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Command All Units in the Halo Wars 2 Demo Today

In case you’ve been in cryosleep, Halo Wars 2 recently launched on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC! Fans have been eagerly diving into the battlefield, fielding armies of Scorpions, Warthogs and more. However, if you haven’t had chance to put your strategy hat on yet – surprise, the Halo Wars 2 demo is now live on Xbox One and coming soon to Windows 10 PC! Included in the demo is a first look at the campaign with mission one, “The Signal,” as well as Blitz Firefight where you can test your mettle against waves of AI using a pre-built deck of cards from Captain Cutter or Atriox. The demo is available for all Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One today, and is coming soon to anyone with... Read more

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Chess Ultra is Coming to Xbox One This Spring

Hi everyone! You might recognize us as the publisher of some awesome indie titles on Xbox One, including Pure Pool, Pure Chess, and Stick It to The Man. I'm here today to reveal that Chess Ultra, a brand-new game from Ripstone, is coming to Xbox One this spring! Chess Ultra is a sequel to our original hit chess game Pure Chess, and has been built completely from the ground up by the internal development team here at Ripstone. We’ve reached a level of visual fidelity that is not just a massive improvement on the original title in every way, and thanks to HDR and the power of Xbox One S, we think Chess Ultra is the best-looking chess game in the world! Xbox One S owners will be... Read more

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Coming to Project Scorpio, Xbox One, and Windows 10 This Year

Talion and Celebrimbor return in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, sequel to the smash-hit Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, available as an Xbox Play Anywhere title on Xbox One and Windows 10 beginning August 22, 2017. The title will also be available for Project Scorpio following the console’s launch this holiday season. Players will wield a new Ring of Power and confront the deadliest of enemies, including Sauron and his Nazgul, in a monumental battle for Middle-earth. With an original story featuring our two heroes from the first game, Middle-earth: Shadow of War will have you going deep behind enemy lines to forge an army in the hopes of turning all of Mordor against the Dark Lord... Read more

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Next Week on Xbox: Upcoming Games, Feb. 27 – Mar. 5

Welcome to Next Week on Xbox, where we cover the best games coming soon to Xbox One. Every week, the team at Xbox aims to deliver quality gaming content for you to enjoy on your favorite gaming console, and Xbox Wire will be here to let you know when you can play every new release hitting Xbox One. Whether you’re a fan of shooting, racing, or adventuring, there’s sure to be something for you to enjoy. So, without further delay, let’s preview the new games coming soon with Next Week on Xbox! Torment: Tides of Numenera - February 28 Explore Earth one billion years in the future in the science-fiction fantasy setting of Numenera. Discover the Ninth World built on the bones of... Read more

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This Week on Xbox: February 24

We know you’re busy and might miss out on a day (or three) of the exciting things we’re talking about on Xbox Wire every week. If you’ve got a few minutes, we can help remedy that. We’ve pared down the week’s news into one easy-to-digest article for all things Xbox! Or, if you’d rather watch than read, you can feast your eyes on our weekly video show below. Either way, be sure to come back every Friday to find out what’s happening This Week on Xbox! Halo Wars 2 Launches Worldwide on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC “28 years, professor…” Though it may not have really been 28 years since Halo Wars, eight years is certainly a long time to wait and it feels surreal to say... Read more

Video for Tower 57 Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 With XPA Support

Tower 57 Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 With XPA Support

Hello! I'd like to tell you a bit about Tower 57, a new Xbox One and Windows 10 co-op twin-stick shooter that supports Xbox Play Anywhere. Like many of you, we were raised on Amiga games; the ones that challenged your imagination and tested your gaming skills. ​Tower 57​ aims to capture those elements that made those games great, but also take them to another level. Think retro on the outside, but modern, well-crafted machinery on the inside. Not a blast from the past, but rather a modern take on a great formula. Now, imagine being lost in a steampunk-themed tower-like fortress full of threats straight from campy sci-fi stories. Some of these enemies have tentacles, others with... Read more

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Riptide GP: Renegade is Available Now on Xbox One and Windows 10

We here at Vector Unit are proud to announce that our latest game, Riptide GP: Renegade, is available now on Xbox One and Windows 10 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title. We're especially excited to bring this game to Xbox One. Back in 2010 we released our studio's very first game, Hydro Thunder Hurricane, as an Xbox 360 Summer of Arcade exclusive, and in many ways Renegade is the culmination of work that started way back then. When we signed up to develop a sequel to the classic Hydro Thunder in 2009, we knew that none of the game engines available back then would be able to handle the advanced dynamic water physics and fast framerates that a next-gen speedboat arcade racing game would... Read more

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Announcing Graveyard Keeper, Lazy Bear Games Follow-up to Punch Club

I'd like to introduce you to Graveyard Keeper, the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management simulator you'll play this year. In our game, you can build and manage your own graveyard, find ways to cut costs, expand into witch-burning festival entertainment, and scare villagers into attending church to name just a few of your ventures. You must do whatever it takes to build a thriving business in this capitalism economy; it just happens to be a graveyard. During your cemetery management, you'll face many ethical dilemmas. Do you want to spend money on proper hotdog meat for the festival when you have so many resources lying around, resources that will allow you to craft new items that... Read more

Video for Five Secrets for Success in the Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta

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Five Secrets for Success in the Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta

The Santa Blanca drug cartel may have seized control of Bolivia, but you and an elite team of soldiers will soon have a preview of what it takes to break the cartel's grip over the country when the Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta begins today, February 23, on Xbox One. In addition to the content featured in the closed beta, the Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta includes five additional story missions and an entirely new province called Montuyoc. This is the same province where the Santa Blanca trains its soldiers, so while you may have thought rescuing Bolivian rebels in the closed beta's Itacua province was tough, Montuyoc might give you and your squad a little more trouble. With that... Read more

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Hack Your Fears in >observer_ for Xbox One

Mind hacking, abuse of power, fear of technology, devaluation of humanity -- these are only a handful of ideas for a horror game in a cyberpunk universe, and they all found their way into our new game, >observer_. When we decided to create a cyberpunk horror game, we knew we needed to create something unique, yet familiar. We began with the concept of our dystopian future, a corporatocracy of high technology reserved exclusively for the ruling elite, and flavored it with 80s and 90s references from Eastern European culture and architecture. Instead of setting the game in glistening skyscrapers and corporate pyramids, we decided to begin in a crumbling tenement building, reserved for... Read more

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Gigantic’s Eternal Dawn Update is Now Available

Calling all heroes! Gigantic’s Open Beta gets a gigantic update this week with new ways for you to approach the battlefield. The Eternal Dawn update continues to expand and polish the game with new fixes, new features, and a brand-new hero joining the lineup: the melee-support goddess, Zandora. The best part is that both the game and all the latest updates are available for free in the Windows 10 Store and Xbox Live Marketplace, where you can grab the game, party up and play cross-platform with your friends across the console and PC. No matter your background in gaming, Gigantic has a hero and style that fits how you approach the competitive arena. Whether you come from traditional... Read more

Video for Ruiner Brings Brutal Cyberpunk Combat to Xbox One and Windows 10

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Ruiner Brings Brutal Cyberpunk Combat to Xbox One and Windows 10

I'm happy to announce that Ruiner is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Play Anywhere support! This is great news for us to share because most of the comments and messages we’ve received about Ruiner were about a console release. Now you know. We just hope you won’t lose interest in the game now that the word is out… Ruiner has come a long way from where we started and we couldn’t be happier with where we're at now. We thought we’d make a 2D game, but couldn’t resist the immersive 3D environments. We started as a six-person team, now we’re almost 20. We intended to fund via Kickstarter and self-publish, but eventually decided to focus on the game and not the... Read more

Gears Pro Circuit Atlantic City Open SMALLGears Pro Circuit Atlantic City Open Events

Announcing the Gears Pro Circuit Atlantic City Open Presented by Caesars Entertainment

Xbox and The Coalition are proud to announce the first-ever Gears Pro Circuit Atlantic City Open presented by Caesars Entertainment, in association with Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC). The $200,000 Gears of War 4 Open LAN event will be the first of its kind in Atlantic City and will be hosted at one of the East Coast leading casino-hotel destinations – Caesars Atlantic City, New Jersey – from Friday, March 31st through to Sunday, April 2nd. This 48+ team event welcomes both amateur and professional Gears of War 4 players from North America and around the world. Top teams from North America, Latin America, and Europe can qualify for pool play and travel coverage, with... Read more

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Learn About Ooblets, an Upcoming Farming RPG for Xbox One and Windows 10

Hello! Most of you probably haven’t heard of us or our game yet, so I thought I’d tell you a bit about what Ooblets is, our upcoming game with full Xbox Play Anywhere and Cross Play support, and a little bit about ourselves too! My name is Rebecca and I’m the lead (and only) programmer on Ooblets. I’m also the lead artist. I don’t sleep much. I’ve got the rest of the team here, so I’ll let them introduce themselves one by one: “Hi, I’m Ben.” That’s everyone. Ben is our Chief Napping Officer and Game Designer. Our studio, Glumberland, is just a fancy name for the two of us goobers in pajamas making Ooblets out of our little apartment. What is... Read more

Video for Spring Into March’s Games with Gold Lineup

Spring Into March’s Games with Gold Lineup

Welcome to another month of Games with Gold! We have four exciting new games for you to add to your library in March: two Xbox One and two Xbox 360 games that can be played through Backward Compatibility. Starting off in March on Xbox One is the first-person psychedelic horror game Layers of Fear, followed by E3 2014 "Game of Show" Evolve Ultimate Edition. Then on Xbox 360, and on Xbox One through Backward Compatibility, is the classic first-person shooter Borderlands 2 and the action arcade game Heavy Weapon. All games will be available for a limited time only as part of Games with Gold (see below for specific dates of availability), so get Xbox Live Gold now to get in on the... Read more

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Lightfield’s “No Limits” Racing is Coming Soon to Xbox One

After more than three years in development, from the first weekend prototype to this fully featured game, it's my great pleasure to finally announce Lightfield for Xbox One. I admit, the "no limits" headline might seem a bit bold, but let me explain how this idea of no limits or no boundaries permeated the whole project from its start until now. Our story begins on a weekend three to four years ago, working on an idea inspired by the game Slipstream 5000 from 1995. We wanted to try a flying/racing crossover and quickly arrived at a prototype where you could fly around freely and align the ship to any surface. We kind of stumbled on it by accident, but soon realized that this flying... Read more

Video for Halo Wars 2 Launches Worldwide on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC

Halo Wars 2 Launches Worldwide on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC

“28 years, professor…” Though it may not have really been 28 years since Halo Wars, eight years is certainly a long time to wait and it feels surreal to say this: Halo Wars 2 is launching worldwide today on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC! On behalf of the Strategy Games team inside 343 Industries, we’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work on Halo Wars 2 and for the patience of fans who waited so long to get their “ALL UNITS” on again. We want to thank our partners at Creative Assembly for their deep respect to the Halo universe and for challenging us to expand on that universe. We also couldn’t have done this without Blur Studios and their ability to see Halo... Read more

Zombie Vikings Small ImageZombie Vikings Large Image Games

Zombie Vikings Are Invading Xbox One

You know those nights hanging out in your living room, eating pizza and going crazy about some game with your friends? That’s the image we had in mind when we created Zombie Vikings. During the development, we called it a pizza-and-beer game. That should be an official genre, right? But remember, you can also drink soda! Totally fine. Zombie Vikings is a co-op brawler for up to four players. Team up with Caw-Kaa, Hedgy, Gunborg, and Seagurd -- all recently reanimated -- and go on a quest to find Odin’s eye, which has been snatched by the gods own trickster Loki. Oh, and there are also cats with cute little bows. Your journey takes place in the twisted universe that is Norse... Read more

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Full Metal Furies Announced for Xbox One and Windows 10

Hello everyone! After three long years of sweat and toil, we’re finally throwing the veil off our new game Full Metal Furies. Our follow-up to Rogue Legacy is a brand-new action-packed brawler that we’ve been itching to show the world, and we're incredibly excited to be teaming up with Microsoft to launch it on Xbox One and Windows 10 with full Xbox Play Anywhere and Cross Play support! But wait, you’re probably thinking, “What the heck is Full Metal Furies?” If you haven’t seen the trailer (see above), Full Metal Furies is an RPG-laden action brawler for up to four players. But the brawler formula is a little outdated, made for a time when arcade machines guzzled... Read more

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