Pile Up! Box by Box

Pile Up! Box by Box Available Now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Pile Up! Box by Box is a ridiculously funny, family-friendly couch co-op platformer that’s available now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! Pile Up is one of the cutest games out there, all in all very wholesome, non-violent, and ideal for the casual party game fan that does not like cooking games.

But what’s it all about?

Pile Up! Box by Box will take you on a trip to cardboard world, where you help the Boxlings solve fun environmental puzzles alone or with up to four players. Color has left the box world and only solidarity and teamwork can save the Boxlings from eternal shades of grey. You must unravel the mystery while solving puzzles and quests as a team in your own unique way! Explore a colorful world made entirely of cardboard together, as you visit the friendly citizens of sun-baked islands, amber forests, and vibrant caves!

Pile Up! Box by Box

Did you know that paper bats need lightbulbs for their cinema?

The levels in Pile Up are lovingly handcrafted and they look like it! The cute papercraft style has already won over countless players. Each level with its own theme and goal to complete: Get the cinema running, rescue frog-babies, or find the costumes for the kiwi musical. New mechanics are added in each level, too, so the proceedings never get boring or too repetitive.

Leave no box behind!

You can play alone, but the game is meant to be played with friends and family! Friends can instantly hop on a game and the difficulty will adapt instantly and accordingly. Although you might experience a lot of laughing and giggling from your side and some nudges and screaming from your friend’s side as you playingly undermine their delicate plans to finally get that pesky roll of scotch tape from the top of the cardboard tree.

Pile Up! Box by Box

The game is refreshingly free of violence and includes no real danger. Thus, it can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. No violence does not equal no action — it’s all about having fun and fooling around with the papercraft environment and, of course, with your fellow Boxlings.

Play together, stick together, think together, and pile up today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

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Pile Up! Box by Box


Pile Up! ticks all the right boxes as a family-friendly cooperative 3D platformer! Jump up, slide down, play together and carry the load! Coordinate with your friends or rely on your own creativity to navigate cardboard worlds full of uniquely joyful levels. Unfold mysteries, solve puzzles and quests as a team and visit the friendly citizens of sun-baked islands, amber forests, and vibrant caves. Or maybe just kick-back and challenge your friends in action-packed rounds of Boxball, Pile of Dunk or Tic Pile Toe? Play together, stick together, think together – and pile up! FEATURES GO ON AN ADVENTURE Explore colorful cardboard worlds in this cute 3D platformer. Find your way through open-ended levels, uncover mysteries and bring joy to the cardboard inhabitants of these places. LOCAL MULTIPLAYER Play with your friends up to 4 players! Drop-in and out at any time with dynamic challenge rescaling. A GAME FOR EVERYONE Anybody can play Pile Up! The game has simple controls, no punishment for failure, a chill-pacing, very few time pressure and remember that teammates can always help each others! TEAM WORK Cooperate to progress! It is all about communication and organisation. Share the tasks, synchronize your moves and carry each other to overcome the challenges. MINIGAME FRENZY Face your friends in frantic mini-games, and lead hilariously chaotic battles. For party-game lovers! CREATIVITY IS THE KEY Think outside the box and solve the puzzles your way. There is no unique solution, creativity is the key! Reach to anywhere by building stairs and structures with the boxes you collected. OPTIMIZE YOUR WAY Unlock the timer mode and test your skills at piling up boxes. Find the best path and the quickest way to progress through the worlds.