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Recognizing Your Great Feedback During 1811 and All Year

Hello Xbox Insiders!

From the entire Xbox Insider team to you, thank you for everything you do to help make Xbox and the Xbox Insider Program even better. Earlier this week, Team Xbox made the 1811 build available to the public, and we could not have done it without your feedback. Throughout the year, Xbox Insiders across the globe have helped shape exciting new features like Voice Skills, Avatars, and Mouse + Keyboard support.

As a way of saying thank you for all you’ve done, we’re awarding 50 XP to Xbox Insiders who have provided actionable feedback that directly helped us improve 1811. Did you file great feedback during the 1811 Preview window? We’ll be sending out system messages to those of you who went above and beyond, and we’ll be awarding XP within the Xbox Insider Hub over the course of the day.


So what makes for helpful feedback? Check out this video we created that guides you through the “Report a problem” flow and feedback process.

To summarize: The more details you share in your report, the better prepared we are to go investigate the issue.

What are some things that will most help us in our investigations?

  • The name of the game/app
  • Clear steps that you took to hit the issue
  • Any error codes you may have experienced
  • Specific settings you were using (i.e. Dolby Atmos for audio issues)


One more thing to keep in mind: Please do not put personal information in your report. While we review every single piece of feedback that comes in, we would ask that for immediate issues, you follow the support process as outlined at


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