Rocket League Rockets Onto Xbox One

We hope you weren’t doing anything important with all those hours in your day, because Psyonix’s “soccer-meets-driving” multiplayer extravaganza Rocket League has made its Xbox One debut today and it is glorious. Ever wanted to play soccer, as a car, that’s wearing a hat, and driving up walls, and flipping all over the place with crazy rocket boosts? How about doing all that in a Halo– or Gears of War– or Sunset Overdrive-themed car? Well, we’re happy to say that your wish has been granted.

The long-awaited Xbox One version of Rocket League – already a big hit on Windows PC – was made possible by co-developer Panic Button Games and the ID@Xbox self-publishing program. For a mere $19.99, you get the base game, along with three awesome downloadable content packs: Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run.

And that’s in addition to the aforementioned selection of exclusive Xbox-themed customization items. Here’s the full list:


Halo HogSticker (an alternate version of the Warthog)

Gears of War Armadillo (the famed Armored Personnel Carrier)


Gears of War – Armadillo

Gears of War – COG

Halo – Puma


Gears of War – COG Symbol

Gears of War – COG Tag

Gears of War – Locust

Halo – Guilty Spark

Halo – Insurrection Rebels

Halo – New Mombasa Cavaliers

Halo – Swords of Sanghelios

Sunset Overdrive – Fizzie

Rocket Trails

Gears of War – Imulsion

Sunset Overdrive – OverCharge

All in all, the Xbox One version of Rocket League feature 18 Battle-Cars, more than 400 different customization items, six maps (all with multiple game mode variants), and a ton of online and local multiplayer options. And if you’re feeling especially nostalgic, you can even pick up the “Back to the Future” Car Pack for just $1.99, which gets you a sweet in-game DeLorean Battle-Car.

Rocket League is a critically acclaimed masterpiece and an insane multiplayer phenomenon, with a community of more than 11 million dedicated players. It was one of the biggest hits of 2015, and we’re proud to bring it to you on Xbox One. So grab your copy today, get out there, and turbo-dash into some giant soccer balls!