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This one’s for the squad. Batista is back as Marcus Fenix to drop some bombs on November 10. Gears 5 is fully opti… https://t.co/2DvkcmyAWZ
“Perfection.” Yeah, that’s exactly what we thought about the new Xbox controllers too. Arriving just in time for… https://t.co/oWumbNkW3C
Watch Dogs: Legion, Ghostrunner, Carto, and Legends of Ethernal are just a few of the awesome games landing on Xbox… https://t.co/OvLrMImezO
Mullets are back in fashion. (We don’t really think so but Rambo told us to say that and he’s the one with the bow… https://t.co/y454ptH86A
H̶a̶c̸k̷i̴n̴g̷ ̸X̴b̶o̸x̷ ̴t̷w̸i̴t̵t̴e̵r̶.̸ Welcome to the completely normal Xbox twitter. Here is a great deal f… https://t.co/iBrGiYduLb
Get ready to leap, slice, and slide through the spaces and cyberspaces of @GhostrunnerGame next week on Xbox One. L… https://t.co/IAeGNhJr4Z
The 5th content update for Risk of Rain 2 is now live on Xbox One! Get all the details here on the 1.0 Update, incl… https://t.co/33LWjUyQyU
Secret Neighbor is getting a major Halloween update that adds new features, a new class, spooky decorations, and a… https://t.co/O2FEDqvJpi
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30 Games Fully Optimized on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Launch Day

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