Video for All Is Definitely Not Quiet on the Western Front in Battlefield 1

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All Is Definitely Not Quiet on the Western Front in Battlefield 1

The scope of Battlefield 1’s undertaking is, when you step back from the fray and get the wide view, incredibly impressive. Epic 64-player battles on massive maps. An honest-to-goodness attempt to bring the Great War to an interactive experience. Graphics that will knock your gas mask off. And that freakin’ zeppelin! At E3 2016, we got a chance to play a huge team deathmatch session, and the experience was nothing short of eye-popping. From flying around in a tri-plane, gazing down at the fields and village below, to piloting our own personal mini-tank, to the hardscrabble clawing of small-arms combat, Battlefield 1 delivers fantastic action all the time. While we played on a map... Read more

Phil-001E3 News Recap Hero Consoles

The Xbox E3 2016 Briefing: Everything You Need to Know

Today, at the Xbox E3 2016 Briefing, Team Xbox unveiled a new family of Xbox One devices, a host of new Xbox Live features and the biggest lineup of games in Xbox history. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer underscored the Xbox team’s commitment to building a future of gaming beyond console generations and inviting gamers to play without boundaries. Xbox is working to bring Xbox Live to all devices and networks – PC, console, virtual reality and mobile – to create a unified experience where all gamers are welcomed, respected and supported. The new Xbox Play Anywhere program lets gamers buy a game once and play it on both their Windows 10 PC and Xbox One console with shared progress, game... Read more

AgentsOfMayhemSIDEAgents of Mayhem Hero image Games

Agents of Mayhem Brings More Madness from the Creators of Saints Row

Volition’s most famous work, Saints Row, is all about player choice – and it’s delivered possibly more opportunities to cause mischief, madness, and just plain old mind games than any other gaming franchise since it first hit Xbox 360 a decade ago. Agents of Mayhem takes place in the same universe as Saints Row – and delivers a refreshing twist on that beloved over-the-top formula. The game sees players explore a futuristic version of Seoul, South Korea, with a team of elite agents who are on a quest to stop a collection of supervillains. Think of it as a 1960s spy thriller, crossed with the zaniness that you’d expect from a Volition creation. And since this is a Volition game,... Read more

Halo 5 Guardians Warzone Firefight Content Release VisID Consoles

Warzone Firefight Comes to Halo 5: Guardians on June 29

Since the launch of Halo 5: Guardians last October, fans have had a steady stream of free new maps, game modes, armors, weapon skins and additional customization options to look forward to each month. The eighth and latest free content release, Warzone Firefight – named after the eponymous new mode – is the biggest expansion to Halo 5: Guardians yet and will arrive next Wednesday on June 29! To celebrate the release of Warzone Firefight next week, the full game of Halo 5: Guardians will be available to download and play FOR FREE to all Xbox Live Gold members from June 29 to July 5 as part of Xbox Live’s “Free Play Days” program. Additionally, Halo 5: Guardians will be on sale... Read more

Video Video E3

Tacoma Weaves an Augmented-Reality Mystery in Space

While arriving at the space station Tacoma, it’s difficult not to think of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The homage is obvious and purposeful; Tacoma is a circular space station with a malfunctioning, talking AI, after all. But there’s a lot more to this story than a computer gone awry. Tacoma is a story about people and relationships – even though you’re all alone. The second game from Fullbright, the team behind the critically acclaimed Gone Home, Tacoma puts you in control of Amy Ferrier, a contractor sent to the space station to recover data for her employer. In the process, she unearths how the previous crew of six scientists have seemingly disappeared, gathering clues on what... Read more

Halo 5 Guardians Warzone Firefight Warden Consoles

New Global Licensed Partners Coming to Halo

The Halo franchise is an award-winning collection of properties that has grown from video games into a global entertainment phenomenon. Beginning with the original Halo: Combat Evolved, the $5 billion franchise includes critically acclaimed games, multiple New York Times best-selling novels, a live-action digital series, comic books, toys and action figures, apparel and more. In advance of the Licensing Expo 2016, a consumer products industry convention running from June 21 to 23, 343 Industries is excited to announce new global licensed partners coming to Halo, bringing exciting new Halo-themed products for years to come. “The Halo Nation is built from the best fans in the world... Read more

Titanfall 2 Side image Titanfall 2 Side image Games

Titanfall 2 Brings New Titan Classes to the Fight

We’ve got a lot of fond memories of jumping into massive mechs and causing some epic destruction in Titanfall, one of the most popular games to launch on the Xbox One.  If you, like us, have a big, war mech-shaped hole in your heart needing to be filled, then Titanfall 2 couldn’t be coming at a better time. At E3 2016, EA and Respawn Entertainment showed off some of the new features coming to Titanfall 2, most notably the new Titan classes. Instead of a fully customizable Titan, players can select between six different Titans with their own skills and strengths. Soldiers, too, are split into classes, and finding the right combination of the two can mean the difference between... Read more

Mafia III Side image Mafia III Side image Games

Guns. Betrayal. A Knife Fight on the Bayou. Mafia III. Need We Say More?

Mafia fans have waited just about six years for the third entry in 2K’s open-world crime series, but based on Mafia III’s spectacular showing at E3 2016 – complete with a setup at the publisher’s booth that looked straight out of Mardi Gras in New Orleans – it looks like the wait will be well worth it. As in previous Mafia entries, players will explore an insanely detailed locale based on a real-life American metropolis. Mafia III’s New Bordeaux is inspired by the diverse landscapes of Louisiana, and the 1968 setting makes for a potent mix of politics and explosive gang warfare. And during our demo, we discovered the iconic music of the time will play a role as well; a couple... Read more

Video for Injustice 2 Makes Gods of Us All

Injustice 2 Makes Gods of Us All

Superheroes fighting other superheroes is the new hotness, but before films pitted the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel against each other, there was Injustice: Gods Among Us, a heavy-hitting fighting game from the creators of Mortal Kombat. Here at E3 2016, NetherRealm is back, bringing the biggest heroes and villains from the DC Universe together for Injustice 2. The roster for Injustice 2, while not fully confirmed, is going to be far larger than the previous game, according to WB Games. At the show we got to see returning faves Batman, Superman, and Aquaman, along with newcomers Supergirl, Gorilla Grodd, and the Red Lantern Atrocitus. The over-the-top cinematic special moves and... Read more

Ghost Recon side image Ghost Recon side image Consoles

Ghost Recon Wildlands is About Teamwork, Action, and Above All, Choice

After knocking the gaming world’s collective socks off with their E3 2016 press conference demo, Ubisoft let us get our grubby little hands on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands ­– and blew our minds even further out into space. Set in a Bolivia that’s been taken over at all levels by drug cartels, you and up to three friends take on the roles of elite special operations warriors who are way, way behind enemy lines. Your job is to use any means at your disposal (and Wildlands places a lot of different means at your disposal – more on that in a second) to disrupt the cartels and give the Bolivian people control of their country back. Wildlands is an open-world,... Read more

Video Video Games

Exploring the New Characters, Modes, and Moves of Tekken 7

It’s always nice to see a familiar face at E3, and when it comes to fighting games, the Tekken series is one we’re always happy to see. The newest entry in the series, Tekken 7, brings new characters, new modes, and new ways to prove you’re king of the iron fist. We got the chance to play a few rounds here at E3 2016 – and to learn why Tekken 7 is the most ambitious entry in the series. The first thing to note is that yes, you saw that trailer correctly: Akuma of Street Fighter fame is one of Tekken 7’s playable characters. Crossovers between the two series have happened in the past, so it’s not uncommon, but Akuma isn’t just there for kicks. He’s an integral part of... Read more

Ford_GT_LM_GT_02_Forza6_WM001 Games

Michelin 24 Hour Forza Challenge Events Coming This Saturday

This weekend Ford Motor Company will make it's highly-anticipated return to competition at the 24 Hours of Le Mans on the fiftieth anniversary of their historic 1-2-3 outright victory. At the same time, Forza Motorsport will have a chance to experience the rivalry and competition of the world's greatest motorsport event from wherever they live around the world. As announced last week, players of Forza Motorsport 6 will have received an in-game message via Xbox Live to download the 2016 #66 Ford GT Le Mans race car to allow them to take on Le Mans for themselves. To commemorate this exciting moment in motorsport there are a number of events taking place this weekend. The Petersen... Read more

Sea of Thieves Side image Sea of Thieves Side image E3

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life for Me, You, and Everyone

Sometimes games are so charming and full of life that they transcend their gameplay, becoming immersive, social experiences that are more about the people around you than which button you’re pressing. Sea of Thieves is exactly that kind of game. It’s a game that was just as fun when we succeeded as when we epically failed. Simply put, Sea of Thieves is a game about being a pirate, and everything that comes with that – and it’s a shared-world game where you’ll encounter other crews of players. In our E3 demo, three crews of pirates explored a shared patch of island-dotted sea, and were given the freedom to do whatever they wanted. So we did just that. We hopped onto a... Read more

Cuphead running smallCuphead running away E3

Cuphead Embraces the Classic Imperfections of Yesteryear

E3 is filled with games that we’re trying out for the first time. Cuphead isn’t one of those – we’ve had a chance to play the extremely retro-styled indie title a few times over the past year, and we’ve adored the zany creativity on display each time – but that doesn't mean that its appearance at E3 2016 was simply a rehash of what we’ve seen before. The game plays out like one of those classic Popeye cartoons come to life – you know, the really old ones before animation had any sort of code or followed any sort of established rules – crossed with run-and-gun ’80s arcade fare like Contra. This time around, we got the chance to try out Cuphead’s platforming segments... Read more

BloodstainedHERO E3

Koji Igarashi Arises from His Gaming Slumber to Deliver Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

If any developer at E3 2016 is bursting at the seams, itching to get back into the game, it’s Koji Igarashi. The man who ushered Castlevania into a new exploratory era nearly 20 years ago with Symphony of the Night – a game which was utterly revolutionary for its time – is ready to bring his patented brand of side-scrolling action to the Kickstarter crowd, and he showed that he’s still one of the masters of 2D design with a spectacular E3 demo. Igarashi, known affectionately to legions of fans throughout the world simply as “Iga,” has endured more than half a decade of slumber away from the genre he loves. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is on the way next year via ID@Xbox,... Read more

Video Video E3

Hacking Into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s Breach Mode

If stealthily hacking terminals, stealing sensitive data, and infiltrating secure servers are among your favorite activities in the Deus Ex series, then Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's new Breach mode should more than scratch your itch for acquiring top-secret intel. Described as a “connected arcade puzzle-shooter” by Eidos Montreal producer Fleur Marty, the online, leaderboard-supported mode is a standalone complement to protagonist Adam Jensen's story-driven campaign. As especially skilled hackers, dubbed “Rippers,” players are tasked with circumventing the supposedly un-breachable servers of what Marty calls “the Fort Knox of data.” More specifically, Breach sees users... Read more

Video for Xbox Daily: LIVE @ E3 Tuesday, June 14 Recap

Xbox Daily: LIVE @ E3 Tuesday, June 14 Recap

On Tuesday, 14 June from 4-5:00 PM PDT, Microsoft hosted the first of two episodes of its daily broadcast show from E3, “Xbox Daily: LIVE @ E3.” Jessica Chobot and Julia Hardy joined Larry Hryb (Xbox Live’s Major Nelson) and Graeme Boyd (Xbox Live’s AceyBongos) to discuss some of the biggest happenings from the show. There were new reveals, lots of interviews, and a few surprises, so pull up a chair and watch the entirety of this first episode above via video on demand – or jump to the following segments at these timestamps: Welcome! – Larry, Jessica, and Julia reviewed some of the announcements from Monday’s Xbox E3 2016 Briefing, and discussed what they’re most... Read more

Video Video E3

Taking on the Trial of the Titan in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV, the latest entry in Square Enix’s iconic role-playing franchise, is an RPG that will appeal to both battle-hardened series veterans and wide-eyed newcomers. At E3 2016, we got to experience the highly-anticipated title from hands-on perspective. In a demo exclusive to E3, we took on one of the most intimidating threats we've ever come across in the nearly 30-year history of the series: the Trial of the Titan. This faceoff against an impossibly imposing menace called to mind the mortals’ conflicts with the Olympian gods in classical Greek myth, and it was a confrontation worthy of the always-over-the-top E3 spectacle. As the battle commences, it looks like... Read more

CallOfDutyIWSIDE-1CallOfDutyIWHERO-1 E3

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Stays Grounded with a Focus on an Epic Story

Sure, the most noticeable thing about Infinity Ward’s upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare might be the robots, space dogfights, and zero-gravity firefights. But what the game wants to emphasize above all is a story grounded in traditional good-versus-evil themes – and in classic war movies. Helmed by former veterans of developer Naughty Dog (known for their story-rich franchises like Uncharted and The Last of Us), Infinite Warfare tells the story of Reyes and his squad as they face down a truly evil enemy bent on savagery and destruction. That enemy, it was recently revealed, is led by none other than Game of Thrones’ Kit Harrington. Harrington’s character will be a constant... Read more

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