007/21/16
PegglePopCapXbox 360 (EA Play)12/17/15
Peggle 2*Electronic ArtsXbox 36011/28/17
Perfect DarkMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Perfect Dark ZeroMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Phantasy Star IISEGAXbox 36005/05/16
Phantom Breaker:Battle Grounds*MagesXbox 36011/12/15
Pinball FX*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Planets Under AttackTopWare InteractiveXbox 36012/15/16
Plants vs. ZombiesPopCapXbox 360 (EA Play)11/12/15
Port Royale 3Kalypso MediaXbox 36001/31/19
Portal 2Electronic ArtsXbox 36006/16/16
Portal: Still AliveValveXbox 36012/17/15
Prey2K GamesXbox 36002/13/18
Prince of Persia ClassicUbisoftXbox 36011/12/15
Prince of Persia The Forgotten SandsUbisoftXbox 36006/10/19
Prince of Persia*UbisoftXbox 36008/07/18
Pure*Disney Interactive StudiosXbox 36011/22/16
Putty SquadSystem 3 SoftwareXbox 36011/12/15
Puzzle Fighter HDCAPCOMXbox 36006/10/19
Puzzle Quest 2D3 PublisherXbox 36010/04/16
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords – Revenge…Xbox LIVE ArcadeXbox 36010/13/16
Puzzle Quest: GalactrixD3 PublisherXbox 36010/04/16
PuzzlegeddonTECMOXbox 36005/10/16
QIX++TAITO CorporationXbox 36009/08/16
Quake Arena ArcadeBethesda SoftworksXbox 36011/15/21
Quantum ConundrumSquare EnixXbox 36007/18/17
R.U.S.E.*UbisoftXbox 36007/17/18
Radiant SilvergunMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36006/27/17
RageBethesda SoftworksXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)10/27/16
Raiden IVMOSSXbox 36007/25/17
Rainbow Six Vegas 2UbisoftXbox 36011/12/15
RaskullsMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36012/15/16
RAW – Realms of Ancient WarFocus Home InteractiveXbox 36011/15/21
Rayman 3 HD*UbisoftXbox 36011/12/15
Rayman LegendsUbisoftXbox 36011/22/16
Rayman OriginsUbisoftXbox 36004/21/16
Rayman Raving RabbidsUbisoftXbox 36001/10/19
Red Dead RedemptionRockstar GamesXbox 36007/07/16
Red Faction: ArmageddonTHQXbox 36007/25/17
Red Faction: BattlegroundsTHQXbox 36006/23/16
Resident Evil Code: Veronica XCAPCOMXbox 36002/21/19
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon CityCAPCOMXbox 36011/15/21
Ridge Racer 6NAMCO-HOMETEKXbox 36011/15/21
Rio*THQXbox 36011/15/21
RisenDeep SilverXbox 36011/15/21
Risen 2: Dark WatersDeep SilverXbox 36011/15/21
RoboBlitzMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36004/20/17
Rock of AgesAtlus USAXbox 36011/15/21
Rocket KnightKonamiXbox 36001/26/17
Rockstar Table TennisRockstar GamesXbox 36006/07/18
R-Type DimensionsMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Rumble Roses XXKonamiXbox 36009/11/18
Runner2*Aksys GamesXbox 36005/05/16
Sacred 2 Fallen Angelcdv Software EntertainmentXbox 36011/15/21
Sacred 3Deep SilverXbox 36012/17/15
Sacred CitadelDeep SilverXbox 36011/12/15
Saints RowKoch MediaXbox 36005/29/18
Saints Row 2Koch MediaXbox 36005/01/18
Saints Row IVDeep SilverXbox 36003/31/16
Saints Row: Gat Out of HellDeep SilverXbox 36005/29/18
Saints Row: The ThirdKoch MediaXbox 36009/14/17
Sam & Max Beyond Time and SpaceSkunkape GamesXbox 36012/08/21
Sam & Max Save the WorldMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36001/21/16
Samurai Shodown IISNK PlaymoreXbox 36005/05/16
ScarygirlSquare EnixXbox 36011/10/16
ScrambleKonamiXbox 36011/15/21
Scrap MetalMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36001/10/17
ScreamRideMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36008/15/17
Screwjumper!*THQXbox 36011/15/21
SEGA Bass FishingSEGAXbox 36006/09/16
SEGA Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co.*SEGAXbox 36011/12/15
SEGA Vintage Collection: Golden AxeSEGAXbox 36011/12/15
SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster WorldSEGAXbox 36011/12/15
SEGA Vintage Collection: Streets of RageSEGAXbox 36011/12/15
Shadow Assault/TenchuFromSoftwareXbox 36005/23/17
Shadow ComplexMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
ShadowrunMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36012/08/16
Shadows of the Damned*Electronic ArtsXbox 36001/26/17
Shank2Electronic ArtsXbox 36008/11/16
ShinobiSEGAXbox 36005/23/17
Shotest ShogiMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36012/08/16
Shred NebulaMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36010/27/16
Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution2K GamesXbox 36004/04/17
Silent Hill: Downpour*KonamiXbox 36010/13/16
Silent Hill: HD CollectionKonamiXbox 36007/24/18
Silent Hill: HomecomingKonamiXbox 36007/24/18
Sine MoraNordic GamesXbox 36008/07/18
Skate 2*Electronic ArtsXbox 36011/15/21
Skate 3Electronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)11/10/16
skate.Electronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)06/10/19
SkullgirlsMarvelousAQLXbox 36001/21/16
SkydiveTopWare InteractiveXbox 36012/15/16
Slender: The ArrivalMidnight CityXbox 36009/14/17
Small ArmsMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36001/21/16
Sniper Elite V2505 GamesXbox 36001/16/18
Soltrio SolitaireMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36003/28/17
Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedSEGAXbox 36010/04/16
Sonic & Knuckles*SEGAXbox 36005/05/16
Sonic 4 Episode IISEGAXbox 36007/21/16
Sonic AdventureSEGAXbox 36009/28/17
Sonic Adventure 2SEGAXbox 36011/30/17
Sonic CDSEGAXbox 36011/12/15
Sonic GenerationsSEGAXbox 36004/10/18
Sonic The FightersSEGAXbox 36004/12/16
Sonic The Hedgehog 2SEGAXbox 36011/12/15
Sonic The Hedgehog 3*SEGAXbox 36011/12/15
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode ISEGAXbox 36007/21/16
Sonic The Hedgehog*SEGAXbox 36011/12/15
Sonic UnleashedSEGAXbox 36011/29/18
SOULCALIBUR II HDNAMCO BandaiXbox 36003/28/16
South Park: The Stick of Truth*UbisoftXbox 36011/12/15
Space ArkMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36012/08/16
Space GiraffeMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36001/21/16
Space Invaders: IG (Infinity Gene)Square EnixXbox 36002/23/17
Spec Ops: The Line2K GamesXbox 36001/30/18
Spelunky*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36012/17/15
Split/SecondDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36001/25/18
Splosion ManMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36012/17/15
SpongeBob SquarePants Underpants Slam!THQXbox 36011/15/21
SpongeBob: Truth-Sq. (SpongeBob SquarePants Truth or Square)THQXbox 36011/15/21
SSXEA SportsXbox 360 (EA Play)05/26/16
StackingTHQXbox 36003/21/17
Star Ocean: The Last HopeSquare EnixXbox 36006/10/19
Star Wars: The Force UnleashedDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36005/04/16
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed IIDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36005/04/16
Steins;Gate: (original version)*5pb.Xbox 36005/18/17
Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling*MagesXbox 36005/18/17
Steins;Gate: Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram (disc only)*5pb.Xbox 36005/18/17
StraniaG.revXbox 36001/10/17
Street Fighter IVCAPCOMXbox 36003/16/17
Stuntman: IgnitionTHQXbox 36001/31/17
Super ContraKonamiXbox 36009/14/17
Super Meat BoyMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Super Streetfighter IV Arcade EditionCAPCOMXbox 36007/13/17
Supreme Commander 2Square EnixXbox 36011/12/15
SwitchballActivisionXbox 36011/15/21
SWOS (Sensible World of Soccer)CodemastersXbox 36006/26/18
Syberia*Bandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36004/24/17
Syndicate*Electronic ArtsXbox 36006/10/19
Tecmo Bowl ThrowbackTECMO Koei AmericaXbox 36011/14/17
Tekken 6NAMCOXbox 36001/19/17
Tekken Tag Tournament 2Bandai Namco EntertainmentXbox 36003/24/16
Texas Hold ’emMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36005/03/16
The Bureau2K GamesXbox 36012/04/18
The Cave*SEGAXbox 36004/26/16
The Darkness2K GamesXbox 36012/04/18
The Darkness II2K GamesXbox 36001/30/18
The First TemplarKalypso MediaXbox 36011/15/21
The King Of Fighters XIIISNK PlaymoreXbox 36002/12/19
The MawMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36009/15/16
The Orange Box*ValveXbox 36010/20/16
The OutfitTHQXbox 36011/15/21
The Splatters*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36001/10/17
The Walking DeadTelltale GamesXbox 360 (Free)08/29/17
The Walking Dead: Michonne – Ep. 1, In Too DeepSkybound GamesXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)08/29/17
The Walking Dead: Season TwoTelltale GamesXbox 360 (Free)08/29/17
The Witcher 2: Assassins of KingsCD ProjektXbox 36001/21/16
Thrillville: OTR (Off The Rails)Disney Interactive StudiosXbox 36011/15/21
Ticket to RideMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36012/17/15
Time PilotKonamiXbox 36011/15/21
TimeShiftVivendi Universal GamesXbox 36004/25/17
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future SoldierUbisoftXbox 36003/13/18
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell BlacklistUbisoftXbox 36007/31/18
Tom Clancy’s EndWarUbisoftXbox 36011/06/18
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced WarfighterUbisoftXbox 36007/03/18
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2UbisoftXbox 36003/26/19
Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X*UbisoftXbox 36011/06/18
Tom Clancy’s RainbowSix VegasUbisoftXbox 36011/12/15
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell ConvictionUbisoftXbox 36002/08/18
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double AgentUbisoftXbox 36007/31/18
Tomb Raider UnderworldSquare EnixXbox 36007/27/17
Tomb Raider: Anniv.Square EnixXbox 36008/14/18
Tomb Raider: LegendEidosXbox 36008/14/18
Too HumanMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Free)06/10/19
TorchlightMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Tour de France 2009*Focus Home InteractiveXbox 36007/19/16
Tour de France*Focus Home InteractiveXbox 36006/12/19
Tower Bloxx DeluxeMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36003/21/17
Toy Soldiers*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Toy Soldiers: Cold WarMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Toy Story 3Disney Interactive StudiosXbox 36009/29/16
Toy Story Mania!Disney Interactive StudiosXbox 36011/15/21
Toybox TurbosCodemastersXbox 36005/29/18
Trials Evolution*Microsoft StudiosXbox 36005/02/19
Trials HDMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36002/11/16
Triggerheart ExelicaMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36007/28/16
Trine 2*Atlus USAXbox 36011/29/16
Tron: EvolutionDisney Interactive StudiosXbox 36011/12/15
Tropico 4Kalypso MediaXbox 36010/23/18
Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon345 Games / Comedy CentralXbox 36011/12/15
Unbound SagaXbox Live ArcadeXbox 36005/24/16
UndertowMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36009/14/17
Unreal Tournament 3Midway Home EntertainmentXbox 36006/10/19
Vandal Hearts: Flames of JudgmentKonamiXbox 36011/15/21
VanquishSEGAXbox 36002/20/18
Virtua Fighter 2SEGAXbox 36007/18/17
Virtua Fighter 5 Final ShowdownSEGAXbox 36009/15/16
Virtual-On OTSEGAXbox 36006/27/17
Viva PiñataMicrosoft StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
Viva Piñata Party AnimalsMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36011/15/21
Viva Piñata: TIP (Trouble In Paradise)Microsoft Game StudiosXbox 360 (Xbox Game Pass)11/12/15
WarlordsAtariXbox 36011/15/21
Winterbottom2K GamesXbox 36001/30/18
Wolfenstein 3DBethesda SoftworksXbox 36011/12/15
Word PuzzleMicrosoft StudiosXbox 36009/20/16
WOTB: Commando 3 (Wolf Of The Battlefield)CAPCOMXbox 36006/27/17
XCOM: Enemy Unknown2K GamesXbox 36005/24/16
XCOM: Enemy Within2K GamesXbox 36006/09/16
Yosumin! LIVESquare EnixXbox 36010/26/17
ZOE HD (Zone of the Enders HD Collection)KonamiXbox 36009/11/18
ZumaElectronic ArtsXbox 360 (EA Play)11/12/15
Zuma’s Revenge!PopCapXbox 360 (EA Play)12/17/15
Advent RisingZiggurat InteractiveOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Armed and DangerousLucasArtsOriginal Xbox06/11/19
BlackElectronic ArtsOriginal Xbox (EA Play)10/23/17
Blinx: The Time SweeperMicrosoft StudiosOriginal Xbox (Xbox Game Pass)04/17/18
Bloodrayne 2Majesco EntertainmentOriginal Xbox10/23/17
BreakdownBandai Namco EntertainmentOriginal Xbox04/12/18
Conker: Live and ReloadedMicrosoft StudiosOriginal Xbox04/12/18
Crimson Skies: High Road to RevengeMicrosoft Game StudiosOriginal Xbox (Xbox Game Pass)10/23/17
Dead or Alive 2 UltimateTECMOOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Dead or Alive 3TECMOOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Dead to RightsBandai Namco EntertainmentOriginal Xbox10/23/17
Destroy All Humans! (2005)THQOriginal Xbox04/22/18
Disney’s Chicken LittleDisney Interactive StudiosOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Full Spectrum WarriorTHQOriginal Xbox04/22/18
Fuzion FrenzyMicrosoft Game StudiosOriginal Xbox (Xbox Game Pass)10/23/17
GladiusLucasArtsOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Grabbed by the GhouliesMicrosoft StudiosOriginal Xbox10/23/17
GunvalkyrieSEGAOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Hunter: The ReckoningInterplay EntertainmentOriginal Xbox04/10/18
Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s TombLucasArtsOriginal Xbox06/11/19
Jade EmpireMicrosoft StudiosOriginal Xbox04/10/18
ManhuntRockstar NorthOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Max PayneRockstar GamesOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max PayneRockstar GamesOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Mercenaries: Playground of DestructionLucasArtsOriginal Xbox04/22/18
MX UnleashedTHQOriginal Xbox04/22/18
Ninja Gaiden BlackTECMOOriginal Xbox10/23/17
Oddworld: Munch’s OddyseeXbox Game StudiosOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Otogi 2: Immortal WarriorsSEGAOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Otogi: Myth of DemonsSEGAOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Panzer Dragoon OrtaSEGAOriginal Xbox04/17/18
Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory*THQOriginal Xbox05/15/19
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time*UbisoftOriginal Xbox10/23/17
PsychonautsDouble Fine ProductionsOriginal Xbox (Xbox Game Pass)10/23/17
Red Dead RevolverRockstar GamesOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Red Faction IITHQOriginal Xbox10/23/17
Secret Weapons Over NormandyLucasArtsOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Sid Meier’s Pirates!2K GamesOriginal Xbox10/23/17
Sphinx and the Cursed MonkeyTHQOriginal Xbox06/11/19
SSX 3Electronic ArtsOriginal Xbox04/17/18
Star Wars BattlefrontLucasArtsOriginal Xbox (EA Play)04/10/18
Star Wars Battlefront IILucasArtsOriginal Xbox04/22/18
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithLucasArtsOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi OutcastLucasArtsOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyLucasArtsOriginal Xbox04/22/18
Star Wars Jedi StarfighterLucasArtsOriginal Xbox04/10/18
Star Wars Knights of the Old RepublicLucasartsOriginal Xbox10/23/17
Star Wars KOTOR IILucasArtsOriginal Xbox04/22/18
Star Wars Republic CommandoLucasArtsOriginal Xbox04/22/18
Star Wars Starfighter Special EditionLucasArtsOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Star Wars The Clone WarsLucasArtsOriginal Xbox11/15/21
The Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindBethesda SoftworksOriginal Xbox (Xbox Game Pass)04/17/18
The King of Fighters NeowaveSNK PlaymoreOriginal Xbox10/23/17
ThrillvilleLucasArtsOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Timesplitters 2Deep SilverOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Timesplitters: Future PerfectDeep SilverOriginal Xbox11/15/21
Tom Clancy’s Splinter CellUbisoftOriginal Xbox06/11/19
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos TheoryUbisoftOriginal Xbox06/10/19
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double AgentUbisoftOriginal Xbox06/11/19
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Pandora TomorrowUbisoftOriginal Xbox06/11/19
Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri ConflictEpic GamesOriginal Xbox06/11/19

* This title may not be available in all regions and/or may not be available for purchase digitally in the Xbox Store. Previous owners of the disc/digital versions of these titles should still be able to play them on an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console.

Backward Compatibility Features:

  • Available at no additional cost; you don’t have to pay to play games you already own.
  • Keep your Xbox 360 game saves, game add-ons, achievements, and Gamerscore.
  • Enjoy the advanced features of your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S like Game DVR, Screenshots and Windows 10 streaming.
  • Play multiplayer with your friends no matter which console they’re on.
  • Works with disc-based and digital games.

TIP: If you use Cloud Saved Games, your saved game data will be accessible on whichever console you’re playing on.

Xbox One Games Dash

How to install and play Xbox 360 backward compatible games on your Xbox One

  • Disc: For disc-based games that are a part of the Back Compat game catalog, simply insert the disc and the console will begin downloading the game to your hard drive. After the game has finished downloading, you will still need to keep the game disc in the drive to play.
  • Digital: The digital titles that you own and are part of the Back Compat game catalog will automatically show up in the “Ready to Install” section on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, and once they are installed they will show up in the Games section of your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.

TIP: To open the Xbox 360 dashboard from within the Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S environment, hold the view and menu buttons.


How to purchase Xbox 360 games if you don’t own an Xbox 360

If you want to purchase an Xbox 360 title and don’t own or have access to an Xbox 360, you can still purchase the game digitally online from the Xbox Store. Simply log into your account at and navigate to the catalog of Xbox 360 titles. Once you select a title, you will see the option to download it to your Xbox 360. Clicking on the download button actually brings up the purchasing screen. Once you purchase the game and the transaction is complete, the game will be registered to your account.

A few things to note:

  • You have to have a valid payment option on file to purchase any title.
  • If a game is free, you’re still required to “purchase” it – you just won’t be charged anything for it.
  • The Xbox 360 Marketplace and the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S Store websites use different architecture, so if you have credit but no payment option associated with your account, you won’t be able to use the credit to purchase Xbox 360 titles. You will have to add a payment option or purchase the title using an Xbox 360 console.
  • Not all Xbox 360 games are backward compatible with Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S but we will be adding more on a regular basis. Check the current list of supported games here.

TIP: Every month Xbox Live Gold members get two free Xbox One and two free Xbox 360 games with the Games With Gold program. You can redeem these free games at whether you own the console or not – as long as you have an account. If you don’t own an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S and decide to purchase one in the future, you’ll already have a collection of games available to you. And if you don’t own an Xbox 360 and the games are added to the list of backward compatible games, you’ll be able to play them on your Xbox One.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you give us a hint or confirm if (insert title here) is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility?

A: I cannot. Sorry. I’ll tweet out when we update the list of games that are backward compatible.

Q: I read on a gaming blog/news site that a certain game is coming to back compat. Can you give us a hint or confirm when it is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility?

A: Any official Xbox One back compat news is posted on my twitter feed. to find out first. Additionally, the list at the top of this page (scroll up) will be updated with each backward compatibility update. That is the only information we have shared at this time. Specific title availability dates are not available.

Q: What date is (insert title here) coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility?

A: Unless it is on the list of current titles that are BC (at the top of this page) I can’t say. No hints will be given.

Q: HEY! I’d like (insert title here) to be playable on Xbox One? MAKE THAT HAPPEN!

A: If you want an Xbox 360 game to be played on Xbox One via backward compatibility, you should contact the game publisher.

Q: Hey…how about a hint when the next title being added to the Xbox One Back Compatibility list will be announced?

A: Sorry, but I cannot. I will update this post and tweet it out when we update the list.

Q: Why can’t you even hint at when/if a title is coming to Xbox One Back Compatibility ?

A: I’ll let you know when a new title is added to the list. That is the best I can do right now. You may not like it, but that is the answer.

Q: If I gather up my friends and we constantly tweet at you or other members of the Xbox team about a title we want for BC, that will make it happened right ?

A: No. Not at all.

Q: Why won’t that work? How are titles selected to be released to BC?

A: Listen to this podcast as it explains a lot about the process.

Frequently Asked Questions from the official Xbox Backward Compatible Support page:

Q: Does backward compatibility cost extra?

A: No. Xbox One Backward Compatibility is free and allows you to play select Xbox 360 games you already own on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.

Q: Is Xbox Live Gold required for backward compatibility?

A: No. Xbox Live Gold is not required for Xbox One Backward Compatibility. However, it is required for any standard Xbox Live Gold feature like online multiplayer.

Q: Can I play games online with my friend if I’m on my Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S playing an Xbox 360 game and they are on an Xbox 360?

A: Yes, you can play backwards compatible games with your friends whether they are playing on Xbox One or Xbox 360.

Q: How are titles selected?

A: We started with some of the most popular and highest rated Xbox 360 titles. We listened to our fans and worked with our partners to bring as many titles as we could to the program. We’ll continue to update this page if more titles are added in the future. 

Q: Will the DLC for backward compatible titles be available too?

A: Yes. If you own the DLC, you can install and use it just like you do on the Xbox 360. To install DLC you own, go to the Manage Game section for that specific title and install the DLC to your drive.

Q: Can I plug my removable hard drive from my Xbox 360 into my Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S?

A: No. The Xbox 360 Hard Drive is not compatible with the Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. If you have an Xbox Live profile on Xbox 360, the profile will automatically download to your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console during setup.

For more information about Backward Compatibility, check out the official Xbox Support page here.

NOTE: This page may be periodically updated.