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Hyper Gunsport, One of the Oldest ID@Xbox Games, is Finally Available!

At long last, after eight years in the ID@Xbox program, Hyper Gunsport is finally available! This is Future Millennium Sporting Action!


So What’s Hyper Gunsport?

In a nutshell, it’s cyberpunk volleyball with guns. Teams of two (or one!) must shoot a ball into the opposing team’s goal. The keeper, in the back, can’t move, but has more shot opportunities and a greater aiming range. The Striker, in the front, can move and jump, but has more limited shots. Shoot the ball at the same time and you’ll get a powerful (and speedy!) focus shot. Every time the ball crosses the net it’s worth one additional point, upping the stakes as you play.

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Each of the seven teams has unique special weapons that become available as you play, and each of the seven arenas has a unique gimmick, such as a moving net, or goals that change position. New rulesets like low gravity or turbo mode change the game up even further.

Hyper Gunsport has a story mode for single player or co-op play, and 2v2 or 1v1 couch co-op versus play as well. There are team and stage unlockables, as well as an AI tournament mode to round things out. Oh, and it runs in 4K on Xbox Series S|X!


What Took You So Long?

Well, it’s quite the story! Our company Necrosoft Games was actually at the announcement of the ID@Xbox program in Cologne, Germany, in 2014. We signed our game up at the after party! This means that aside from the titles the program was announced with, Hyper Gunsport was one of the very first ID@Xbox titles ever signed. We then promoted the game on Xbox One kits at GDC 2015, as well as the PAX West ID@Xbox preshow the same year.


Between then and now, a lot has happened – two publishers fell by the wayside, we released a preliminary version on a streaming platform that no longer exists, and the game got canceled (and revived) five times! We’re a multi-title studio, so we were always working on something else alongside Hyper Gunsport, but still, it’s amazing that it’s taken over eight years from signing to final release. Is this the longest an ID@Xbox game has taken from signing to release? It might well be! We probably shouldn’t take pride in it, but it’s certainly a hallmark of a sort.


Future Millennium Sporting Action

Hyper Gunsport was really a labor of love for us. That’s why it’s still coming to Xbox after all these trials, tribulations, and years of effort. We’ve packed the game with accessibility options, over three hours of story, and infinite replayability with couch co-op. We really hope you enjoy your time with the game now that it’s finally out!

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Hyper Gunsport is cyberpunk volleyball with guns – it's all about that hot arcade action! You can play 2v2 or 1v1, with a co-op and single player circuit mode as well. Each of the 7 teams has a light story, unique weapons, and a stage with its own gimmick. As you progress, new rulesets change the game, and there's an unlockable AI mode as well. This is a hardcore action game, but we are hardcore about our accessibility options too, ensuring the game is playable by anyone. Hyper Gunsport is arcade action with fighting game vibes, a pulsing soundtrack, a unique cast of characters, a host of achievements, and unlockables to discover. This is Future Millennium Sporting Action!