Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Closed Beta Details and Post-Launch Plans Revealed

The October 4 launch of Ghost Recon Breakpoint on Xbox One is drawing closer, and eager players can start exploring the Auroa archipelago ahead of schedule in the closed beta. Running from September 5 through September 8, the Ghost Recon Breakpoint closed beta is a chance to venture into several regions of Auroa – alone or in co-op with up to four players – and take on two main campaign missions, as well as a number of side missions (including eight new Faction Missions per day). You’ll also be able to enter special Drone Areas to test your skills against some of Auroa’s heavily armed combat drones, including car-sized Aamons, tank-like Behemoths, and swarms of flying Murmurs.

Eligible players – which include those who pre-order Ghost Recon Breakpoint, as well as online technical test participants and randomly selected players who register at – can preload the closed beta on Xbox One starting now.

The closed beta will also be a chance to participate in Man Down, an in-game charity event to benefit Child’s Play. To join, team up with other players in co-op, and revive your comrades when they fall. The more players participate in Man Down, the more Ubisoft will donate (which makes the Field Medic class – with its unique ability to instantly revive downed teammates with a drone – an especially altruistic choice).

In addition to the closed beta, make sure you check out the post-launch roadmap for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Year 1 will unfold across three episodes, which will begin every four months. The first episode, Operation Greenstone, shares its name with the main story campaign, and will include:

  • The Project Titan Raid, a replayable endgame challenge that lets players explore an active volcano and push their skills to the limit alongside their co-op squadmates
  • A new class, Engineer, which specializes in hacking
  • A special Terminator live event that will last for one month
  • Updates to the PVP Ghost War mode, including new maps tailored to competitive play
  • New Faction Missions, which include story-driven missions as well as new daily missions

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Each subsequent episode will introduce new story-driven adventures, as well as new raids, special events, classes, Faction Missions, PVP updates, and other new content. It all begins with Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s launch on October 4 – or with early access on October 1, if you pre-order the Gold or Ultimate Editions. Auroa is a huge world filled with danger and mystery, so gear up and get ready to deploy.