Planet Coaster: Spooky & Adventure Bundle

Planet Coaster: Console Edition Gets Spooktacularly Adventurous with Two New Packs


Just a month ago, we were delighted to be a part of Xbox’s global launch of the Xbox Series X|S on November 10 with the release of Planet Coaster: Console Edition. It was incredible to be a part of the next-generation of gaming from the very first day and we’ve loved seeing your reactions, enthusiasm, and creations since launch.

Today, we’re excited to bring you two brand new DLC Packs, filled with incredible materials for you to make even more amazing parks. You’ll be able to purchase the Spooky & Adventure Bundle which consists of both fantastic content packs, the Spooky Pack, and the Adventure Pack. You can also purchase these individually. These packs bring a total of 5 brand new rides, 2 new entertainers, and over 140 unique blueprints to further bolster your entertainment empires.

First, the Adventure Pack. It features three thrilling new rides. Gold Fever is a tilting, swaying mine cart coaster hurtling guests over and across a curious temple. Starting at the temple’s perimeter, the track climbs high up to its summit before plunging into the interior itself. Here lies a glorious golden serpent waiting to greet them! The coaster is also available as a custom build as well as a blueprint, so you can build it yourself!

Planet Coaster: Spooky & Adventure Bundle

Island Adventure is a high-capacity boat ride designed for large bodies of water. Inspired by classic 1930s steamers used to navigate rivers in uncharted lands, this excursion expertly captures the spirit of intrepid exploration as it charts a course through your custom watery expanse. Take advantage of its transport functionality and ferry guests from one part of your park to another.

Think of Land Ahoy as Island Adventure’s little sister. Rather than taking place on a lake, it travels down its own narrower waterways, which you can populate as you see fit. Add forgotten ruins, airport runways, tangled vines, and even convincing wildlife animatronics in the form of hippos and scorpions!

You can also build an unforgettable jungle-themed escapade with a host of new construction pieces and blueprints. Add paddling hippos and snapping crocs to water rides and watch them come alive, introduce unique moving contraptions such as fire-emitting skulls, spiked floors, and giant chained boulders that roll and crush on a loop – perfect for making obstacle-strewn gauntlets.

Planet Coaster: Spooky & Adventure Bundle

And let’s not forget our new entertainer, Renee Feu. With her bright ginger hair, pilot goggles, and dashing smile ready to greet guests, she’s truly the queen of this jungle. Don’t be put off by her firearm. It only shoots confetti.

Then there’s the Spooky Pack. This pack has been designed to send a chill up the spine! Inside, you’ll find two new dark rides, a raft of new blueprints and construction pieces as well as a brand new spooky entertainer.

The Hoax is a free-spinning haunted house ride capable of fitting even the smallest spaces with its tight track that twists and turns. Anyone scared of the dark will soon discover their fears well founded as they take a trip through eerie libraries where books hover back and forth with menacing mystery, grand ballrooms hosting ghostly waltzes, and ancient crypts crammed with creaking coffins.

Planet Coaster: Spooky & Adventure Bundle

The Huntsman is the second attraction in the Spooky Pack. It’s uniquely constructed to rotate on an axis. This means you can set the car to spin and tilt at set points so its riders will fully face the horrors springing from the shadows. Whatever nasties you decide to fling at your guests, these two scare-stuffed flat rides will make foreboding focal points for your park as guests flock from all over to test their mettle.

In terms of Spooky Pack scenery, every object you could ever need to raise the general level of spookery is included with over 70 new unique blueprints. From convincing animatronics like graves full of maggots, to fully animated haunted house rooms, you can set your frightening imagination free. Position, combine, and intersect foundational objects such as Halloween-themed floors, walls, and entranceways, then deck them out with cobwebs, skeletons, and gnarled vines to turn your park into a horror haven.

King Ghoster is this pack’s very own entertainer. A friendly spirit with a big grin, he even glows in the dark so guests can see him at night. How helpful. He’s not that scary at all really.

Planet Coaster: Spooky & Adventure Bundle

Don’t forget that you can upload anything you create with the materials contained in these packs onto the Frontier Workshop for players across the world to download, so long as they also own the DLC content. Share striking designs in this online creation hub and keep both the adventures and the scares coming!

Planet Coaster: Console Edition is available to purchase on the Xbox Store now and is also available through the Xbox Game Pass.

Planet Coaster: Spooky & Adventure Bundle

Frontier Developments

Your guests are in for a treat with this exciting bundle combining the Spooky Pack and Adventure Pack! It contains five thrilling rides, two new entertainers, and over 150 new unique blueprints to feed your imagination and help you create your all-time epic coaster park. Five New Rides The Hoax is a free-spinning haunted house ride with a tightly twisting track capable of fitting even the smallest spaces. The Huntsman is uniquely designed to rotate on an axis, putting your guests face-to-face with ghouls and ghosts. Island Adventure is a high-capacity boat ride designed for large bodies of water. Land Ahoy is Island Adventure’s little sister, travelling down its own narrow waterways. Gold Fever is a mine cart coaster hurtling guests over and through a curious temple. All-New Scenery New spooky scenery pieces let you transform your parks into sinister sensations and set your frightening imagination free. Design a haven for horror! In addition, adventurous new scenery pieces are perfect for constructing anything from a trap-filled gauntlet to a jungle-themed escape. Unmissable escapades await! Brand New Blueprints Select from a massive assortment of new blueprints to lay down pre-made items instantly. From glorious golden statues to fully animated haunted house rooms, you can mix and match with everything in the base game to build the epic coaster park of your dreams. Two New Entertainers Please welcome the delightfully haunting King Ghoster, and confetti gun-wielding queen of the jungle Renee Feu!