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Mind Scanners, a Retro-Futuristic Psychiatry Sim is Available Today on Xbox Game Pass

Hey there Mind Scanner, welcome to The Structure. Your time has come. Please prepare your treatment devices and proceed to your next patient. As a player, your role in this twisted narrative experience will be to diagnose and treat the citizens of a dystopian society, manage your resources and develop new devices – all to keep the sanity levels in The Structure at bay. There is one thing you will need to remember at all times though – each diagnosis and every patient is your responsibility.

Join The Structure in Its Quest to Eliminate Instanity…

In The Structure, order and efficiency are maintained by severe top-down control. The leaders of this dystopian society believe that an absolute harmony and consistency should be achieved in order to thrive in the only livable city in this world. In pursuit of optimisation, Mind Scanners are hired to perform and eliminate any signs of anomaly. Additionally, anyone who dares to disobey the laws of The Structure will be thrown into The Outer Zone (which is the last place you’d want to be, believe me). This means that in order to get your way, you must, first of all, follow their rules.

It will be your job to scan and treat as many citizens as possible during your workday. Your treatment devices may have an impact on the patient’s mind, but worry not – you will get paid for your work either way. The Structure’s practices are questionable, to say the least and to make things worse – they have your daughter and made the whole dilemma even more personal. Will you dare to stand up for yourself, your daughter and the people?


Or Be Brave and Rise up Against the Machine.

Why would anyone support The Structure and their ambition to control its citizens? Not many do it out of their own free will, and you too have little choice. They have your daughter after all. The easiest way to see her again is simple – do as they say, but if you find The Structure’s practices not aligning with your own moral compass, there are… other options.

All you have to do is find and make new friends that are willing to help. With a government that keeps tabs on all the things you do it’s not that easy of course, but I’m sure you will find a way to success. Not all inhabitants agree with the way things are in their city — it will be your responsibility to report them to The Structure or cleave a way for their schemes. The choice is yours.


Whatever You Decide, You Will Come Equipped.

This metropolis is a technocracy at its core, providing Mind Scanners with a list of efficient devices that are up for purchase as you need them. Each one has its own quirks, so you need to become an expert at improvising during your treatments. No need to worry, it’s all safe and sound! At least that’s what The Structure has to say about it.


Regardless of what you do in this world, I’m sure you will not regret your decisions. Mind Scanners is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC!

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Mind Scanners is a retro-futuristic psychiatry simulation in which you diagnose the citizens of a dystopian metropolis. Locate a host of other-worldly characters and use arcade-style treatment devices to help them. Manage your time and resources to keep The Structure in balance. Decide if you want to keep up the system or go against.