The Wild at Heart

Too Much ID@Xbox Indie Goodness at PAX East 2020

Do you like independent games? Are you going to PAX East? Well great news: we have canvassed our ID@Xbox developers to find out what some of them are showing there! There’s just too much great stuff to be believed. So, make sure to print out this handy list and take it with you as you roam the halls in Boston!

  • Decoy Games will be showing their new multiplayer underwater shooter Swimsanity at booth 25076
  • Whitethorn Digital is showing a bunch of cool titles, including the ultimate cat fantasy game Calico, supernatural bath house extravaganza Onsen Master, and lots more. Check them out at the Whitethorn booth, 28035, and the Indie Megabooth. They’ll also be at the Made in MA party in District Hall Thursday night with a playable demo of Starcrossed.
  • Way Forward is showcasing the frenetic beat-‘em-up River City Girls and indie platformer Shantae and the Seven Sirens at Booth 26011.
  • Retrosoft Studios has their 2D arcade style wrestling game Retromania Wrestling, the sequel to 1991 classic Wrestlefest, at booth 29077. Catch WWE wrestler Brian (the Blue Meanie) Heffron hanging out Friday and Saturday.
  • Solo dev Gwen Frey is showing her wonderfully weird narrative 3D puzzle game Kine, about machines that want to become musicians, at the Indie Megabooth.
  • Blowfish Studios will be at Booth 29044, showing a range of games, including survival horror spectacular Infliction: Extended Cut and newly announced Yestermorrow a single-player 2D time traveling platformer.
Lonely Mountain Downhill
  • Thunderful Games shows their addictive and creatively rendered mountain biking game Lonely Mountains Downhill at booth 26017.
  • Jackbox Games will have a contingent at PAX East on level 1 all weekend, where you can test out new games in The Jackbox Party Pack 6 and get a chance to win a Jackbox character pin. They’ll also showcase The Jackbox games at the Jackbox Party Panel, featuring special guests at 6:30 Thursday night in the Albatross Theatre.
Jackbox Party Pack 6
  • Hitcents is bringing indie game developer Andrew Smith’s neon-drenched parkour rogue-lite FPS Get to the Orange Door. Check out the demo at booth 27034.
  • Screenwave Media Games will be showcasing their award-winning platformer Eagle Island, as well as Iron Meat, and The Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe at booth 30017.
  • Flarb recently launched 90s style pinball game Demon’s Tilt on Xbox One. You can check out the game in the Voodoo Ranger Lounge and grab a Voodoo Ranger brew at the same time (drink responsibly – play with abandon!).
It Came From Space and Ate Our Brains
  • All In! Games is featuring six games at booth 23017, including the isometric RPG fave Alaloth, crazy couch co-op Tools Up! and arcade shooter It Came from Space and Ate Our Brains.
  • Wired is showing Deliver Us to the Moon, Those Who Remain, and Aviici Invector at Booth 29051. They’re also highlighting the new Mancer order for their unique aerial combat fantasy The Falconeer.
  • Mixtvision is showcasing their classic comic-style adventure Minute of Islands at the Indie Megabooth.
The Wild at Heart
  • Moonlight Kids are bringing The Wild at Heart to Indie Megabooth Station 9 February 29 and March 1.
  • Triple-I is showing Hindsight 20/20, a unique action-adventure with morality decisions, selected for PAX Rising, at booth 29206.
  • QAG is bringing five ID@Xbox titles to the show floor, at booth 27077. You can demo bouncy dungeon crawler Roundguard, color-powered twin stick shooter #Funtime and handful of other awesome titles.
Hazel Sky
  • At booth 30051 Another Indie is showcasing a host of games coming to Xbox, including the richly realized adventure game Hazel Sky, and the Lovecraft-inspired Elden: Path of the Forgotten
  • Studio Zevere is unveiling a new demo of She Dreams Elsewhere in the Indie Megabooth.
  • Cyberpunk turf wars erupt in Mecha Studios’ 80s sci-fi action-adventure Neon City Riders at booths 30026 and 29026.
  • Neko Ghost, Jump! is a 2D/3D puzzle platformer from Burgos Games, showing at PAX Rising.
  • Ybsyrd Games roguelike horror RPG World of Horror, coming to Xbox Game Preview and PC Game Pass, will be playable at booth 24035.
  • Another PAX Rising selection, Bomb Shelter Games’ horror-tinged underwater metroidvania Depths of Sanity, shows off a new demo at booth 18067.
  • Luminawesome anticipates the Xbox launch of their unique power struggle game Lumote later this year, with a playable demo in the Indie Megabooth.
  • Lightning Rod Games’ creative puzzle game A Fold Apart is porting to Xbox soon, and is playable in the Indie Megabooth.

Lots to see and play at PAX East this year! Have fun indie gaming!