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Magical Felines Collide in Strategy Deckbuilder Spellcats, Launching May 17


  • A magical roguelike deckbuilder where strategy is king and cats are the pawns.
  • Innovative card gameplay featuring a diverse deck of 100 unique magical cats.
  • Enchanting narrative set in a world where cats wield elemental powers.

Experience a magical convergence of strategy and chance in Spellcats, where mystical felines rule and tactics triumph. In this innovative roguelike deckbuilder, you are the catalyst in a spellbound world dominated by a group of humans called Nekocasters. Dare to venture into mysterious dungeons and the shadowy lairs where you must use your strategic skills to overcome your adversaries and free your four-legged siblings. Traverse mysterious dungeons, make card combos, and free your companions combining cards and cats.

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As the Only Cat with Free Will, You are the Hope for Your Species.

Harness the raw power of over 100 diverse cat cards. Each cat comes to life with extraordinary abilities, from the stealthy Alley Pouncer to the majestic Thunderclaw. Build your deck with a mix of tactical prowess and random fortune, ensuring each dungeon run is filled with thrilling unpredictability.

Spellcats deck

Five Elements, Twenty Amulets, and Endless Meows

Spellcats also offers a unique gaming experience with five different elements: Water, Electricity, Fire, Ice, and Earth, each with its unique gameplay style that enriches the player’s experience through a myriad of mystical landscapes. Additionally, over 20 amulets await to be discovered and used. These will enhance the army of kittens and give an advantage in battles.

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Strategy and Magic Combined in a Unique Rogueline Card Game

Empower your journey with unique trinkets, each adding layers of depth to your strategic maneuvers. These artifacts are imbued with capabilities that amplify your feline summons, turning the tide of battles. Dive into the heart of darkness and light in Spellcats, where each play is a step towards liberation or doom. The fate of the Nekos rests upon your shoulders—will you rise as their savior, or will the shadows of Nekocasters eclipse the land forever? Prepare to cast, conquer, and ascend in this enchanting saga of survival and sorcery, launching this May. Are you ready to unleash the true power of the paw?

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Spellcats: Auto Card Tactics


Calling all cat lovers and card game aficionados! Step into the paws of the only sentient feline in a human-dominated world. Gifted with the extraordinary magic power to summon other cats, you alone hold the key to freeing your kind. Fight the Nekocasters, a cadre of humans exploiting innocent 'Nekos' for their own nefarious gains, serving a greater evil. Embark on an enchanting journey through mysterious dungeons, the grim lairs of the Nekocasters. Outplay your adversaries with a powerful combo of summoned kittens. As the world's only self-aware cat, uncover the mystery behind your origins. Are you the product of an ancient spell, a botched experiment, or something more profound? This vibrant, cat-filled world teems with secrets waiting to be unraveled. Brave through the perilous dungeons, outsmart the cunning Nekocasters, and liberate your feline brethren in 'Spellcats'. The future of the Nekos rests in your paws. A Vibrant Deck of 60 Diverse Cats Experience the excitement of collecting and summoning a wide variety of magical cats, each with their own unique abilities. Use these feline allies strategically to overcome challenges and vanquish enemies. From a small alley kitten to a majestic mountain cat (literally a mountain), the power of these cats will be at your command! Five Elements with Unique Gameplay Dive into the diverse mechanics of five unique elements: Water, Electric, Fire, Ice, and Earth. Each element offers a distinct playstyle that adds to the richness of the gameplay. The strategy you employ is entirely up to you! Roguelike Trinkets Discover and utilize over 20 unique trinkets to enhance your gameplay experience. These powerful items can power up your kitten army, granting them new abilities or augmenting their existing ones, giving you the upper hand in battles. Each trinket's unique effect adds an extra layer of strategy to your dungeon runs, ensuring that no two playthroughs are the same.