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New England Mountains Reserve Out Now for theHunter: Call of the Wild


  • Features diverse biomes such as alpine ridges and spruce forests.
  • The Moose joins the Whitetail Deer and Black Bear as the newest Great One.
  • Refined animals include the Moose, Whitetail Deer, and Red Fox.

Available today on the Microsoft Store for both PC and Xbox, the New England Mountains reserve is the 13th and newest location to be added to theHunter: Call of the Wild. This reserve stretches from New Hampshire to parts of Western Maine and features 15 animals to hunt, including Great Ones with its newest member, the Moose, and the new .50 cal muzzleloader. When you purchase the New England Mountains reserve you will also receive new cosmetics themed after New Hampshire to customize your weapons.

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The New England Mountains are not for the faint of heart. Our new biomes range from rugged alpine ridges, harsh mountainous spruce forests, vibrant meadows, and sprawling autumn hardwood forest. Featuring a vista of ancient weather-beaten mountains, sparkling rivers and meandering forest brooks, the reserve is sure to provide you with memorable adventures as you explore the breathtaking open world. You’ll notice inspirations from a few of our most popular reserves like Layton Lake, Hirschfelden, and Silver Ridge Peaks. This also marks the return of an old friend, Doc, who you’ll remember from the Layton Lake District.

Our focus was to provide you with a large number of animals to hunt. There are 15 species of animals in the New England Mountains, including Moose, Black Bears, Whitetail Deer, Red and Gray Fox, Eastern Wild Turkey, and more. If you’re looking for a new trophy for your lodge, look no further than the newest Great One to join theHunter: Call of the Wild, the Moose. The Moose joins the Black Bear and Whitetail Deer to bring our catalog of Great Ones to three, all of which can be found in the New England Mountains.

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With such a wide selection of animals, you may want to bring the new .50 cal muzzleloader on your hunts. This new weapon was made in New Hampshire and can shoot a variety of animals from medium-sized deer to Moose. Due to its very long reload time, you’ll need to make your shot count. Choose your ammunition between the new .50 cal saboted hollow point and the .50 cal saboted polymer-tip bullets.


In addition to the New England Mountains DLC, we’ll be rolling out several free features for all players to enjoy. The Moose Great One can be found at any reserve where Moose are present. We’re also refining three animals: the Red Fox, Whitetail Deer, and Moose. As you hunt these refined animals, you may spot prey roaming reserves where it couldn’t previously be found. Nearly all of our reserves are being backfilled with additional species, including the Gray Wolf in Medved Taiga and the Canada Goose in Yukon Valley. Finally, players will find two cosmetics themed for every reserve they own, one paint and one camo.

We want to take a moment to thank players for their continued support and feedback. Your passion for theHunter: Call of the Wild inspires us every day, and we look forward to seeing you take your first steps in the New England Mountains today.


theHunter: Call of the Wild™ – New England Mountains

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Welcome to New England Mountains! Grab your gear and get ready to explore the majestic Appalachian Mountains! Pit your wits against a new Great One, discover three refined animals, and check in with an old friend in this beautiful location. Hunt in stunning surroundings Covering roughly a quarter of the state of New Hampshire, as well as portions of Western Maine, the White Mountains sit in the northern Appalachians. Featuring rugged and varied landscapes, this exciting map gives Hunters a wonderful new area to explore. Spend some time in the woods, out by the river, or at the lakeside. Then find a good spot and hunker down to scope out the wildlife – and just enjoy this perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy the unique environment around you… Discover refined prey and rich countryside On the uplands and through the trees of the New England Mountains, Hunters have the unique chance of laying eyes on three Great Ones. Not only that, the reserve also features some beautifully refined prey. These improvements can be seen across the noble Whitetail Deer, the beautiful Red Fox, and the majestic Moose. That doesn’t make things easy though – prey is offered a hugely varied scenery to hide in. Mature forest, flowing water, and a landscape shaped by glaciers offers a backdrop of deciduous woodland, and dramatic outcrops. Whether you choose to wait out the wildlife in alpine meadows, or in deciduous and evergreen woodland, the setting of New England Mountains gives you the chance to take some time out and relax. Plan your trips and tactics New England Mountains is teeming with life. Hunters will need to plan carefully when heading out onto the peaks. Whether you’re exclusively going after a Great One, or just wandering into the wilds to explore, players can customize the look of their favorite weapons with the two included cosmetics to give them a distinctly New Hampshire feel. This is a perfect way to show off their custom gear before venturing out in search of that elusive and prestigious prey.