DuckD key art

Use Your Powers of De-duck-tion in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami


  • Duck Detective: The Secret Salami is coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and the Windows Store.
  • Interrogate suspects and pilfer evidence to find clues and quack the case!
  • Two to three hours of light-hearted narrative adventure mystery.
  • Fully voice-acted cast of eccentric suspects to inspect and interrogate.

Solving crime is no walk in the pond.

We’re very excited to announce that Duck Detective: The Secret Salami is coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and the Windows Store! Duck Detective is Aggretsuko meets Return of the Obra Dinn, in a cozy mystery setting where a down-on-his-luck duck is tasked with exposing a sinister sausage-based conspiracy.

DuckD screenshot

You play as Eugene McQuacklin, part-time private investigator, full-time duck. As a recent divorcee and ex-police detective, you must use your supreme powers of deduc(k)tion to save your ailing career and maybe, just maybe, pay next month’s rent.

DuckD screenshot

Our small team at Happy Broccoli Games have been greatly inspired by the classic Agatha Christie novels. While they take a darker and more suspenseful approach, we wanted to create something that would keep you guessing as much as it will make you smile. It has been fantastic fun for our team to write such an energetic and twisty tale. A pompous detective, mismatched characters, and cramped environment, all mixed together surely makes for a big hoot!

DuckD screenshot

    Justice is a dish best served at the bottom of a pond. And you’re sure to get your flippers wet when it comes to the case of The Secret Salami.

    We are very much looking forward to having all you detectives quack the case on release! We don’t have a firm date just yet, but we’ll work hard to get it in your hands as quackly as possible. Please look forward to more puns and more fun when the game launches on Xbox!