Trove - Turkeytopia

Turkeytopia: Come Dine with Us in Trove

We’d love to invite you for 14 days and nights of fine dining, mayhem and adventure as Trove is entering Turkeytopia!

Qubesly’s family recipe has been stolen, and he needs your help to recover it. Slice your way through six unique quests on offer during this two-week event to unlock new allies, uncover the mystery of the Turkeytopia Cornucopia and munch on delicious Turkofu.

Trove - Turkeytopia

The dreaded Dream Gobblers have invaded the world of Trove. These turkeys, with a little judicious application of force, drop Turkofu which you can use to make Qubesly’s family recipe. Fry them up for a chance at a Turkey Stuffin’ Box, and ride or even fly away blissfully sated!

Add your favorite food, Turkeytopia Cornucopia, to your character’s arsenal to increase your power to new heights. Log in daily for rewards and invite your friends for more than just dinner block-head style!

Trove - Turkeytopia

Keep an eye out for cute, never-before-seen company, or check to see whether old favorites haven’t returned. Cook up a feast to welcome the season in style, or hunt down some chow for a real hero’s or heroine’s meal. Whatever your preference may be, you’ll be perfectly at home for Turkeytopia.

So, no need to feel square out of shape. Cube up and come celebrate with us!

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