Introducing the New ID@Xbox Blog

Hello everyone!

We’re stoked to have the ID@Xbox blog here in its new home, as part of Xbox Wire! The ID@Xbox blog has been in operation since the beginning of 2014, with many contributors and an awesome variety of content along the way. We’re grateful to everyone involved for sharing their stories and helping build a great community resource! Joining up with Xbox Wire gives us a great way to be part of unified news source for independently developed games on Xbox. You can head directly to the ID@Xbox blog from the navigation bar above or by heading directly to the blog’s URL:

Developer posts, interviews, and much more, will now be easily accessible and in the same place as all of your other official Xbox news! Giving creators and their games the spotlight has always been our main goal of the ID@Xbox blog, and now we’re going to be doing that on a whole new scale!

We’ll be republishing some of our classic content, like the “Getting to Know ID” series and other cool articles from our back catalog, but the bulk of the content from the old site will be archived. And by “archived” we mean like Raiders of the Lost Ark style archiving… Seriously, though, we’ll republish some cool bits from the archive from time to time.

Thanks to everyone for your support so far and thanks to the Xbox Wire crew for letting us crash their party! We’re excited to bring you lots of great new stuff from the world of independent developers here!