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Path of Titans Releases Night Stalker Update – Dinosaurs in the Shroud of Darkness

Attention all dinosaur lovers! Get ready to experience the ultimate ‘play as the dinosaur’ adventure with Path of TitansNight Stalker Update. This open world survival game has expanded the terror of the darkness, but you have a choice: are you the terror, or do you stand up against the dark? The Night Stalker Update introduces thrilling and chaotic night-time gameplay, where you can experience richer and more immersive nights as your dinosaurs master new offensive and defensive abilities specific to the time of day.

The mystique of nighttime in gaming is something near and dear to the founders of Alderon Games.  It’s always an ongoing process balancing the gameplay design elements and ability to be the “scarer” or the scared in jump-scare dinosaur encounters, with all the design decisions involved and learned over the years.  Finding the fair play in the many variables, be it the level of darkness and or illumination, how dark are the shadows of other players in the moonlight against the ground, and other concepts have been part of the studio since the beginning when the co-founders were making the Breaking Point Mod for Arma 3. The Night Stalker Update is an evolution in nighttime gameplay that will continue to evolve as the game moves through Game Preview on Xbox.

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With nine new abilities across over ten  species ranging from ambushing bonuses, poison damage, stacking stamina and damage buffs, enhanced vision underwater, and more, the ecosystem after the sun sets brings new dimensions to the game. This update brings us to seven species getting remodels and new animations in 2023 so far, and includes a large improvement to the questing and party system. The home caves on Gondwa, the large island archipelago map, and Panjura, the large highlands forest map, have also seen game balancing improvements to keep the world moving along in dinosaur paradise.

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The concept of the watering hole in the African wilderness at night has been an underlying inspiration for the team, this update will see the water’s edge become much more hotly contested areas. Sarcosuchus specifically gets the Ambusher skill, which deals increased damage for first attack when out of combat.

With new skills for most swimmers, new bonuses for fishers based on which fish they hunt, and a handful of new additional fish types, such as Catfish, Basilemys, Frogs, and more, the waterfront will come to life day and night. Over 20 NPC critters now roam and swim in the world, with more to come as the immersion into the ancient ecosystem expands.  Be careful as you travel, but be sure to explore Gondwa and find all these new aquatic creatures.

Path of Titans offers over 30 different dinosaur species to choose from, over 100 players per server, and two official maps. Master combat as each species with its unique gameplay, build a home cave, start your own dinosaur pack, and expand your skills and traits. Customize your dinosaur’s appearance with in-game cosmetic skins while roaming the Earth of millions of years ago! And that’s not all; the Modding Community’s creatures and maps are available on community-hosted servers, making the possibilities truly endless.

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And what better way to explore and capture those moments than with a full featured Replay tool, which is also a feature debuting with this update.  The replay tool gives you the ability to record a gameplay session and play it back in real time from a detached cinematic camera, allowing you to capture beautiful footage. You are able to manipulate things like depth of field, field of view, whether the camera automatically follows players, and more!  The replay tool will also work with mods, so be sure to check out the modding page in-game and explore the amazing community content there once this tool is released!  This will be released soon after the Update goes live on Xbox, keep your eyes open for the launch announcement.  The team can’t wait to see the machinima and memes, so go ahead and tag @PathofTitans on socials so we can take a look.

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A blog wouldn’t be complete without showing off the updated textures and animations for some of our dinosaurs! Campto has a new escape sprint animation you’ll want to experience yourself.  The Alioramus, Suchomimus, Camptosaurus, and Latenivenatrix all have had improvements, check out the updated models below:

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The Night Stalker Update introduces several new abilities for different species, including Night Stalker, Call of the Night Terrors, Night Hunter, Twilight Menace, Putrid Scales, Ambusher, Nictitating Membrane, Rough Scales, and Solar Powered. These abilities offer unique advantages to each species, not visible until in combat so always approach with caution. We’ll take a moment to point out the Solar Powered ability for Stegosaurus, based on some research about how the Stego used those giant plates on it’s back to regulate body temperature. We’re very excited to let you explore the concept in game.  How do these new abilities and features affect gameplay for different dinosaur species? With 30 species of playable characters so far, and more on the way, and with each species having five stages of growth, the concept of balance takes inspiration from Mother Nature. The natural world provides various advantages and disadvantages to each playable character, it’s left up to you the gamer, to find a niche and not just grow your dinos, but find out how to thrive within the multiplayer experiences and chance encounters that emerge every time you jump into a new session.  ‘Be the Dinosaur’ is what you make of it.

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Plus, here’s a quick look at the upcoming updates we have in store after Night Stalker,:

  • Combat updates
  • Area of effect attacks
  • Improvements and balancing to Bleed, Venom, Bone Break, and related stamina effects. 
  • Continued development of the all original in-game music
  • unique soundtracks for each point of interest in the map
  • Reactive music that scales as the combat intensifies. 
  • Continued expansion and refinements of Gondwa
  • Release of Questgiver NPCs

We’d like to also announce the opening of the Path of Titans Official Xbox Fan Club. To join up, follow these steps. So, are you ready to enter the world of Path of Titans and rule these lands? Fight, survive, and master combat in PvP and PvE, ranking up your skill slots, completing side quests, and outwitting the competition. Join the ranks of the ultimate apex predator with Path of Titans. Experience the ultimate ‘play as the dinosaur’ adventure today!

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This game is a work in progress. It may or may not change over time or release as a final product. Purchase only if you are comfortable with the current state of the unfinished game. – You've never experienced a dinosaur adventure like this before! Path of Titans is an open-world dinosaur sandbox MMO adventure with 25+ dinosaur species inhabiting the realms of the Titans. With amazing graphics including over 100,000 variations of cosmetic skins, unique traits and skills for each dinosaur subspecies, the newly revealed islands of Gondwa map and available to play today, get ready to be transported to endless adventures wherever your dinosaur imagination takes you. Explore your Jurassic Era dinosaurs as you level up species with your friends, and discover even more Community Mods' creatures and maps available today. Survive, explore, fight and thrive PvP and PvE while ranking up your skill slots, side questing, and customizing glorious cosmetic skins through the islands of Gondwa and highlands of Panjura! Baby dinosaurs start off your adventure, learn to explore, master combat, make friends, join a herd or survive solo, hunt, fish, graze, defend resources, say just one more side quest tonight, build a home cave, start your own dinosaur family with your new baby characters or your friends’ babies, and expand your skills, traits, ingame cosmetic skins while roaming the Earth of millions of years ago! Dinosaurs rule these lands, and now you can enter their world! With more Official dinosaurs and Community Mods on the way, the question today… which dinosaur will you take your first steps with on the Path of Titans? – Full details on the latest status of the game, how you can give feedback and report issues can be found at