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New Vendor Rewards and New Episodes Coming Soon to DC Universe Online on Xbox One

Justice League Dark, the recent DC Universe Online event and episode on Xbox One, is getting a bit more treacherous. We’ve added Shadow Golem, a new giant creature lurking in Chaos Gotham. Defeat him if you can for a chance to earn your very own Orbital Strike trinket.

There are also new Justice League Dark rewards on the episode vendor. We recently added a Magician’s shirt and hair style, Clairvoyant’s circlet, Mystical Ankh of Nabu, and Pulse Material. With the addition of Shadow Golem, we’ve added two additional items: a Shadow Haunted Flames Accessory and a Henchmen Uplink Device: Shadow Henchmen. There are even more items planned for the very near future!

Players on Xbox One can face fearsome magic today in Episode 34: Justice League Dark. Full access to the episode is free for players with active memberships or available for purchase in the in-game marketplace. The limited-time event portion of the episode will be available free to all Xbox One players level 10 and above until our next episode releases.

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Speaking of new content and episodes, we announced live at San Diego Comic-Con that two new episodes are coming later this year. Get ready to descend into the dark multiverse later this year with Episode 35: Metal Part I in September and Episode 36: Metal Part II in December.

Metal reveals the Dark Multiverse – terrifying alternative universes where Batman has fallen to evil. If you thought Owl Man of the Crime Syndicate was scary, you better prepare yourself for the Batman Who Laughs.

Metal Part I & II will feature DC characters like The Red Death, The Merciless, Bat-God Barbatos, and The Batman Who Laughs from “Dark Nights: Metal” comic series.

New to DCUO or just looking to dive back in? We’ve got you covered! You can download DCUO for free from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One (Xbox Live Gold subscription required). Once you start the game, choose your morality and mentor, then your power, weapon, and movement to use in battle. After that go ahead and create and customize your unique character then start your adventures in the iconic DC Universe!

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