Xbox Game Bar Update: Introducing the Resources Widget

As PC gamers, we know that customization and control of your games and your machine is core to the gaming experience. It’s why we’ve continued to evolve Xbox Game Bar and we’re sharing some new tools that help you manage resources and performance without ever leaving your game! Just press Win+G to bring up the Game Bar and check it out.

Performance Management at Your Fingertips

You probably use your PC for more than just games, but when it’s time to play, you want to be sure your games have all the resources they need to perform. Windows has a great ecosystem of tools to monitor performance and resources, but that often means using Alt+Tab to leave your game in the heat of battle.  The Resources widget lets you see which apps are using up system resources, and it also lets you shut them down without leaving your game. The default view makes it quick and easy to identify top offenders, or switch to the advanced view for more details.

Based on gamer feedback, we’ve also updated the Performance widget: It can now accurately monitor GPU Utilization and GPU Memory (VRAM) usage, and you can customize which metrics you track through the widget’s settings.

Find Out if You’re Ready for What’s Next with Xbox Game Bar

Gamers often choose PC because it’s a powerful platform with cutting-edge features. DirectX 12 Ultimate is the new gold standard for the next generation of gaming graphics, delivering immersive gaming experiences and unparalleled performance with features like DirectX Raytracing, Variable Rate Shading, Mesh Shaders and Sampler Feedback. Ready for the future of PC gaming? Check whether your rig is DirectX 12 Ultimate ready with Xbox Game Bar: open Settings and navigate to “Gaming features.”

Stay Connected to your Audience with the New Gamecaster App and Widget

Xbox Game Bar

Never miss a new follower or chat message from your audience again with Gamecaster’s in-game overlay. Powered by Xbox Game Bar, the overlay allows you to pin transparent widgets inside your game to keep track of events and stream chat while live streaming – perfect for streamers with a single-monitor setup. Download it from the Widget Store or the Microsoft Store today.

Maximize Cooling and Performance with the New ASUS Armoury Crate Widget

Xbox Game Bar

ASUS is bringing an update to their Armoury Crate software with an all-new widget for Xbox Game Bar. Players will be able to easily switch HyperFan modes from the widget to make sure their fans are functioning efficiently across 5 different modes, or open the app directly from Xbox Game Bar. To access the widget, players must have the Armoury Crate application installed. Check out the Widget Store for the Armoury Crate widget, coming soon.

Xbox Game Bar Updates Available Starting Today

Thanks to the community for sharing feedback with us – these contributions help us build a better Xbox Game Bar experience. The Resources widget and other Xbox Game Bar updates are available starting today. You can check out the new widgets and features from ASUS and Gamecaster in the widget store, right inside the Xbox Game Bar widget menu. We’ll be back soon with more Xbox Game Bar updates, so stay tuned!