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Taking Gravity for Granted? Not for Long. Heavenly Bodies is Out Now on Xbox

Hey there! Alex here–one of the developers on Heavenly Bodies; a game about physics, the body, and the absence of gravity.

Today I’m here to give the news we’ve been dreaming to share for a long time now. That’s right, our beloved, immensely frustrating zero-g body simulator is out now on Xbox! Helmets on, gloves on. It’s time to go to space.

For those familiar with Heavenly Bodies, you already know what to do. But for the fresh recruits out there, allow me to brief you on what to expect aboard our rickety space station orbiting earth.

Heavenly Bodies screenshot

Gravity Isn’t Here to Save You, so Hold On!

At its core, Heavenly Bodies is a game about moving a body in space. You’ll manipulate the hands, arms and legs of a weightless cosmonaut to push and pull yourself through a vast space station where, for better or worse, every object is at the mercy of Newtonian physics.

While it may sound straightforward enough, do not be fooled. Astronauts train for years before taking to the skies, but you’ll have about five minutes before being tasked to unwind solar panels, assemble space telescopes and extract samples from asteroids using specialised equipment.

Things may be tough to begin with, but patience is key. Keep a cool head, read the manual, and soon you’ll be gliding down the halls like a seasoned professional.

Heavenly Bodies space station

Keep a Cool Head, and Bring a Friend

Things can get lonely out in space, but thankfully you don’t have to travel alone. Heavenly Bodies is best enjoyed as a local co-op experience, and each of the seven missions (and DLC) can be played with up to four players.

So bring around a friend (or three) and use your loving cooperative nature to get the job done. Or… just blow each other out the airlock. It’s your choice.

Heavenly Bodies tether

DLC From Day One

If the Heavenly Bodies base game simply isn’t enough, you’re in luck! The Cleanup DLC is also available and contains a huge amount of additional challenging gameplay. Also a special mention to our personal favourite addition – the Piloted Manoeuvring Unit (PMU).

Heavenly Bodies capsule

Thanks so much to all of our wonderful followers for being so patient with the launch. We’re delighted to have Heavenly Bodies out on Xbox and know it’ll be worth the wait!

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Heavenly Bodies

2pt Interactive

Discover the ever-changing nuances of weightless motion in this challenging physics game. Wrangle control of your cosmonaut’s arms with the left and right thumbsticks to push, pull, and clamber through fully physically simulated scenarios aboard a scientific research station. You have been entrusted to bring into operation Earth’s proudest feat of engineering. With only radio contact with mission control as your aid, you will have to use your sharp mind and dexterous limbs to assemble space telescopes, maintain delicate solar arrays and research cosmic botany. But without gravity, nothing is still, nothing is secure, and nothing is simple.