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Toddler Horror Crawling onto Xbox One with Among the Sleep

We are Krillbite Studio, an indie game developer based in Norway that made the horror game Among the Sleep, which we are now bringing to Xbox One! On June 3, you will be able to play as a two-year-old child in the creepy, dark world of Among the Sleep. You wake up one night and find the house all dark and empty. Empty, that is, until you find a talking teddy bear that tells you that something bad is going on. It is up to you to traverse the darkness, explore the nightmare-like places, and find out what is happening. Among the Sleep started as a school project for us, and after our degrees we decided to form a studio and continue the development. In 2013, we had a very successful... Read more

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Is the Biggest Witcher Expansion Yet

If you’re a The Witcher 3 fan (or just a fan of the series), you’ve probably been waiting with bated breath for The Witcher 3 to get its second epic expansion, Blood and Wine. Not only does Blood and Wine contain, according to developer CD Projekt RED, about as much content as the previous full game in the series (The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings), it offers new types of gameplay, completely different locales and biomes to wander in, and – of course – new cards for eminently popular in-game minigame Gwent. First things first: Blood and Wine requires the original The Witcher 3 in order to play. If you bought the expansion pass, you’re good; otherwise, you’ll need to buy it... Read more

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ID@Xbox Creator Spotlight: Roll7 Hits its Stride with OlliOlli2 and Not a Hero

Roll7 is a tiny team of Londoners that have been making games since 2008, but involved in the creative industries in various guises for over 2 decades.  In 2014 we released a game that was very close to our hearts, about our main teenage (and now middle age) affliction: Skateboarding. OlliOlli was an instant hit, and has been the catalyst that has helped the studio to focus all of its efforts on original IP - and not have to work for 'the man'. Since then, we’ve worked tirelessly (and mostly without sleep or sanity) on OlliOlli2 and Not a Hero, a game about a purple rabbit from the future that released to even more critical acclaim. We are so happy to announce that the definitive... Read more

Video for Hog Wild REQ Drop Available Today in Halo 5: Guardians

Hog Wild REQ Drop Available Today in Halo 5: Guardians

Rev your engines and grab a gunner because the Hog Wild REQ Drop is available today! Hog Wild injects Halo 5: Guardians with some off-roading flair and includes four new Warthog variants, new STINGER Armor set, the Hybrid weapon scope, new emblems, armor and weapon skins. Beyond Hog Wild there is more to come for Halo 5: Guardians. Check out Halo Waypoint for even more details on Hog Wild and future improvements, including even more updates to Forge, details about the Warzone boss refresh coming next month plus a refresh of several Arena maps in advance of the Halo Championship Series: Pro League for the 2016 Summer Season. Speaking of the HCS Pro League, the very first matches begin... Read more

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The Hog Wild REQ Drop Comes to Halo 5: Guardians Next Week

Spartans, it’s time to jump in the nearest M12 Force Application Vehicle (aka the Warthog) and start your engines! The aptly-named Hog Wild REQ Drop is on its way and scheduled to pull-in next week, bringing several new Warthog variants, the STINGER Armor set, the Hybrid weapon scope, as well as new weapon skins and emblems. Here’s the rundown of what’s coming in the Hog Wild REQ Drop: New Warthog Variants. Hog Wild brings four new Warthog variants for use in Warzone and Warzone Assault, which include the Rally Scout Warthog, Rally Warthog, Sword Needler Warthog and the Vespin Rocket Warthog. Whether your goal is speedy delivery of lead or you just love explosions, there will... Read more

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ID@Xbox Creator Spotlight: Peeling Back the Layers of Fear with Bloober Team

We are Bloober Team, an independent games developer based in Cracow, Poland, and you probably know us from Layers of Fear - the scary, psychedelic horror game about a painter gone mad. Our game spent its infancy in the Xbox Game Preview program, and it has since matured into a fully-fledged horror experience that has scared and entertained thousands of amazing Xbox fans. You might imagine that the people who made such a game are themselves kind of mad, and you’re probably not that far from the truth! More than twenty people made the core of our development team working on Layers of Fear, and twice as many had additional input, not to mention the feedback from fans through Xbox Game... Read more

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ID@Xbox Creator Spotlight: Surviving The Long Dark with Hinterland Studio

Hinterland Studio, established in 2012 by veterans of the games industry, is an independent studio headquartered in the heart of the picturesque Northern Vancouver Island wilderness. Collectively, the team has worked on over 40 triple-A games, both on console and PC, and are now focusing on creating our first independent game. We wanted to create a game that carried a sense of social awareness with morally challenging scenarios that pushed players to answer the question: “How far will you go to survive?” This is how The Long Dark was born, a thoughtful, exploration-survival experience set in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster, where the only antagonist is Mother Nature. We... Read more

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Gear up for Battle Mini Game, Coming to Minecraft on Consoles in June

Hi everyone! Team Minecraft at Mojang, 4J Studios and Microsoft have been working on some cool free content for Minecraft: Console Edition, and we’re really excited to introduce mini games to you today. Of course, coming up with improvised rules and new ways to play with friends is already a popular activity among Minecraft: Console Edition players - and long may it continue! But with our new mini games, we'll be helping you quickly and easily jump into competitions with tailor-made rulesets, so you can have fun straight away without having to fuss around with manual count-downs, laboriously prep loot chests or keep score. Sound good? Great - you won’t have to wait very long for this... Read more

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Introducing The Coolest (and Weirdest) Characters of Overwatch

Anyone who’s been paying close attention to Blizzard’s new first-person online shooter probably has an inkling that Overwatch is primed to be the next big thing this season. And with good reason: It sports the craziest and coolest cast of combatants around. With 21 playable heroes at launch – spanning four distinct gameplay roles – you have a ton of options to pick from right out of the gate. Here’s a look at some of the sweetest and strangest characters that Overwatch has to offer, and who are worth checking out if you just can’t decide on who to play first. Tracer Tracer’s speed and agility on the battlefield are a perfect pairing for zipping around and causing... Read more

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Getting Primed for Success in Tropico 5: Penultimate Edition

The expansive genre of management sims doesn’t get much more entertaining (or irreverent) than the Tropico series, and developer Haemimont Games’ latest entry, Tropico 5, only adds fuel to the proverbial fire. The tropical island of Tropico is once again your dominion, and this time, once again playing as “El Presidente,” you’re tasked with leading it through the ages with guts and gusto, alongside entertaining, accessible mechanics. If you haven’t experienced it yet, Tropico 5: Penultimate Edition hit Xbox One today – and it’s the perfect jumping-on point. For the first time in the series, the game starts you off as a lowly governor, all the way back in the Victorian... Read more

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Costa Rica’s Green Lava Studios Brings Fenix Furia to Xbox One on June 8

On January 1st, 2013, a three-man team started a project named Project Phoenix. Little did they know, this project would be one of the longest journeys for the Costa Rican development team, Green Lava Studios. For our team, those 3 years, 5 months and 7 days were totally worth it, as our dream of bringing a video game on a major video game console is nearly here. Project Phoenix soon evolved into Fenix Rage, making its debut on PC in 2014. After the launch, the team took upon the task of reviewing and analyzing every Fenix Rage review and YouTube videos out there in order to improve the console version, a task we took very seriously: 25% of the levels were re-designed The... Read more

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Great Deals and Top Hits Headline Week 4 of the ID@Xbox Game Fest

It’s the fourth and final week of the ID@Xbox Game Fest, which has been running all month long, and is designed to show off some of the coolest Xbox One games from our ID@Xbox independent developer program. Each week, we’ve highlighting a new batch of best-in-class indie games. For our grand finale, which runs from May 24-30, we’re offering you some amazing bundle deals, and circling back on some of our best and biggest ID@Xbox hits of all-time. Check out what we’ve got to offer! We’ll get into the great collection of bundles in a moment, after we break down this week’s offering of many of the biggest ID@Xbox hits of all-time. Here are a few games that you may have missed –... Read more

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Xbox Live Gold Members Can Play NBA 2K16 for Free This Weekend only on Xbox One

With the NBA Playoffs heating up, it’s the perfect time to play some virtual ball. We’re excited to announce that all Xbox Live Gold members can try the critically acclaimed NBA 2K16 for free this entire upcoming weekend with Xbox Live Gold’s Free Play Days. Running from 12 PM PT Thursday, May 26 through 11:59 PM PT Monday, May 30, this allows Gold members in Xbox One markets to experience the excitement, drama and skills on display in NBA 2K16, including the new 2K Pro-Am game mode with fully customizable tournaments, in its entirety and for free. The game will also be on sale all week, so if you decide to purchase the game, you will be able to start again right where you... Read more

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Cross-Network Rocket League Play Arrives on Xbox One and Steam PC

Today's the day! As we promised in March, cross-network play for the Xbox One and Steam PC versions of Rocket League will officially roll-out later this afternoon by 3pm PT/ 6pm ET/ 10pm UTC, making it the first-ever Xbox One game to support cross-network play with a Steam PC game. Nearly 2 million Xbox One players have already competed in Rocket League since we launched in February 2016, but with today's new cross-network update, your potential pool of teammates and opponents will grow even larger! It's an historic moment for us here at Psyonix, and we're really exciting to bring Xbox One and Steam PC players closer together. Cross-network play has been something that Xbox One... Read more

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Celebrate Games with Gold Turning Three with June’s Free Games

In June, Games with Gold is having its third birthday. To celebrate there will be presents for everyone! We’ve got a special lineup to open up the summer: Xbox One will get two dedicated titles, and two Xbox 360 titles, as well, through Xbox One Backward Compatibility, for a total of four completely free titles thanks to Games with Gold. Xbox 360 gamers, of course, also get access to the latter two titles. Our June celebration begins with the ma-a-a-a-arvelous Goat Simulator and drives into June 16 with The Crew. On the Xbox 360, Xbox Live Gold members start the month with platforming classic Super Meat Boy, and get tactical with XCOM: Enemy Unknown. As usual, all games are... Read more

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HCS Pro League Summer Season Teams and Schedule Revealed

After weeks of intense practice, competition and Sunday’s white-knuckle Last Chance Qualifiers, the final Halo Championship Series: Pro League teams for the 2016 Summer Season in North America and Europe are now locked and ready to compete! Here’s who you’ll be watching in the HCS Pro League starting on June 2: North America: Counter Logic Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Team Allegiance, Team EnVyUs, Enigma6 Group, Renegades, Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming Europe: XMEN, Online Warriors, Deception, Pulse Gaming, Dinosaurs, Realest Tins Where and When to Watch Running from June to July, qualified teams in the HCS Pro League will compete against each other twice a week via... Read more


Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Comes to Stores in June

After releasing the critically-acclaimed Ori and the Blind Forest last year, we listened to our community’s feedback and created an even more feature-rich Definitive Edition for digital release earlier this spring. We’re humbled by the reception Definitive Edition has received on both Xbox One and PC, and want to make sure fans everywhere can experience the game. Following its digital debut, we’re excited to announce that Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition will also hit store shelves very soon. In partnership with stores across the US, the critically-acclaimed Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition for Xbox One will be available on June 14, 2016 for $19.99. Ori... Read more

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Xbox at E3 2016: More FanFest and Streaming Details

E3 is only a few weeks away, and we here at Xbox are hard at work getting ready for the big show. As we announced recently, we’ll be kicking off with the Xbox E3 2016 Briefing, which you can watch live beginning at 9:30 a.m. PDT on June 13 on, the Xbox Twitch Channel, YouTube, Facebook Live, via the Xbox Live Events Player on Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles, or on the big screen at your local Microsoft store. You can also watch the Xbox E3 2016 Briefing on Spike TV in the U.S. and Canada at 9:30 a.m. PDT / 12:30 p.m. EDT. As was the case last year, one of the coolest things we’ve got going on at E3 is Xbox FanFest, which will give 500 lucky fans a one-of-a-kind,... Read more

Video for ID@Xbox Creator Spotlight: Introversion Will Turn You into a Prison Architect

ID@Xbox Creator Spotlight: Introversion Will Turn You into a Prison Architect

Mark and Chris from Introversion have got a following of over 100,000 Prison Architect addicts on their Video channel - not just because it's an amazing game - but for their entertaining double act at the beginning for their monthly update videos. Tune into this clip where they introduce the all-new console version of their award winning God-game, Prison Architect. In Prison Architect, you can take control of the building and running of a maximum security prison. Will you build and manage a prison to create social order where it’s failed in the past, offering rehabilitation and peaceful coexistence amongst inmates? Will your prison disregard human rights, impose intentional harshness... Read more

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Forging Ahead – The Halo Forge Experience Comes to Windows 10 PC

From the very beginning, community creations have been central to the Halo experience. From stacking up grenades underneath an unsuspecting Warthog to multiplayer movie-making, the Halo sandbox has always been fertile soil for millions of moments and memories created for, and by, the fans. In 2007, Halo 3 upped the ante with the introduction of a map manipulation tool called Forge, and quite literally changed the game forever, enabling a cascade of creativity, from new map and unique game type experiences to interactive art – all created by the community itself. When Forge was redesigned from the ground up for Halo 5: Guardians on the Xbox One, it opened the door to even more... Read more

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